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    How to Take My Instagram Stories Quiz and Test Your Followers

    The joke Meu Quiz went viral on Instagram Stories. Simple to do, the user must create a questionnaire with three false options and one true for 10 questions. The template created by the user @eloahroberta is what guides the game.

    For those who also want to have fun finding out which of their friends really know you, has prepared a tutorial explaining how to take the My Instagram Quiz. And of course, it makes the template available for anyone who wants to copy it.

    My Instagram Quiz Template

    How to Take My Instagram Stories Quiz and Test Your Followers

    To take the Meu Quiz on Instagram, the user must have the template created by photographer Eloah Roberta (@eloahroberta) in the gallery of their mobile device. The image must be published as a background and is what guides the game.

    At the top of the layout are topics to be answered, such as name, age, height, favorite food and color, among others. To copy from your cell phone, just tap on the image above and hold for a few seconds.

    In the window that opens, choose Download image on Android and Save image on iPhone. The file will be available in your phone's gallery or image library.

    How to take My Quiz on Instagram

    1. Open the Instagram app. To access stories, tap on the camera icon at the top of the screen on the left;

    2. On the screen that opens, drag your finger from the bottom up to access the images available in the smartphone gallery. Tap on the thumbnail of the My Quiz template you just saved;

    3. To test your friends, once again swipe up from the bottom. In the tool options that appear, choose Test;

    How to Take My Instagram Stories Quiz and Test Your Followers

    4. The first item in the list in the template is My name. In the title of the box that appears, type My name is. Write an alternative in option 1, another in option 2. When you finish filling, option 3 will appear and then option 4. The important thing is that three of the answers are false and only 1 is true;

    How to Take My Instagram Stories Quiz and Test Your Followers

    5. When your follower chooses one of the options, he will immediately know if he was right or wrong. For this, you need to define in the test which of the answers is correct. Select the right option by tapping on the letter next to it;

    6. At the end of the test, confirm by touching the check sign in the upper right corner of the screen;

    7. Then place the test at the bottom of the template by dragging the frame. Use two fingers to downsize, tilt or rotate the box;

    8. Touch your story to share the My Quiz quiz with your followers;

    9. Then, repeat the steps above until you complete all the topics present in the template, following the order indicated. Are they:

    • My name
    • My age
    • My sign
    • My height
    • Favorite food
    • favorite season
    • food i hate
    • My birthday
    • My favorite color
    • a fear

    How to see the answers in the My Quiz on Instagram

    To see what your followers are responding to, go back to the Instagram home and tap your story, in the upper left corner of the screen. At the bottom of each published story is the option Viewed by. Tap on it.

    How to Take My Instagram Stories Quiz and Test Your Followers

    On the next screen, you will see how many people answered each question and who participated. If you want to know who gave each answer, just tap on the option.

    Filter com quiz not Instagram

    In addition to playing with the ready-made Meu Quiz template, there are a series of filters on Instagram with quiz-style games. In them, the user must draw the question and answer it afterwards. Some options, such as Quiz do Casal and Quiz dos Irmãos, are more fun when done together.

    If you want to discover new games through effects, has a complete guide on how to find hidden filters and effects in Stories.


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