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    How to send fake location on WhatsApp and trick your friends

    Sending fake location on WhatsApp is a fun way to prank friends and pretend you've decided to spend a weekend in Paris or Rome. The messenger does not offer the ability to report incorrect locations natively.

    For this, it is necessary to resort to apps that create a fictitious location. They are able to trick the chat app into pretending that you are in a place you have never even set foot in.

    Check below how to send a fake location on WhatsApp and have fun with the reaction of contacts.

    How to send fake location on WhatsApp

    There are several apps available with the function of simulating locations and, for this tutorial, we chose to use Fake GPS Location. However, after installing the program, it is necessary to make a small adjustment to the system settings.

    Next, we teach you how to activate developer mode on Android. This mode is aimed at application developers and brings together specific functionality aimed at this purpose. These include simulating secondary screens, forcing GPU rendering, and selecting mock location app.

    Before performing the steps below, download and install the Fake GPS Location app on your Android device.

    How to Enable Developer Mode on Android and Select a Fake GPS

    1. Access the icon Setting of Android;

    2. Then go to System;

    3. Touch About device;

    How to send fake location on WhatsApp and trick your friends

    4. Now, tap 7 times in a row on the option version number;

    5. To finish the process, you need to enter your PIN or device security pattern;

    6. Back to previous fabric.

    7. You will see that a new item, Programmer, in the menu. Tap on it;

    How to send fake location on WhatsApp and trick your friends

    8. Scroll down the next screen and go to the option Select mock location app, in the section debug;

    9. opt for Fake GPS Location.

    How to send fake location on WhatsApp

    1. Abra o app Fake GPS Location;

    2. Tap on the magnifying glass icon, located in the lower left menu of the screen;

    How to send fake location on WhatsApp and trick your friends

    3. Then, type the location where you want to simulate being and go to the magnifying glass icon on the Android keyboard to search;

    4. Select the desired result;

    5. The location will be displayed on the map and a box with the text Click here to select menu will be displayed. Tap on it;

    6. Go in Login for the program to start false localization;

    7. The first time you use the app, a message will appear saying that the app requires permission to override others. tap on settings;

    8. You will be redirected to device settings. Activate the switch for the option Allow overlay to other apps;

    9. Then, a blue circle will be placed in the center of the screen;

    10. Now, open WhatsApp and access the chat window with the contact you want to cheat;

    11. Tap on the clip icon next to the dialog box;

    How to send fake location on WhatsApp and trick your friends

    12. Then go to Location;

    13. Tap on the blue button and, immediately, the WhatsApp map changes to the location initially selected in the app;

    14. tap on fixed location to display exactly where you are supposed to be;

    15. If you want more realism, go to real-time location, which even shows his supposed movements;

    16. To avoid possible errors, we suggest that you choose the shortest time interval available, in this case, 15 minutes.

    Okay, your fake location is already being shared.

    How to end fake location

    Terminating the fake location is quite simple. Just don't forget, if you've chosen Real-time Location, to turn it off only when the sharing time is over.

    1. Abra o app Fake GPS Location;

    2. Tap the green pause icon located in the lower right corner of the screen.

    Done, the fake location is finished and the blue circle disappears from your screen.

    How WhatsApp location works

    WhatsApp's location feature is very useful for those who want to find friends in a very busy place or for those who want to feel safe sharing a path with someone.

    The functionality allows to inform the fixed location, with an accuracy of 15 meters. In the real-time option, it is possible to follow the user's movements for a period of up to eight hours.

    It is worth remembering that, by using the device's GPS, real-time sharing can result in high battery consumption. Therefore, if you want to share a long journey with someone, it is interesting that you have the device charger handy.

    If you no longer wish to share your location, you can end the broadcast at any time. The user, or group with whom he exchanged this information, is able to see his original location and the route up to the moment the process was terminated.

    According to WhatsApp, only the participants of the conversation have access to the information exchanged, since the resource is end-to-end encrypted.

    When I travel, can I use WhatsApp in another country normally?

    Yes, just have internet access. If you choose to use a SIM card from the country you traveled to, your WhatsApp number remains the same as before and you can talk to your contacts normally.


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