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    How to sell miles and profit from your points?

    How to sell miles and profit from your points?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 23, 2022 | Shopping |

    If you're looking for a way to earn extra cash, then it's worth considering. sell miles.

    This is a market that is constantly growing and shows great public interest in marketing the benefits gained.

    People used to traveling are always after miles for their adventures.

    So, selling miles turns out to be a very interesting source of extra income.

    One of the main questions is where you can sell miles and which sites you should use to do so.

    Thus, we have separated the main options that you can use to sell miles.

    But first, let's take a look at how these platforms work and what you should be aware of. 

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    How do miles sales sites work?

    Before defining the best site to sell miles, you need to know how these platforms work.

    We can say that, in general, you will have two types of companies to make sales:

    • Companies that buy miles directly;
    • Companies that act as intermediaries between the buyer and the seller.

    When choosing a platform that makes the purchase directly, it is necessary to keep in mind that they will define the value of the thousand.

    So you might end up not getting much.

    However, you have the guarantee that you will be able to make the sale.

    The seller will receive a direct offer from the platform and you will define whether or not you want to make the sale.

    Afterwards, your miles will be passed on to third parties.

    However, if you choose to sell miles through an intermediary, the scenario may be different.

    The functioning of these platforms is very similar to a marketplace.

    You will perform your registration and define the amount you want to sell miles.

    Then you just have to wait for the buyer to accept your sale proposal and close the deal.

    The company will only handle the transactions, impose price limits and ensure security.

    You need to know the difference between these two types of platforms well, since in both choices you will have positive and negative points. 

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    What should you observe and take into account when choosing the best website?

    Before choosing the best website option to sell miles, you need to pay attention to some details.

    The first one we can quote is the quotation.

    As stated before, each platform has its means to define the asset sale value.

    So, depending on the sales program you choose, you can make a greater or lesser profit.

    Prices are not all that you should look out for on the platforms, as another point can be just as important or even more important, which is security.

    Before you start selling miles, you need to research in detail which are the best options for websites and which ones will safely meet your needs.

    Our tip is to look for the opinion of customers on the internet.

    Always try to find out which programs the platform will buy miles, what forms of payment are available, if the rules of use are clear, and if the service provided by the platform is of good quality.

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    What is the value of air miles?

    Of course, an air mile costs less than 1 cent.

    You can find, depending on the platform you are selling, a mile for R$0,07.

    To determine the value, the price of the day, any fees and the number of miles that will be sold are taken into account.

    This is valid for both purchases and sales of miles.

    Keep in mind that most companies buy miles per package, where the minimum number of miles is typically 3.500 miles.

    So, try to accumulate miles.

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    What is the best site to sell miles?

    Now that you know more about miles, we've separated the main platforms you can use to sell miles online.

    1. How to sell miles on Max Miles

    How to sell miles and profit from your points?

    Maxmilhas is a company that was created in 2013.

    It is considered one of the pioneers in the market when it comes to buying and selling miles.

    The platform acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, in addition to working with the issuance of tickets through miles, in case you want to save money on your travels.

    The platform currently accepts miles from the country's main loyalty programs.

    As a customer, you can sell your miles in two different ways: quick sales and conventional sales.

    You can also sell Miles&Go (TAP) and SkyMiles (Delta) miles.

    If you choose the conventional sale, you will determine the price of your miles yourself and you can close the deal as soon as someone is interested.

    In the case of quick sales, the process is a little different.

    In it, you will inform the Maxmilhas system how many miles you want to sell.

    So the platform itself will determine the value and put your business as a priority to be finalized.

    However, in this modality you can only sell miles that are valid for up to 6 months.

    Another possible situation is that your miles are sold in fractions.

    If you want to sell 10 miles, but a buyer is interested in only 5, the system will sell the 5 and then you will need to make a new offer for the rest.

    Payment will be credited to your account within 33 days of the ticket being issued.  

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    2. How to sell Miles on Hot Miles

    Another option that has been on the market for almost 10 years is HotMilhas, which works directly with the purchase of miles and then transfers them to interested third parties.

    The system accepts points from the main programs available in our country, such as: Smiles, LATAM Pass and TudoAzul.

    If you are a Latam Black and Platinum customer, you can receive a differentiated value when selling miles.

    How Hot Miles works is a little different.

    In each loyalty program, there is a minimum value of miles and a package of benefits that can be sold in operations.

    It is also the platform itself that will define the prices that the sales will be made according to your points, airline and quote of the day.

    The maximum and minimum lots that you can sell on the site are:

    • Latam Platinum/Black: Maximum of 700 thousand miles and minimum of 12 thousand miles;
    • Latam Pass: Maximum of 700 thousand miles and minimum of 12 thousand miles;
    • Smiles Miles: Maximum of 700 thousand miles and minimum of 12 thousand miles;
    • TudoAzul: Maximum of 200 thousand miles and minimum of 5 thousand miles. 

    This platform offers two forms of payment, being by appointment in advance.

    If you decide to receive in advance, the money will be deposited in your account 1 business day after your sale is confirmed.

    Now if you decide to receive by appointment, payment can be made within 45 days, depending on your choice.

    It is worth mentioning that paying in advance may result in a lower value for the miles.

    So, before you start selling miles, keep in mind what your intention is.

    The miles that will be sold must be valid for at least 30 days.

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    3. Sell miles on Bank MilesHow to sell miles and profit from your points?

    If you are looking for a company that is fully specialized in the purchase and sale of miles for companies and individuals, then Bank Miles is one of the best options on the market.

    The platform is part of the Sky Miles group, which has been operating in the market for over 10 years. 

    The sale of miles in this system takes place taking into account only the quotation.

    That is, the seller cannot stimulate the value at which he will sell miles.

    In addition, the platform only allows sales by minimum and maximum lots according to each program, which are:

    • Latam Red/Platinum/Black: Maximum of 500 thousand miles and minimum of 25 thousand miles;
    • Latam Pass Miles: Maximum of 500 thousand miles and minimum of 15 thousand miles;
    • Smiles: Maximum of 700 thousand miles and minimum of 11 thousand miles;
    • TudoAzul: Maximum of 100 thousand miles and minimum of 10 thousand miles;
    • Diamond Smiles: Maximum of 350 thousand miles and minimum of 35 thousand miles;
    • TAP Miles&Go: Maximum of 711 thousand miles and minimum of 79 thousand miles.

    Unlike the option mentioned above, the advance payment will have the same amount.

    So you don't have to worry about getting less if you choose this option.

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    4. Cash Miles

    Another option to sell miles is Cash Miles, which has a simple operation too.

    You need to carry out your quote and sales with miles by filling out a form on the home page.

    After that, the company will send you an email so you can quote your miles.

    This same email will have a form for you to fill out.

    Afterwards, you will need to wait until Cash Miles gets in touch with you to make the payment for the sale and finalize the process.

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    5. CredimillhasHow to sell miles and profit from your points?

    Credimilhas is another platform on the market that can work excellently to sell miles with it.

    In it, to know how much each mile costs, it is necessary to carry out the quota in a specific way.

    To know the deadline to receive the amount, there is a minimum time of 48 hours.

    To start selling miles, just click on “I want to start now” and carry out the process described in the next window that will open.

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