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    Como vender pelo Magalu Marketplace?

    Como vender pelo Magalu Marketplace?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 1, 2022 | Shopping |

    Do you know him Magalu Marketplace and how does it work? In this post, we will explain everything you need to know about the platform. Magalu Marketplace is an internet sales platform of Magazine Luiza, a network of retailers.

    Marketplaces have become increasingly popular and more people are investing in the creation of internet stores and online sales, taking advantage of the fact that the public has preferred to make purchases over the internet instead of going to physical stores.

    Thus, there are several platforms on the internet for sellers to create their own virtual store. One of them is the Magalu Marketplace, which proves to be a very interesting option. See more about this put option below:

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    Who can sell on Magalu Marketplace?

    Como vender pelo Magalu Marketplace?

    Magalu Marketplace has no restrictions such as store size, billing or niche of activity. So, you don't have to worry about it when creating your online store.

    If you are interested in becoming a platform partner, you need to follow some criteria and fulfill some requirements. Are they:

    • Fancy name;
    • Social reason;
    • Website (if any);
    • CNPJ;
    • Integration platform;
    • Store name;
    • Issuance of invoice for products sold;
    • Postal zip code.

    What products can you sell on Magalu Marketplace?

    There are several categories of products that you can sell on Magalu Marketplace. To help you when deciding what to sell or if you have doubts about how to choose the category for your store, we have listed below the areas in which you can trade your products:

    • House and garden;
    • Cell phones;
    • Home appliances;
    • Games;
    • Sports and leisure;
    • Furniture;
    • Musical instruments;
    • TV and Video;
    • Pet Shop;
    • Computing;
    • Furniture and decoration;
    • Automotive;
    • Clocks;
    • babies;
    • Camera and Camcorders;
    • Beauty and health;
    • Food suplements;
    • Bed, Table and Bath.

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    What are the advantages of Magalu Marketplace?

    In case you are still not completely convinced whether or not to create your online store on Magalu Marketplace, we have separated two great advantages that are provided by the platform:

    Best retail shopping experience

    With Magalu Marketplace, it is possible to make several offers available to the public, in addition to allowing the consumer to compare prices in a single place on the platform.

    Exclusive communication channels are also offered so that there is a connection between shopkeepers and consumers, thus reducing the number of scams, problems and possible doubts.

    Marketplace even in physical store

    One of the priorities of Magalu Marketplace is to integrate online with digital, since currently, anyone can compare prices anywhere and anytime, just using their smartphone. 

    In order to compete with this strong digital market, Magazine Luiza seeks to bring a wide variety of products and reduce the problems of lack of stock in physical stores.

    The idea is to bring your physical stores as close as possible to the same experience that the customer has in a Magalu virtual store.

    In this way, everyone wins, the customer with face-to-face service, transparency in the service and the same variety of products; Magazine Luiza, with the increase in revenue and customers and Magalu's partners, increasing the visibility of their products.

    Quanto custa vender no Magalu Marketplace?

    Depending on the category of product you are selling, Magalu Marketplace may end up with 10% to 20% of the value, due to the fees for using the platform and the services offered. 

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    What services are available?

    Magalu Marketplace offers several services to optimize the work of platform partners. Among the services available to leverage your sales are:


    This program is basically divided into two products. The first is focused on the consumer, MagaluPlay. This is a digital account that helps to build customer loyalty on the platform. 

    It facilitates services such as bank transfer and bill payment. It is integrated with the Super App Magazine Luiza, available for smartphones.

    In addition, the customer is also entitled to the cashback service, if the offer of the purchased product allows it. This is also an advantage available to the shopkeeper and focused on cash flow control.

    The other product is a feature to anticipate receivables. That is, if any entrepreneur is afraid of losing financial control with Magalu Marketplace ads, the platform allows you to reorganize this flow of money.

    The service is basically based on anticipating purchases in installments. 


    With digital shopping becoming more and more popular, the demand for quality and speed of delivery has also increased on the part of the shopper.

    Thinking about retailers of all sizes, Magalu Marketplace closed a partnership with Correios with special conditions for its partners.

    The Magalu Delivery program aims to improve the experience of everyone involved in online shopping. Thus, the freights available are cheaper than normal throughout our country, in addition to offering tracking services in real time so that the customer can follow the entire trajectory of their product. 

    In addition, the merchant partner Magalu only gets the service of issuing the invoice, since the rest of the operation is done by Magalu Marketplace itself.


    For an online business to work, one of the most necessary services is marketing. Without ads, you will hardly get a good traffic of customers.

    To enable competition in the market and help its partners, Magalu Marketplace offers the Magalu Ads service.

    This is an exclusive ad platform for stores registered in the marketplace. In quick and simple steps, the merchant can create his marketing campaign for targeted customers.

    At the end of the campaign, the platform also provides reports for shopkeepers to monitor the results obtained. It is worth remembering that it takes financial investment from the merchant in this platform. But Magalu Ads stands out for its flexible pricing.

    It allows users to set the required amounts for campaigns based on their budgets, without setting a minimum amount.

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    Sell ​​More

    Como vender pelo Magalu Marketplace?

    Venda Mais is a project in blog format to help your merchants explore all the resources of Magalu Marketplace.

    The user has access to tips, instructions and news related to Magalu and the Marketplace, with materials made by specialized professionals in the area.

    The blog is divided into categories to facilitate the search for content. The main categories available to the public are:

    • Partner Testimonials;
    • Magalu Marketplace success stories;
    • Magalu Ads;
    • Business Meeting;
    • External Events;
    • Sales Opportunity;
    • Magalu Entregas;
    • Webinar;
    • Event Calendars.

    How is payment made on Magalu Marketplace?

    Magalu Marketplace passes sales money to sellers in two different ways: weekly or monthly. The period depends on the seller himself, as he chooses the best option for his store.

    Those who use the platform can also define how often products can be paid in installments by customers.

    It is worth mentioning that the transfer of sales will be made according to the number of installments that the product is being paid for. 

    If the merchant pays a percentage of 7% interest, Magalu Marketplace may offer the opportunity to advance the transfer. But this will depend on the number of installments made in purchases.

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    How to register on Magalu Marketplace?

    Como vender pelo Magalu Marketplace?

    Now that you know more about Magalu Marketplace, see the step-by-step guide on how you can become a platform partner and register your store:

    Step 1. To start your online store, access the Magalu Marketplace registration site; 

    Step 2. After that, go to the “Register” or “Register my store” button, which will be in green.

    Step 3. Fill in the initial information to be forwarded to the main registration page. You can choose to integrate through a company or individually.

    Step 4. On the page that you will be forwarded to, fill in the fields with the following information:

    • CNPJ registered for the issuance of the customer's invoice and the store's corporate name;
    • The name that the company will use in the market, that is, the trade name;
    • Postal code, that is, the address where the products will be shipped;
    • The name that will be used in Magalu Marketplace to define the seller and delivery person;
    • Integration into the platform, that is, a HUB or ERP platform that will integrate with the Magalu Marketplace.

    Step 5. You will be taken to a page where you will need to enter your online store's contact information. Among the necessary data are:

    • The telephone and email of the contact of the person responsible for the account on the platform, that is, the commercial responsible;
    • The same data will also be necessary for the person responsible for customer service, that is, the person responsible for SAC;
    • The phone and e-mail address of the Financial Officer for receiving the invoices will also be required;
    • Having a Legal Officer will also be necessary. Enter his contact details to handle the lawsuits;
    • Also put the number and email of the IT Manager who will take care of activation and integration with Magalu Marketplace.

    Step 6. Last but not least, you will also have to enter the financial details of your virtual business. Are they:

    • The frequency of receipt of sales amounts: weekly or monthly;
    • The best date to receive this sales amount;
    • Having a minimum installment of up to 5 times, you will also have to define how many times the products can be paid in installments;
    • From 1 to 10 interest-free installments are allowed. You will have to set a maximum value;
    • Answer if your store on Magalu Marketplace will sell to legal entities;
    • Your store's bank details will be required, but you will have to add them together with the CNPJ.

    After that, just wait a period of up to 48 hours to find out if your store has been approved by the platform. In other words, an internal evaluation will be carried out.

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    How to register products in the Magalu Marketplace store?

    In order for you to be able to register your products in the virtual store, you will need to use Integra Commerce, the original integrator of Magalu Marketplace.

    See below for more details on this program.

    What is Integra Commerce? 

    Integram Commerce is an integration HUB that serves to manage Magalu's marketplace accounts. Also, every ad on the platform needs to go through this HUB first.

    Using an integration worksheet, the user can organize and register their products on Magalu Marketplaces, in addition to managing the store, such as order tracking and marketing.

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