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    How to remove ads and remove ads from mobile

    Removing advertisements from the cell phone is the wish of anyone who is tired of receiving messages with unwanted advertisements. They appear as pop-ups, messages in the notification shade, scraps on the lock screen, among other inconvenient ways.

    To help, shows you how to disable ads on Android devices. In addition, it also gives tips to prevent this type of advertising from appearing on your smartphone again.

    1. Ative o Play Protect

    Many of the unwanted ads that appear on your phone's screen can come from apps that misuse Google's policies. The company allows advertisements to be displayed, as long as they are shown only within the application itself.

    To help fight these and other malicious actions, the Play Store has a security tool called Play Protect. According to Google, the feature scans 50 billion apps daily in order to qualify them as safe for users.

    Those who in any way violate company policies have their developers suspended. On smartphones, Play Protect scans apps for threats before and after downloading.

    The feature also scans apps downloaded from sources other than the official store. To find out if you have Play Protect enabled, follow the steps below.

    1. Open the Play Store and tap on the icon formed by three lines, located in the upper left corner of the screen;

    How to remove ads and remove ads from mobile

    2. Go in Play Protect;

    3. Tap on the gear icon (⚙️);

    4. Check that the option key Scan apps with Play Protect is activated. If not, activate. Automatically, the scan is done.

    In addition to monitoring apps, Play Protect also checks the websites accessed by users through Chrome. If a page is not considered safe, the browser blocks access and explains the possible risks, if you want to proceed.

    2. Download an antivirus

    One of the possible causes for the emergence of unwanted advertisements on the cell phone is the presence of malware. These malicious programs are created with the aim of taking some advantage of the devices on which it is installed.

    Adware is a specific type, designed to display the famous unwanted ads. According to security company AVG, although harmless, they can serve as a gateway to other types of malware.

    So, be aware if you have downloaded apps from sources other than Play Store or accessed suspicious websites. It is possible that they are the cause of the annoying advertisement windows or notifications that you have been receiving on your device.

    So, download your favorite antivirus on your phone and scan it to detect if there is any hidden threat on the device.

    3. Uninstall suspicious apps

    How to remove ads and remove ads from mobile

    If after the scan you find that there are suspicious apps on your phone, you should uninstall them immediately. However, there may be apps that are not considered malicious and still display inconvenient advertisements.

    Google allows apps to have ads, as long as they don't violate Play Store policy. Ads can also only be shown within the app itself. If the advertisements appeared recently, it is possible that they are the result of a newly installed program.

    According to Samsung, some types of apps are more susceptible to this type of intrusive advertising than others. Apps that promise to optimize the battery and flashlight are among them. The problem can also be common to custom keyboard programs, image editing and lesser-known browsers.

    If you suspect any program, you should also delete it. Google recommends doing the process in safe mode. In this usage mode, all apps installed after purchasing the device are inactive and can no longer put the user at risk.

    How to Enable Android Safe Mode

    To activate safe mode, press the on and off button. On the screen, tap on the option Hang up for a few seconds, until the window appears. Restart in safe mode. confirm in OKAY.

    The device will restart and you will see, at the bottom of the screen, Safe Mode. Note that icons for non-native programs are grayed out, have a shortcut on the main screen, and disappear from the menu.

    To delete an app, go to Settings → Apps & Notifications → See All Whatsapps. Tap on the app you want to delete, then tap Uninstall. Confirm your decision at Ok.

    How to remove ads and remove ads from mobile

    To exit safe mode, simply turn the device on and off.

    4. Remove website notifications

    If, in addition to app advertisements, you have been receiving notifications from websites, know that it is also possible to disable them in Chrome's settings. By default, these messages are only sent with the user's authorization.

    Remember a little pop-up window that popped up on the screen and you pressed any option without paying much attention? At this point, you may have authorized the page to send alerts about new content, for example.

    However, if you have accessed a website that is considered unsafe, they may try to circumvent this scam and send you messages even without your consent.

    Here's how to remove website communications that appear in your mobile notifications.

    1. Open Chrome and tap on the three dots icon to access the menu;

    2. Go in settings and then tap Notifications;

    How to remove ads and remove ads from mobile

    3. Uncheck the keys for the sites from which you no longer want to receive calls.

    5. Tire as propagandas de pop-up no Chrome

    Ads that appear in a pop-up window in the browser can also be removed through the program's settings. First, go to the site that has the unwanted ads and then tap on the three dots icon in Chrome.

    In the menu that opens, go to Site settings, then in Ads and turn off the switch relative to the option. Then repeat the process on the item Pop-ups and redirects.

    How to avoid unwanted new ads on mobile

    Once you've removed ads from your phone, it's important to know what to do to prevent them from appearing again. Check out!

    Avoid APKs

    When downloading an application, it is best to always download it from Google Play. The official store only offers programs that have the company's seal and are constantly monitored.

    Therefore, if you download from third-party sources, you will not have these security guarantees. Thus, you may be exposed to new adware and other types of malware.

    Now announced apps

    How to remove ads and remove ads from mobile

    Downloaded an app that doesn't respect Play Store policies or displays advertising even outside the app? Then report the problem.

    Tap on the icon formed by three lines in the upper left corner of the screen and go to My apps and games. Access the tab Installed and tap on the name of the app you want to report.

    Then, go to the three dots icon, in the upper right corner and, in the menu that opens, in Flag as inappropriate. Report the objection and conclude in Send.

    Access only secure websites

    How to remove ads and remove ads from mobile

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    Avoid accessing websites that are not considered safe by your browser. In Chrome, trusted sites show an image of a closed padlock in the navigation bar. Always be on the lookout.

    If you have accessed a site that does not display the symbol, clear your browser's browsing data. Also check if, by chance, you were not induced to download a file. If so, delete the document or program as soon as possible and then scan it with your antivirus.

    To feel protected, always keep Play Protect on, as we taught at the beginning of this article. It blocks suspicious websites and issues alerts whenever you are about to access one.

    According to Google, unsafe websites are categorized as:

    • The following website contains malware: when it identifies that the page is trying to install malicious software on your device;
    • deceptive website: Indicates a website that may be impersonating another to get your data. This is the case of fake promotion pages, which request user data to be misused later. This scam is known as phishing;
    • suspicious website: alert issued when the page may not be secure;
    • The following website contains harmful programs: indicates that the site is trying to install programs that harm browsing;
    • This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources: means the page is not secure.


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