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    How to register on SINE and get a job

    How to register on SINE and get a job

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 12, 2022 | News |

    Are you a worker or employer and want to know how to register on SINE? Check out the ways to register and get it right when returning to the job market or getting out of unemployment insurance

    SINE, Sistema Nacional de Emprego, is one of the largest job portals in the country and continues with several job vacancies open, even with the pandemic. Best of all, it's free and safe.

    What not everyone knows is that the SINE website has been renamed Work our country since 2008, a private public utility website dedicated to offering job vacancies in several municipalities in our country.

    In this post, we will show you 2 ways for you to register on SINE.

    How to register on SINE: 2 ways

    When accessing the old site of SINE, the user will be redirected to the portal of Works our country. There, it will be possible to access a worker menu, where it is possible to search for vacancies by area and state, in addition to consulting an average salary generator, to help workers inform their correct salary expectations.

    How to register on the website:

    1. Access the website of Works our country and click on “Register Curriculum”;

    2. Fill in the Mini-Curriculum tab with the following personal information:
    – CPF;
    - Full name;
    – Sex;
    - E-mail
    – Mobile (with WhatsApp);
    – Level of training;
    – Intended function;
    – City, state and neighborhood;
    – Salary expectation.

    3. Fill in the “Professional Experience” tab with the following information:
    – Company name and branch;
    – Function and description of the activities performed;
    – Entry date and exit date.

    Here, workers can add all previous work experience. Just click on “Add Education” to change the company information.

    4. Fill in the “Education” tab with the following information:
    – Level of training;
    - Educational institution;
    – Course name;
    - City and state;
    - Conclusion year.

    Here, workers can add all previous schooling experiences. Just click on “Add Education” to change the education level information.

    At the end of the registration of professional experience and schooling, workers can attach their CV. If you still don't have yours, check out our post with all the tips and 4 mistakes of what not to do with yours.

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    5. To complete your registration, simply click on “Complete Registration”, after attaching your CV.

    2. How to register by cell phone:

    The SINE Fácil application provides various support services to workers. To access the app, simply download SINE Fácil from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

    How to register on SINE and get a job

    How to register on SINE

    To gain access to the SINE application, you will need to register with the Public Employment System. For this, you will need to appear in person at one of the Service Posts in your municipality. To find out about the units closest to your home, just call 158.

    In order not to have to do this, we will teach you step by step how you can register directly in the Emprega o minha país Cadastro, from the Ministry of Economy:
    1. Access the page of the Employ our country Portal;
    2. In the upper right menu, click on “Register”;
    3. Fill in all the data and complete your registration.

    How to register on SINE and get a job

    How to register on SINE

    How to change my registration on SINE

    If you have any personal or professional information about you that has changed and needs an update, you can change it directly on these sites. In fact, it's always good to keep the information up to date, as this avoids miscommunication when employers contact you.

    You can also share your job vacancies with family and friends on your social networks, in case you find any opportunities that you find interesting to share.

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    How to register for SINE: Conclusion

    In particular, we find that the process of registering a worker through the SINE Fácil app is quite time-consuming compared to registering directly on the Work Our Country website. So, as a first tip: prefer to do your process directly through the website to save time and energy.

    After this registration phase, all you have to do is wait for the employers to contact you, according to the sine Fácil unemployment insurance.

    Now tell us: have you ever used SINE to get a job? Tell us about your experience there.

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