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    How to play Poker Online?

    How to play Poker Online?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 11, 2022 | Technology |

    Do you know how to play poker? If you answered “no”, keep in mind that you are missing a great opportunity to have fun.

    Poker is the most popular card game in the world, with millions of players around the world.

    However, a lot of people think the rules are complicated, but that's not quite the case. With a little time to learn and practice regularly, one will become a skilled player in a short time.

    Thus, in this post you will see the main types of poker and the explanation of poker rules with details of the most popular mode of this game. In addition, we are going to list 3 app recommendations so you can play poker online, whether with friends or with strangers.

    And at the end of the text, you will check out some curiosities about this game.

    Now, before talking about Poker, you might like to know that there is another game, involving cards, that is worth knowing. Black Jack is a card game, one of the most played in the world. It is very simple to play and can be played with 1 to 8 decks.

    In black jack you aim to score as many points as possible, but you cannot exceed 21 points. If you want to learn more about Black Jack, the easiest way to get started is to play blackjack online. In the suggested link, there are several Black Jack game options for you to have fun and learn another amazing card game.

    Now, returning to the focus of the post, let's talk all about Poker.

    How to play poker?

    Poker is very rich in game diversity. With it, you can play several different modes.

    Thus, it is worth mentioning that the more players master the game modes, the more they can improve strategies during matches.

    It is important to note that the game modes have the following variations:

    1. Limit: there is a maximum bet price on each play;
    2. Pot Limit: The betting limit is the number of chips that are already in the pot;
    3. No Limit: There is no limit.

    In this way, see the main types of poker:

    5-Card Draw

    We open the list with a game mode that is not as popular nowadays, but which was very popular in the past.

    In 5-Card Draw all players get five hole cards (only the player who received the cards can see them) and there is no board of community cards.

    Thus, a betting round begins and players can exchange as many cards as they wish, however, this can only be done once.

    After the exchanges, there is one more round of betting and after the end of this stage, the Showdown takes place. This means that players who are still in play need to show their cards.

    The bettor with the best five-card hand wins the pot and can open a new round. It is important to remember that if two or more hands are of the same value, the pot is split evenly between all winners.

    crazy pinneaple

    In this modality each player receives three cards face down, which are called “Pocket Cards”.

    In the first round, the dealer (dealer) places three community cards face up. These cards are called "Flop".

    In the second round, all bettors must draw one of their three cards. After that, the dealer gives one more community card, which are known as “Turn”.

    In the third round, the dealer gives the last community card, in this case it is called “River”.

    Only in the fourth round does the Showdown begin. In the case of Crazy Pinneaple, players can make one of the following combinations:

    • The player has two cards and three more from the community;
    • Possess one of the two starting cards plus four of the community;
    • Have the five community cards.

    Thus, to decide the winner, it is necessary to turn the Turn: a betting round starts, the river is also turned, another betting round occurs, then the Showdown happens.

    Players can use any combination of the cards they have to make the best possible hand. So whoever has the best combinations wins the pot.


    The rules of Omaha are exactly the same as Hold'em in terms of first community cards and betting rounds.

    The only change is that each player gets four cards instead of two, and in this game mode it is mandatory to use two hole cards and three Flop cards.

    Demonstration: the player has AAA3 in his hands and on the flop he has A7QJK. Thus, it does not form a four-of-a-kind Ace because as only two hole cards can be used, the best possible formation in this case would be AAAKQ.

    Omaha Hi / Lo

    This type of game follows the same pattern as Omaha, but with a small change that makes all the difference in the game: half of the pot is won by the best hand and the other half by the worst.

    Thus, the curious thing about this game mode is that the player can win four cards of his own, but can only use two.

    In this case, the person can have the strongest and weakest hand at the same time. Thus, he can make different combinations with the nine cards he has (four from his hand and five from the Flop).


    In this mode, all players get five hole cards and the dealer deals a face-up card on the Flop before the first round of betting.

    In the following round, the remaining cards from the Flop, subsequent from the Turn and River are shown, with betting rounds between them in the same way as in Omaha and Hold'em.

    After the River, the last round of betting takes place and then the bettors who are still in the game start the Showdown. In this way, the rule to assemble the best game is the same as it is used in Omaha.

    Seven Card Stud

    Stud already has actions within the match different from previous modalities.

    In this case, the bets are usually with the Limit variation, it is not played with community cards and each person wins seven cards.

    At the beginning of the game, everyone wins two hole cards and one open card (face up) and the player who has the lowest value card makes a mandatory bet, which is called “Bring-In”.

    After that, players get three more cards face up, one at a time and with betting rounds. In this betting period, the first to have action is the person with the strongest hand on the open cards.

    Finally, players who go all the way get one more hole card and the last round of betting takes place, before the Showdown begins.

    The winner is the one with the best five-card hand.

    Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

    The change from Stud to Stud Hi/Lo is the same as from Omaha to Omaha Hi/Lo, that is, they follow the same rules and the pots are split evenly between the best and worst hand.


    Razz follows the rules of “the worse the better” for players. That is, in this modality the weakest hand wins the pot.

    Player actions and rules of this game follow the same patterns as in Stud. Thus, the Ace card is the weakest, and the best possible hand in this game mode is as follows: A2345.

    2-7 Lowball

    Yet another way that follows the mold of having the weakest hand possible. Unlike Razz, the deal is similar to 5-card Draw.

    In 2-7 Lowball all bettors are dealt five hole cards at the start of the game and the betting round must be completed. After that, players need to choose the amount of cards in their hand they want to trade, with the option of not trading.

    At the end of the exchanges (or not), another round of betting takes place and then the Showdown begins.

    Another important change between Stud and Razz is that the Ace card is the strongest. Thus, the best possible combination in 2-7 Lowball is as follows: 75432. However, they cannot all be suited.


    In Badugi, players' goal is to have the weakest hand possible. In this case, there is a big difference from the other types of poker modes listed. Here, the ranking of card values ​​is different.

    All players get four hole cards and there are no community cards. Right after the cards are dealt, the betting moment begins.

    Once this period is over, players can exchange cards with one betting round subsequent to each one.

    That way, with each change of cards, the participant can choose to discard all their own cards or keep them. After the period of the last betting round, the players still at the table start the Showdown.

    The goal of players in Badugi is to assemble a hand of four different cards, one of each suit.

    This type of game is called Badugi. So the best possible combination is: 432A of different suits. If two or more players make a Badugi, the player with the weakest cards wins the game.

    Demonstration: a participant who has 8532 cards of different suits wins against another who has in hand a 943A of different suits. Don't forget that the Ace has a low value.

    Another important point of this modality is that pairs or suited cards end up being invalid. So a real 8832 formation is an 832 three-card game. Just like an 8754 all-suited game is actually a hand of a four-card, one-card game.

    In hand rankings, any Badugi wins against a three-card set hand. Like any three-card hand, it beats a two-card hand.

    If during the Showdown period more than one player has the same amount of cards, the one with the lowest card wins, in addition to being compared first the highest card of both players, then the second highest card, and so on.

    In short, a player with 987 combinations wins from a JQ2, because the nine is weaker than the jack (J), but loses from a 974, because the two tie on the strongest card and so the second becomes the card tiebreaker.

    Mixed Games

    With so much wealth of game modes that poker has, some players even mixed game rules to create new modalities in tournaments. These combinations were called “Mixed Games”.

    And among all this “Fruit Salad”, there are two blends that have gained prominence: the HORSE and the 8-Mix.

    It is important to note that, in the case of the first type of game, it has no relation to horses, it is just the acronym separated by letters of each of the following game modes: Hold'em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz, 7 -Card Stud and 7-Card Stud Eight-or-Better.

    The game changes depending on the tournament or after a certain number of hands have been played.

    The 8-Mix follows the same pattern as the HORSE, except that there are even more mixes of modalities, in this case: No Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha and 2-7 Triple Draw.

    You've just seen the many ways to play poker, but you're missing one, including the most popular of them all. So, check out in detail how to play No Limit Texas Hold'em.

    How to play poker: No Limit Texas Hold'em?

    Hold'em is very similar to Crazy Pinneaple (second game on our list).

    In Hold'em each player gets two cards that are his only, known as “Hole Cards” and also receives five community cards all face up. These cards are the players' “fFops”.

    Thus, all players can use the community cards together to make the best possible hand using up to five cards, whether they are all community or their own.

    After the players have received the two hole cards, the first round of betting begins, called “Pre-Flop”.

    It is worth remembering that this step occurs before the players receive the community cards.

    Thus, each round two players are required to place bets, which are called Small Blind (SB) and Big Blind (BB), in which the Small Blind is half the Big Blind.

    It is also necessary to point out that the SB is the bettor who is on the left side of the one in the place of the dealer, identified by a button that is on the table and the BB follows.

    Continuing the game, the first to speak is the bettor to the left of the Big Blind, who needs to make one of the following choices: fold; pay the Big Blind price (call) or raise the bet amount (Raise).

    Thus, the activity passes through the entire table in a clockwise direction, giving the aforementioned choices options to all players.

    After this round, if there are at least two bettors who didn't fold during the Pre-Flop, they can take the three community cards. Now, everything that happens from now on is called Post-Flop.

    After the players receive the Flop (community cards) a new round of betting is made, in the same way as in the previous stage, but starting with the first bettor still on the left side of the dealer's position.

    After completing this phase and remaining bettors with cards, they can open one more card, called the Turn.

    At this point in the game, another round of betting begins. In this way, it is necessary to flip the last flop that is named River.

    If there is still more than one bettor when the last round is over, the person who bet last shows the cards in their hand. However, if there are no bets on the final round, the player to the dealer's left shows his cards first.

    The player with the best five-card combination wins the Showdown. If even hands occur, the pot is split evenly between the winners.

    After that, a new round can be started, and the trader needs to move clockwise.

    Now, you know the dynamics of Hold'em. The time has come to understand the values ​​of the cards. So, check out the sequences of the cards below.

    How to play poker: Card values

    To be able to play poker, it is essential to know the values ​​of the cards. Thus, the sequence of card values ​​from weakest to strongest is as follows: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (T), J, Q, K, A.

    Each game combination has a different name. See below for an explanation of each sequence:

    High letter: is the straight when neither player has managed to make a pair.

    Demonstration: One person takes the AK and the other A9 and on the flop receives the cards 458Q3. The best straight for the first player is AKQ85, which beats AQ985 for the second.

    A couple: happens when the player manages to have in hand two cards with the same value.

    Proof: one player has KQ against the other with QJ, and on the flop he has KJ972. The first bettor has a pair of kings with KKQJ9 while the second has a pair of jacks JJKQ9. In this case, the two had a pair, but the king is worth more than the jack, that is, the first player won.

    Two Pairs: follows the same line as the previous topic, only in this case with two pairs of the same value. If there is a tie, the card that was left out, known as the 'Kicker', defines the result.

    Proof: the first player has AK and the opponent is holding AQ and on the flop he has A9982, both have pairs of Aces and nines, but the sequence of the first is: AA99K and the second is: A9982. That is, the King (K) is stronger than the Queen (Q).

    Crack: occurs when the player has three cards of the same value.

    Proof: the person has K9 as his own cards and on the flop he has 9Q729. The assembled game is as follows: 999KQ

    Sequence (Straight): are games that have a sequence of five cards.

    Demonstration: the player is in the hands of the 67 cards and on the K45A3 flop. When assembling the game it is: 34567.

    Flush: in this type of game the most relevant are the suits. In this case, the flush is built with five cards of the same suit. If both players have a flush, the one with the highest value cards wins.

    Proof: a player has the QJ of Hearts and the opponent has A3, and on the flop he has K56A9, with the first three cards being of Hearts. Thus, the first player has KQJ65, and the second has the highest value with AK653.

    Full house: is done when the player has three of a kind and a pair.

    Proof: the person is in hands with QQ, and on the flop he has Q4584. Assembling the game, it looks like this: QQQ44.

    Block: is formed when the player has four of the same cards. Demonstration: 99 in the hands, and on the flop it has A9K79.

    Straight Flush: occurs when the player assembles a straight with all the same suits.

    Demonstration: in his hand he has 78 Hearts, and on the Flop he has 456KA, with the first three cards also being Hearts. Organizing the game, the person is left with: 45678 of the same suits.

    Royal Straight Flush: this is the most powerful game in poker, but the probability of someone holding it is 1 in 650. In this case, Royal is a Straight Flush from 10 to A, that is, AKQJT being all cards of the same suit.

    It's time to start playing. Here are 3 recommendations for online poker apps that you need to use on your phone:

    How to play poker: 3 Applications

    Now that you've learned to play poker, it's time to get out of theory and practice what you've learned.

    Even if you don't have the physical game or enough people to play it, you can have fun with this game over the internet by downloading apps on your smartphone.

    So, get to know the best apps to play poker online:

    1. Rally Aces Poker (Antigo Artrix Poker)

    At Rally Aces Poker players will find several types of poker, including Hold'em.

    In this way, it is possible to participate in fast, slow, private tables, elimination tables, daily and weekly tournaments, leagues, among others.

    The game is free, but it is possible to spend real money inside the game. If you're lucky, you can win up to 1 million chips with Daily Fortune Roulette.

    There is also the possibility of receiving bonus chips daily by following the game developer's Facebook fanpage, friend recommendation bonuses and online time bonuses.

    It is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to create an account to play and players can enter guest mode.

    However, if you decide to log in using any social network or even create an account, you can enjoy the game without losing any chips.

    Regarding the look and features, bettors have a real-time chat during the rounds, being able to send emojis and gifts.

    The game has Slots for those who like slot machines and casino cards, a guessing game where players can win chips faster.

    There are also holiday bonuses, which are special events when there is a holiday. There is also the possibility to become a VIP player using real money. Thus, you will have exclusive rewards and access to more features.

    The app is available for Android and iOS.

    How to play Poker Online?Photo: Publicity/Outerdawn Limited

    2. PokerStars: Free Poker Games with Texas Hold'em

    PokerStars LITE offers players different game modes such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha or Stud poker. That way, punters can compete for prizes in multi-table tournaments or play heads-up poker games.

    Once you sign up for the game, you will receive 35 free chips as a welcome bonus. In addition, it is possible to recharge the Stack with 15 thousand chips for free every 4 hours.

    Check out the tools that the app has:

    1. Spin & Go's: is the fast-paced Sit & Go mode where players can win up to 2 times more in minutes, according to the developer;
    2. Power Up: combines traditional No Limit Hold'em with powers that give players the ability to destroy a card on the board or switch their cards. It is possible to receive rewards for eliminating your opponents at Knockout Poker.

    PokerStars LITE offers the following features:

    1. Challenges: Earn rewards by achieving goals and completing tasks;
    2. Leaderboards: Compete with other players to be the best and earn more rewards;
    3. Regular Chip Deals: Get Values ​​When Reloading Your Stack.
    4. Multi-Table Functionality: Play ring games and tournaments simultaneously on your smartphone.

    The game is available for Windows and Mac computers, and for Android and iOS mobile devices.

    How to play Poker Online?Photo: Disclosure / Stars Mobile Limited

    Learn More: App to clean your cell phone: the 9 best options

    3. Zynga Poker: Free Texas Holdem Online Card Games

    Zynga Poker already has more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a 4,3 star rating, with almost 2,6 million reviews.

    This app is one of the most popular poker apps in the world and is providing players with more tables, tournaments and jackpots.

    Players can participate in causal poker or competitive tournaments, entering nine-person tables or five-player table play.

    So you can play Hold'em or the Sit & Go game, and you'll find players of all experience and skill levels.

    There are still leagues with players from all over the world participating in the Poker Season online competition.

    It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to log in with your Facebook profile to be able to play. By downloading the game, users will receive 60 chips for free. In addition, it is possible to receive a daily bonus of up to $45 in in-game cash.

    The game is free. However, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. It is still possible to join the VIP program to receive in-game benefits.

    You can download the app from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

    How to play Poker Online?Photo: Disclosure / Zynga

    How to play poker: Point of attention

    All developers have cautioned that these games are intended for adult audiences and do not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

    Thus, practice or success in virtual games does not mean future success in real money gambling. That is, these apps are for fun purposes only.

    If you've enjoyed everything you've seen so far, be sure to check out some cool poker trivia below.

    How to play poker: Curiosities

    Poker is a lot of fun and it brings out the competitive side of people. But in this game certain looks, smiles or any kind of suspicious movement can indicate something.

    So, with that, it is necessary to work the mind and the physique so as not to fall into possible cheating. Having said that, here are some curiosities about this sport:

    • Poker was first mentioned in 1845 at the Hoyle Games;
    • The first real money online poker game took place in 1998;
    • Poker is considered the most popular card game in the world. There are more than 40 million players around the world. Of that number, there are 5 million casual and professional gamblers in our country;
    • The most popular form of poker is No Limit Texas Hold'em;
    • The deck of cards symbolizes the days of the year. There are 52 cards that depict the 52 annual weeks, four suits that reflect the four seasons and 13 cards in each of the suits, which correspond to the different phases of the moon. Also, when adding up the value of all cards the result is 364. Adding the joker we have the 365 days of the year;
    • Deck Kings figures are inspired by real-life kings. The card figures are based on the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus, King David of Israel, King Charlemagne of France, and Alexander the Great. Queens, on the other hand, are more complicated to identify who they are inspired by. They are known by the names of Judith, Pallas, Raquel and Ardine.

    So, it's worth starting to play poker, but always with a lot of responsibility.

    This game provides fun situations like getting together with friends on Sunday and creating good memories with people you like.

    It is still worth noting that the important thing is to compete and have fun in the best game possible. No cheating, let alone falling into dirty games. Good game!

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