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    How to overcome challenges: two powerful words for you to learn

    How to overcome challenges: two powerful words for you to learnHow to overcome challenges: two powerful words for you to learn

    by Camila Porto | Nov 4, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Have you ever noticed that there are words that open doors, and words that close doors? Today, I'm going to give you a tip how to overcome challenges using two powerful words.

    When I talk about “opening doors”, I'm not talking about “knock knock” or “who's there?”. I speak of powerful words, which if you start using them in your life, will make a lot of difference. 

    How to overcome challenges: Instead of the problem, focus on the solution

    People who use words that close doors are people who are problem-focused. They use the word “but” pretty much all the time.

    There are people who are solution-focused, and they use two powerful words: “What if?”

    Have you ever thought about replacing “but” with “what if”?

    The people who are problem-focused are the ones who use the “but”.

    You say: “Oh, I would like to travel Camila, but I don't have money”; “I would like to study more, but I don't have time”; "I'd like to lose a few pounds, but I can't go to the gym."

    However, if you change the “but” to the “what if”, you will see that things will change significantly. Think with me:

    “I would like to travel, but I have no money”.

    Imagine thinking, “What if I had more money, what could I do? Go travel”.

    That's the power of mighty words

    “What if I stopped watching two hours of soap operas a day and went to the gym? I could lose weight.”

    “What if I stopped scrolling through my Facebook feed watching other people's lives and went to read that book I'm rolling up to read?”

    What if you were richer, what if you were thinner, what if you were prettier, and what if you were smarter: what does that mean in your life? Where could you go?

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    When you project the "what if" - and think about things you want to do, you start looking for alternatives to solve that problem, or get what you want.

    But, if you put the “but”, you simply hang and justify yourself all the time. That's because there's always that "but" saying you can't.

    Watch the video:

    Now I want to hear from you!

    “What if” you sold more? What if your business made more money? What if people interacted more with the content you post on your Facebook page?

    Tell me in the comments what this would mean to you. 😉

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    Want more?

    If you want to generate more engagement and have more people interacting on your page, I will leave you an e-book called 22 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Facebook Engagement.

    In it, I share with you powerful tactics that aim to increase the visibility of your business.

    Now you know how to overcome challenges using powerful words. What if you applied these techniques to improve your business's engagement and visibility?

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