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    How to make the AssaĆ­ card? Check the rules and limits

    How to make the AssaĆ­ card? Check the rules and limits

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 28, 2022 | Credit Cards | 3

    O AssaĆ­ card It is ideal for the customer looking for practical options that offer savings for their pocket. 

    This credit card brings several interesting benefits to the consumer, including: purchase of products at wholesale prices, exclusive discounts at cinemas and theaters, among others.

    From now on, you will have access to a complete guide on the AssaĆ­ card.

    To that end, we will cover the following topics:

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    What are the advantages of the AssaĆ­ card? 

    The AssaĆ­ card brings several benefits to consumers.

    Find out which are the most important below:

    • 50% discount in cinemas and theaters;
    • Up to 40 days to make the payment;
    • Exclusive discounts and benefits in stores;
    • Participation in the Mastercard Surprise Program;
    • Tires in up to 10 interest-free installments at AssaĆ­ stores. Benefits granted for purchases made through the AssaĆ­ card.

    One of the main advantages of this credit card is that, from one unit, the consumer is guaranteed a wholesale price at the supermarket.

    A very interesting economy, especially in a period when high inflation is influencing the price of several goods. 

    To be entitled to this benefit, visit the AssaĆ­ store.

    Inform the clerk that you have the store's credit card.

    Then, just go through the purchases naturally and check the discounts that were offered by the products on the screen. 

    It is essential to make it clear that not all products participate in this promotion.

    Therefore, give preference to those items in which the labels are highlighted. 

    What are the facilities offered by the AssaĆ­ card? 

    To bring more convenience to the consumer, the card offers some interesting facilities:

    • Additional card;
    • Account insurance;
    • Personal credit;
    • Installment of Itaucard invoice;
    • SMS notice;
    • Secure card protected. 

    Who can have the AssaĆ­ credit card? 

    Any Brazilian over 18 years of age can apply for the AssaĆ­ credit card.

    However, to have more chances of approval, it is necessary to present a minimum income of R$800. 

    What is the limit of the AssaĆ­ card?

    It is essential to make it clear that the credit card does not show the pre-established limit for the customer.

    This is because the value is defined according to the profile of each individual.

    The assessment made by the company verifies several important points.

    Among the most common are: consumption habits, purchasing power and consumer history.

    How to apply for the AssaĆ­ card? 

    How to make the AssaĆ­ card? Check the rules and limits

    You can request your credit card in two ways: through the official website of Banco ItaĆŗ or in the supermarket's application.

    In times of a pandemic, give preference to online orders.

    This makes it easier to ensure your safety and that of others. 

    If you choose to apply in person, the network releases the physical card immediately.

    If you choose the online option, you must wait 15 days for the physical version to be sent to your home. 

    To find out how the proposal is progressing, the client must call the Itaucard Service Center.

    That way you'll know if the order is on its way. 

    How to unlock the card? 

    The password will be sent to the consumer by SMS or post office.

    If the customer does not receive the number, just call the Itaucard Service Center. 

    Once you find the password, download the Itaucard application.

    To unlock it, just follow the steps below: 

    1. Click on ā€œServicesā€;
    2. Select ā€œUnlock New Cardā€;
    3. Tap on ā€œSelect cardā€. 

    For customers who have requested an additional card, the password will also be sent via SMS or mail. 

    How does the AssaĆ­ card application work?

    The application promises to make the consumer's life easier.

    To give you an idea, it allows you to pay the AssaĆ­ invoice in the system itself.

    It is not necessary to go to a financial institution or lottery house to complete this type of service. 

    You can still control all transactions that were made with the credit card.

    This is very important because it is possible to understand how your expenses are in relation to financial planning. 

    In other words, the customer is able to identify in which areas are the highest consumption and where he can save.

    That way, it will be easier to complete the payment of the bills at the end of the month. 

    Through the app, you can also modify your card limit.

    To do this, follow the steps below:

    1. Click on services;
    2. Select digital service;
    3. Choose the alternative Information and Requests;
    4. Tap Change threshold value. 

    You can also modify the card limit through the Itaucard Customer Service. 

    Is it worth requesting the AssaĆ­ card? 

    Yes. The credit card offers several interesting benefits to the consumer, such as:

    • The possibility to buy products at wholesale price;
    • Discounts at cinemas and theaters;
    • Discounts on tire purchases. 

    Customer service is another issue that cannot be ignored.

    You have access to several channels to clear all doubts with the company.

    Central Itaucard, which is available from Monday to Friday, from 6 am to 22 pm, can be contacted by telephone: 3003-3030 (residents of capital cities and metropolitan regions).

    Those residing in other locations can contact the following number: 0800-720-3030. 

    The downside is the annual fee for this service, which is 12x R$12,90 or R$154,80.

    This fee will be charged after the customer unlocks the card.

    Despite this, it is one of the best cards provided by Itaucard. 

    We have already highlighted here on the blog several alternatives that do not charge an annuity fee from the consumer.

    Therefore, if this is a problem for your financial planning, it is better to look for other alternatives. 

    The app is available for free not only on the App Store but also on Google Play.

    In this text, we highlight the main information about the AssaĆ­ card.

    So, evaluate the cost-benefit and check if it is the best alternative for your financial planning. 

    Final report: this content was not sponsored by the AssaĆ­ card.

    Therefore, all the reviews that have been mentioned in this article have been exposed according to our experience and that of other consumers.

     Our proposal is to offer quality information so you can find out if the card is the best alternative for your pocket. 

    about Assai 

    AssaĆ­ is considered one of the best wholesalers in the country.

    Generally, their stores are large and offer a variety of quality products for the consumer. 

    To get an idea, the wholesale has 189 establishments spread across several regions of the country, including the Federal District.

    In the last six years alone, 107 AssaĆ­ stores were opened. 

    In the Mais EstadĆ£o 2022 company award, wholesale was the winner in three categories. 

    • First place in the Efficiency Ranking in the Retail Sector;
    • Second place in the ā€œBiggest Economic Impactā€ award;
    • Second place in the ā€œHighlight of the Southeast Regionā€ award. 

    If you are looking for information on ā€œAssaĆ­ wholesaler opening hoursā€, we recommend looking for more details in the establishments close to your area, as the opening hours may vary from unit to unit.  

    Those who search for ā€œAssaĆ­ wholesaler work with usā€ can contact the establishment through its official website. 

    The portal also frequently discloses details about AssaĆ­ actions and other important information for the consumer. 

    After discovering the main information about the AssaĆ­ card, learn how Digio works, another interesting credit card for consumers, without an annual fee and with many benefits.

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