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    How to make a credit card for our city?

    How to make a credit card for our city?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 23, 2022 | Credit Cards |

    Being a fan is supporting the team unconditionally, no matter where you are and the situation you live.

    So, one more way to contribute to your favorite team is to have a personalized club credit card.

    The fans of our city Futebol Clube can have this benefit.

    Throughout the content, it will be explained how you can get a our city credit card.

    In this post, it will also be shown how the credit card of our city works with Bradesco, with some more information:

    • The fees;
    • The advantages;
    • How to apply;
    • And some more extra information.

    So, the first point to understand is to know what this credit card is for our city.

    What is our city's credit card?

    It is worth making it clear right away that the credit card Bradesco a minha cidade Futebol Clube Visa Gold is not a card designed for exclusive benefits for the club's games.

    This means that unlike other football teams in our country like Flamengo and Corinthians that have a credit card aimed at supporters, this does not happen in the case of our city.

    Supporters “are from Paul” only have a credit card mirror Bradesco Visa Gold.

    This means that our city's credit card has the same benefits and shares the credit limit of the main Visa card.

    Also, keep in mind that the australia card is automatically canceled if your primary Visa Gold card is canceled.

    That said, see the details of how the Bradesco credit card works in partnership with our city.

    Our City credit card details

    To have the Soberano card, you must be a Bradesco account holder and already have a Gold credit card from the bank.

    In addition, to order the personalized card, the customer must be at least 18 years old and have a monthly income of at least R$4.

    It is also necessary to point out that the card comes with an annual fee of 12x R$15, which is R$180 per year.

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    Remembering that the card limit of our city is the same as your main Visa credit card, which is linked to your Banco Bradesco account.

    Thus, the limit varies from one customer to another because each person's payment history and profile is taken into account.

    With that in mind, see below the benefits of having a our Cidade Futebol Clube credit card.

    Benefits of our city's credit card

    The person who wants to have the card will be allowed to participate in the rewards program when they make their purchases.

    That is, each time the card is used, the customer will accumulate points and exchange them for benefits.

    It is also important to highlight that the Bradesco our city credit card is international.

    Thus, the customer can make purchases in national territory and abroad.

    In addition, as it is a Visa-branded card and is in the Gold category, customers are entitled to extended warranty insurance, which doubles the warranty of the item you purchased.

    Another very nice advantage is that the customer also has purchase protection.

    This benefit can be used when the person buys a product using the card, but found the same item in a physical or digital store with a lower price.

    Therefore, you can get the return of the difference value.

    And of course, it's always nice to be able to show the passion you feel for the club every time you use the card in a physical store.

    Our City Credit Card: Points to pay attention to

    As the Bradesco card from our city is just a mirror, you need to know if it is worth requesting the card just because of the personalization.

    Even because the fans don't have an advantage for the games, as happened at the time between Soberano's partnership with Banco Inter.

    In addition, this Bradesco card is very restrictive for fans.

    The minimum income required is quite high for most of our countrymen.

    With this, the person with a low socioeconomic profile is left out of this personalization.

    But anyway, if you are interested in having a Morumbi club credit card, learn how to apply.

    How to order your credit card from our city

    For those who are already account holders of the financial institution and already have the Gold Visa card, to achieve personalization it is necessary to go through a few steps.

    In order to have the credit card personalized with the symbol of our city, it is necessary for the bank customer to contact their Bradesco branch manager to open the order process.

    At some point, the bank will ask you to go to a branch.

    When this happens, you will need to bring the following documents:

    • CPF;
    • ID;
    • Proof of address;
    • Proof of income.

    If you have any questions about requesting this card, you can contact the bank through the service channels.

    You can still seek assistance at the following numbers:

    • 4002-0022 (capital and metropolitan regions);
    • 0800 570-0022 (other Locations).

    Remembering that you can contact these numbers to talk about other cards.

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