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    How to make an infographic: 6 free online tools

    How to make an infographic: 6 free online toolsHow to make an infographic: 6 free online tools

    by Camila Porto | May 4, 2022 | Content Marketing | 17

    Infographics are excellent tools for anyone who needs to insert compelling presentations into their digital marketing. In addition to tips for how to make an infographic, in this post we are going to suggest 6 free tools that can facilitate this creation.

    Information presentations using graphic-visual elements attract more public attention. This is because people more easily assimilate visual content, with representative shapes and colors. You no longer have to be restricted to a bunch of words or numbers.    

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    Nothing better than an infographic to transform that monotonous meeting and engage your audience, as well as gain the attention of a potential customer or generate leads on your website and social networks.

    We already know that infographics grab the audience’s attention. But what is an infographic and when should we use it?

    How to make an infographic: purpose

    The infographic should be used when you need to organize complex data and make your content easy to understand for your customer. In it, you can use several features. You can prioritize content, distinguish information with different colors or formats, for example.

    Your main objective is to convey a clear message to your persona: to have clarity in the communication of information and to avoid noise or double interpretation. Therefore, it is very important to know how to make an effective infographic.

    How to make an infographic: tips

    You've already learned the function of an infographic. Now, we want to recommend a simple organization sequence for you to plan the production of your material.


    The first step is to create an outline of the ideas and data you want to use in the infographic. Separate this information (it can be on paper) and start imagining an outline of how your infographic will look.

    Take into account who your persona is (i.e. your ideal customer profile). It is for her that you will create this content.


    Now that you've drawn, crossed out and scribbled everything you're entitled to, clean up that sketch. Now is the time to organize the ideas you had in the previous step. Here, you can already think about how the infographic will look.

    To make it easier, it's worth accessing the infographic creation tools. In them, you can use a ready-made template that meets your demand.


    If you haven't found a free infographic template that fits your creation, don't despair.

    Look up how to make an infographic in Power Point and start manipulating the file and developing your infographic.

    On the internet, you can find examples of data presentation format for inspiration.

    How to make an infographic: tools

    The tools we are going to suggest here are intuitive and some are completely free. In most cases, just click and drag the contents.

    After the first tests, you will already see that it is possible to create infographics. In this variety of options, try to find a model that best suits your information.

    1. CANVA

    This isn't the first time Canva has appeared here. This site contains many tools for image manipulation.

    In addition to creating files to share on social media, Canva also has an option to make an infographic. It is very worth knowing.


    PiktoChart provides 11 free and ready-made templates for you to assemble infographics.

    These templates are fully customizable. You can easily add or remove items, change colors and include your image files in the infographic. The good thing about having these templates ready is that you find inspiration to make your creations.

    There are other themes available in the tool. But to access them, you have to subscribe to the PRO version.

    3. EASEL.LY is a very complete website that offers 15 fully customizable themes. You can modify the infographics to suit your demand in a simple way. Just click, drag and drop the texts and figures to the region of the image you want.

    Background colors, sending images saved on your computer and other advanced functions are available. Just let your imagination run wild.

    4. VISME

    Visme also has templates ready for you to use. The scheme is the same. Just modify the items you want and assemble the infographic according to your need.

    The cool thing about this service is that it has a good amount of icon-style fonts and images. All of this can make your infographic even more visual and cool.


    When it comes to infographics, Infogram does the trick. The great advantage of this tool is that it accepts the upload of Excel files. That is, you can tabulate the data, send it to the website and it will automatically generate a graph with the information.

    There are six themes available for free for you to customize your marketing material.


    Venngage is a site full of options. In it, you can take a risk in the world of design, even without being a professional in the area.

    On this site, you can create complete infographics and the results look really nice.

    Remember that any kind of information can be turned into an infographic. These were our tips on how to make an infographic. How about starting to risk these productions for a landing page or blog of your company?

    Do you have any other website tips that teach you how to make an infographic? Leave it here in the comments.

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