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    How to make a raffle online?

    How to make a raffle online?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 17, 2022 | Technology |

    The raffle is a traditional form of raffle with a charitable motivation and with a non-profit objective, which consists of offering a gift as a form of thanks among all those who contributed.

    In this post we will teach how to make raffle online in a simple and easy way, and pass on some tips so that you can sell a lot and so that everyone is satisfied with the game.

    How did the raffle come about

    Not many details are known about the origin of the raffle, but it is speculated that it originated in a restaurant in southern Italy. The owner of the restaurant was going through serious financial problems and decided to ask his friends and customers for help to avoid having to close the doors of the establishment.

    They distributed passwords to all the donors and the winner would get a plate of noodles. The success of the campaign made the raffle popular throughout the region, and it probably arrived in our country later during the period of Italian immigration.

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    How to make a raffle online

    There is a lot of confusion between lottery and raffle, as they work in a very similar way. But the big difference lies in the motivation and objective, since since its creation, the raffle has always been used as a crowdfunding for the purpose of obtaining financial support for a charitable project or cause.

    Although it was created a long time ago, there are now more modern methods of making a raffle. Therefore, we list here 2 sites for you to create your online raffle on the internet and understand how it works.

    1. How to make a raffle online:

    It is a platform where you can create, manage and even participate in raffles.

    Just create an account. The site will ask for your full name, email address and to set a password to access your profile. There you can view various raffles from other users and create your own raffles. They are organized by price range and also by categories that can be: car, motorcycle, children, services, electronics, beauty, sport, among others.

    How to make a raffle online?

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    2. How to make a raffle online: Raffle Tech

    Rifa Tech is a financial collaboration platform between friends, created to enable fundraising campaigns for charitable purposes or to support non-profit causes.

    It is inspired by genuinely Brazilian crowdfunding traditions with more than 4 campaigns already created. The focus is to perform actions among friends. So the site recommends that users only participate in campaigns where there is a minimal relationship with the fundraiser.

    Rifa Tech only offers the platform as a service and the creation and management of all campaigns are the sole responsibility of its organizers. The creation procedure is similar to that of Bota na Rifa.

    Just register and provide your personal and bank details, raffle specifications and share the link with people and on the internet. The platform even allows you to broadcast the draw live directly on social media.

    How to make a raffle online?

    Tips for those who want to know how to make a raffle online

    It is very simple to make an online raffle. But to be successful, you need to think about a good discretion in order to attract the attention of potential buyers.

    It is best that you describe in detail the purpose of the raffle, whether for a medical procedure or even to help a charity. The more information you can put in the discretion, the better it will be to convey the necessary trust to the public.

    Another important point is the choice of prize, as it needs to attract as many people as possible, not only to cover the amount spent on it, but also to make a profit.

    Of course, it also needs to be something that almost everyone likes to be more likely to be interested and you don't lose out.

    A prize related to the theme/context is also a great idea, such as: a Christmas basket, in case it is a Christmas raffle (common at church events), or perhaps the “Balaio Junino”, which is a tradition during the June festivities. of the month of June.

    Before making the raffle, have the prize in hand to ensure that it will be delivered and that the event will not be canceled due to any unforeseen circumstances. Enjoy and take good pictures so that everyone can see the prize in detail.

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    How to make online raffle x raffle

    It is also essential that all interested parties be able to know the day and means of the announcement of the result of the draw. On the raffle website itself, it is common for everyone to have access to check the result. However, be sure to set the date and time so everyone knows, and even watch if it's broadcast online.

    As the organizer of the raffle, also remember to contact the winner to congratulate and organize the delivery of the gift and choose a reliable website.

    All the work you've had will be worthless if the platform you choose doesn't give confidence to the public.

    Earlier we cited some examples of online raffle platforms, but there are several others available. Always check the opinions of users and complaints on sites like Reclame Aqui to stay on top of the conduct of its organizers and make sure you are not being the victim of a scam.



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