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    How to make memes: 10 apps to create fun posts on the web

    How to make memes: 10 apps to create fun posts on the webHow to make memes: 10 apps to create fun posts on the web

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 22, 2022 | Facebook | 2

    Do you want to create fun posts to publish on your company page? Know that this strategy can be very interesting, depending on your segment. In this text, we will give tips on how to make memes and tools to help you. 

    Taking advantage of the current themes to create publications on your fanpage is very important. Generally, these posts tend to have a very high engagement rate, so you can grab people's attention.

    But, going around copying images or memes in the face is not cool. That's why we've selected 10 apps for websites and mobile phones that allow you to create these images. Just upload your files and start playing.

    However, it is always worth emphasizing: be very careful when working with humor themes on your social networks. Take a good look at your persona profile to find out if creating fun memes and posts fit your brand.

    Want to know how to create memes and enjoy all the jokes of the moment? Check out our selection of tools.

    How to make memes on PC: website tips

    Check out a list of sites you can use on your computer to edit images and learn how to make memes:

    1. Canva – meme generator

    Canva is just love, don't you think? This is one of the best free sites for you to work with image editing. This is the #1 tool we recommend to all our Social Sell training students.

    In addition to having endless options to make the photos you post on Facebook more beautiful, Canva also has a meme maker generator. 

    That's right! What's good can always get better. You can upload your images and make captions in the best meme style. For sure, your social media posts will be more fun.

    2. Imgur

    Imgur is a very simple site to use. You don't even need to log in to the tool to start your creations.

    When accessing the site, you will find a series of ready-made memes. If you want, you can choose one of them and modify the caption.

    It's usually worth keeping an eye out for these ready-made memes, because once you get a cool idea or know which meme is gaining traction on the internet.

    After all, you can't want to catch the wave after it's passed, can you?

    If you intend to create a meme using an image saved on your computer, click on the “upload new background” option. Finally, just edit the top and bottom text however you like.

    3. Editor

    This image editor is super complete! Editor has dozens of tools that will help you in the routine of creating images for Facebook.

    The interesting point of this online service are the stickers, that is, the stickers that you can add to each image.

    There is a HUGE list of themes such as: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Christmas, accessories and much more! For sure, you will find some fun templates to customize your photos.

    Just upload your file and start playing!

    4. piZap

    To use piZap, you need to register. The site is free to use for seven days and you can put stickers and stickers on your photos, creating fun montages.

    There is also a function for creating memes. So, in the same place, you can already have access to several image customization tools.

    How to make memes on mobile: application tips

    Continuing our list of suggestions for those who want to learn how to make fun memes and posts, get to know the best apps to make memes on mobile:

    5. PhotoGrid

    The first suggestion is PhotoGrid, available for Android and iOS. You can create memes, edit images and include a lot of cute stickers in your meme, especially the ones with photos. 

    The cool thing about having this app installed on your phone is that it meets your needs at different times. Whether you want to create a meme or make a montage with several photos at the same time, PhotoGrid does the trick.

    6. Cymera

    Cymera is an Android and iOS app for quick image editing with dozens of filters, photo correction features and sticker application. That's why it's on our free meme generator list!

    If you're looking for an option to really play around with photos and make them really fun, give Cymera a try.

    You can add speech bubbles, include funny drawings in photos, and even make memes by applying frames to your photo.

    You upload the image and at the bottom of the screen choose which tool you want to use.

    7. B612

    Quality and diversification of resources: all this you find in the B612. This is one of the best apps to create fun memes and posts on social networks. That's because it offers several customization tools.

    The main one is the filters and stickers to apply to the photos. Your images will have a new look and feel much happier. The app is free and available for Android and iOS!

    8. Aviary

    Another app for Android and iOS for you to create fun memes and posts on your business fanpage.

    Choose a photograph and let your imagination run wild with file editing. There are 14 tools in Aviary to make your photos just the way you want them.

    Add funny stickers, make drawings on the images and even annotations. The editing features also do the job and you can adjust brightness, sharpness, remove red eye and whiten teeth.

    9. PicsArt

    A Swiss Army knife for editing images. PicsArt has tools for you to work with photos saved on your cell phone very easily.

    You can create montages, apply effects, add stickers and even draw over a photo. The app is available for Android and iOS and you pay nothing to use it.

    Just watching the promotional video above the app makes us excited! It's that hustle tone that you'll bring to your photos.

    10. Meme Generator

    This is one of the easiest apps to create memes on your phone. There is a version for Android and iOS. Just send a photo and customize the text at the top and bottom with your phrases.

    Learn More: Want to know how to make memes with videos? See 4 free apps to subtitle videos.

    How to make memes: extra tip

    Anyone who manages a Facebook page or an Instagram profile is always looking to innovate in the images they publish.

    Regardless of the social network you use, know that you can use several professional photographs without spending anything.

    So, now that you know how to make memes, we've separated a post about free stock images. With them, you can download professional photos and use them in the production of your memes. 

    We hope these tips make you a meme maker and help you engage your social media.

    Now, if you are already a meme maker, tell us in the comments what your experience with this type of content is.

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