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    How to learn to sew? 14 ways to get started fast

    How to learn to sew? 14 ways to get started fast

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 8, 2022 | News |

    An activity that can be very satisfying and satisfying to do is sewing, after all, you can distract yourself from the problems of the world while creating something beautiful in life. However, many people do not know how to do this activity, so in this post we will teach you how to learn to sew. 

    After starting to sew, many can't put it aside, seeing it as an essential activity in life, so don't be surprised if they start to develop a taste for the thing.

    Another very positive point is that sewing can also serve as a good form of therapy. By focusing minutely on one thing, as sewing requires, you can end up organizing your thoughts, distracting yourself from problems, feeling better, etc. We can say that sewing is a kind of cloth meditation, so if you are interested, check out some points that can help you learn to sew.

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    Can you learn to sew by yourself?

    If you have doubts about whether it is possible to learn to sew on your own, don't worry, this is a totally valid question. With the level at which technology and the internet are today, it is quite unlikely to find any skill that cannot be developed through online content.

    With sewing it's no different, even when demanding from the seamstress an incredible work of patience, concentration and motor coordination, you will have how to learn to sew online and alone, you just need time to learn and a lot of practice. Some tips we have for learning, in addition to the ones we will mention later, is to maintain a training routine and move forward little by little. 

    Is it difficult to learn to sew?

    The biggest problem you may face in learning to sew is if you've never had contact with sewing, so the first steps can be a little tricky. But always remember that this is a skill that you improve over time and with practice, so don't worry about it at first, keep training and comparing your productions to see your evolution. 

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    What is the best sewing machine for beginners on how to learn to sew?

    How to learn to sew? 14 ways to get started fast

    One of the best ways to learn how to learn to sew is to invest in a good sewing machine, as it can be an incredible help for beginners. The market has several models, either with different capacities and functionality, or even domestic and portable machines. 

    So, before going out to buy yours, research a lot and very carefully, that way you will find the best value for money and find the right machine for your needs. If you are looking for something more compact and easy to transport, then the most ideas are portable machines, also ideal for small environments.

    However, these portable models tend to have less functionality, also facing some difficulties in thick fabrics. According to information from the Zoom portal, the best portable sewing machines are: Elgin Genius JX4035, Singer M1605 and Janome 3022.

    Home sewing machines tend to be more robust, have more features and can handle thicker fabrics. Also according to information from Zoom, the most suitable domestic machines are: Tradition 2250, Singer Facilita Pro 4432 and Brother BM-2800.

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    How to learn to sew on the sewing machine?

    Now that you have a basic idea of ​​a great sewing machine, we are going to show you how to learn to sew using this essential machine in the field. Over time, using the machine becomes easier, if you face difficulties at first, don't worry, it's totally normal until you get used to it.

    To help you sew, we've separated some main tips that you can follow in your tool.

    Learn the basic functions

    For starters, be aware of the basic functions, as all beginner machines have some help functions, being ideal for those who are learning how to learn to sew. Typically, the functions you will find are as follows: thread tension adjustment; free arm; automatic buttonhole; straight stitch; zigzag stitch; elastic point; flexible points; stitch length regulator and pressure adjustable shoe. For beginners, the stitches to keep an eye out for are the straight and the zigzag.

    Have the essential materials

    It's no use just knowing how to handle your machine, you need to have the right and essential materials at hand. To have quality creations, it is not enough to have scissors, threads, needles and any other tools, everything needs to have a good quality that will directly influence the final result.

    To improve the performance of the machine itself, you can go after extra materials such as needles (stretch and jeans), bobbin, replacement needles, invisible zipper shoe, buttonhole shoe and oil bottles. Another tip, that many don't use but that can improve your machine a lot, is to always have a brush by your side, to clean when using the tool for a long time.  

    Test all forms of sewing

    And finally, always try to explore all forms of sewing, of course you can specialize in one or another, but knowing all of them can be excellent. In the case of machine sewing, the most used techniques are: right angle; straight stitching; curved seam; appliqué and buttonhole.

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    Tips on how to learn to sew on your own online

    Now that you have a better foundation on how to learn to sew, we have separated 14 tips that can help you in this process and serve as the focus of your learning. 

    1- Start by practicing the basic techniques

    Remember not to skip steps, because you are learning something new, you may want to get to the more advanced parts soon. However, you need to have a good foundation with the basic techniques. The first steps are the most important, because you will know the main concepts and the techniques that will make you learn all the others. That way you will develop a greater intimacy with sewing and over time you will know how to learn to sew with more advanced techniques and skills.

    2- Always count on good materials at your fingertips

    You need to have, at least, the minimum materials on hand, after all, there is no way to learn to sew without sewing equipment. Always prioritize quality and not cost, as these materials will directly influence the quality of the product you sew. Generally, the essential items for learning to sew are: scissors, needle, thread, tape measure and safety pins. 

    3- Search for molds

    For beginners who want to avoid mistakes because they still don't have a basic notion of sewing, our main tip is to look for sewing patterns. You can find several different models and practice different possibilities with the molds. But remember, take it easy when handling the fabric, always cut in the indicated place and be sure of what you are doing. That way, even as a beginner, you'll have parts that are usable and won't go to waste for mistakes. 

    4- Be extra careful with fabrics and wash before sewing

    A tip that can be valuable is to always wash the fabrics before starting to sew, so you avoid making a piece in one size and when you wash it, it shrinks, for example. Before you start sewing, get to know your fabric and see the best types of techniques and needles to use. For beginners, avoid buying expensive and more elaborate fabrics, start with patches and gradually improve.

    5- Have a corner of your own to sew and get organized

    To know how to learn to sew, you will need to have a very sharp concentration, so have a corner of your own, where no one can get in your way and you can organize it in the best way. This way, you will ensure good lighting, which is essential to know how the product is doing, and you will be aware of where all the materials are.

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    6- Have sewing boxes for your accessories

    How to learn to sew? 14 ways to get started fast

    Sewing boxes can be purchased or you can create your own and decorate as you see fit. The important thing is to organize all the skeins of thread, separate the needles, buttons, pins, treasures and so on. With this, you leave sharp and sharp objects in a safe place to avoid accidents, still being able to have access when necessary.

    7- Look for a good pair of scissors

    How to learn to sew? 14 ways to get started fast

    An investment that will definitely be worth your money is quality scissors, after all, we can't use paper scissors to cut fabric. By knowing how to learn to sew, you will find that good scissors will prevent bad cuts and tears. This is one of the most used items in sewing, having quality scissors will avoid a lot of problems in the future and anger situations. 

    8- Know in detail the types of needles

    Know each type of needle, after all, in sewing we have thinner and thicker needles and you can use each one at certain times, because each material has its needle. Thus, research on each type and the best times to use each one, ensuring quality sewing on all material. 

    9- For each fabric there is a type of needle

    How to learn to sew? 14 ways to get started fast

    A continuation of the above item, you also need to know the best needle and fabric combinations. When using a needle that is too thick on a fabric that is too thin, you can tear the fabric, or if you use a needle that's too thin on a fabric that's too big, you can end up bending the needle, in addition to other cases of wrong combinations. 

    In the case of machine sewing, a wrong combination can even end up damaging your tool, which will cost you a lot of money to repair. Knowing the thickness of needles and fabrics avoids these and many other problems. 

    10- Practice on patchwork

    When leaving theory and going to practice, the main tip is always to start sewing in patchwork, preventing good fabrics and possible future products from being spoiled. You will be able to acquire experience and skills in the different sewing techniques, still avoiding problems and unforeseen events, as these scraps would probably go to waste. The ideal is to always do this before sewing a product, and not just once in a while. 

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    11- Be patient when learning how to sew

    You need to accept that, by knowing how to learn to sew, you won't be sewing beautiful pieces at first, the process will take time, mistakes and successes, until you have complete mastery. It will take patience to assimilate the skills and techniques, if you need to untie the sewing, do it, if you need to start from scratch again, do this, sewing at the beginning is a trial and error process.

    12- Search for sewing groups on social media

    Try to talk to people who already know how to sew, exchange ideas, ask for tips, suggestions and listen to their opinions and stories. This can lessen your insecurities and give you more confidence when it comes to sewing. You can look for these people on social networks like Instagram and Twitter, in groups on Facebook or Telegram, as well as other social networks. As a bonus, you can even develop new friendships with people who share the same love for sewing as you do.

    13- Celebrate each of the small advances

    No matter the size of your hit, even if it's a small right point, celebrate, it will bring you confidence and you will realize that your work is evolving every moment. With this motivation, you will have more energy to practice every day, always being proud of your knowledge and evolution. With each new step, you will be closer to the end of how to learn to sew.

    14- Take learning at your own pace

    And finally, our final tip on how to learn to sew is “Always take the learning at your own pace”, calmly. Don't compare yourself to so-and-so or cyclan, everyone has their rhythm in life, and sewing will be no different. You may end up needing more time to learn a simpler technique, but you end up learning a more difficult technique in a shorter amount of time, that doesn't matter, as long as you learn a lot more in the process.

    Always go up one step at a time with your own skills, don't try to skip steps and take as much time as you need on each of these steps. Focus on you and not on the learning stage you are in, after all, what good is it to know how to learn to sew, but to do it poorly because you don't learn everything perfectly?

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    Easy pieces to start sewing

    Now that you already know the main tips on how to learn to sew, you also need to know the main and easy pieces for beginners to succeed in the practice of sewing. Always start with the simple, it's no use trying to make more complicated pieces if you're not used to the basics. 

    The less complex pieces that do not have such an elaborate composition are crochet, pillowcases, sheets, kitchen towels and other basic items. In the case of clothes, we can highlight the pieces with few prints, with straight lines and stripes, simple blouses and skirts. Always keep in mind that, in the beginning, the simpler the piece, the better your technique. 

    Look for courses on how to learn to sew

    While self-learning is completely possible, there is a limit to how far you can go. If you want to speed up the process, expand your techniques and skills and leverage everything, the most practical and appropriate way is actually to take a sewing course. 

    Although practice can be considered the most important point, you also need to have a base of theoretical and technical knowledge, which will help you gradually improve with sewing techniques. In this way, you will know how to learn to sew with suitable professionals who can go beyond the limits imposed by online learning for a more technical activity such as sewing. 

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