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    How to learn Korean? 12 apps and websites to learn for free

    How to learn Korean? 12 apps and websites to learn for free

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 7, 2022 | Technology |

    It is always important to speak more than one language, both to get to know a new culture and for the job market. Many learn to speak English, French, Spanish and Italian, but another option is Korean. In this post, we will teach how to learn korean easier with apps and websites. Many may be wondering why it is important to learn the Korean language.

    For these people, we can say that the market has a small range destined for people who speak oriental languages. Therefore, it is a good area for you to explore and enter the international job market or study abroad.

    It is important to keep in mind that South Korea is one of the most important countries and considered one of the most important economies in the world, especially linked to the areas of technology. Culturally, South Korea has also been growing more and more, with the famous K-pop musical groups and the series known as K-drama.

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    How to learn Korean for free: Sites and apps to use

    Now that you know the importance of studying this language, check out some interesting websites and apps that you can use to learn how to learn Korean. 

    1. Study Korean Online

    To start our list of apps and websites on how to learn Korean, we have our own portal for that, Study Korean Online. This platform was created by our countrymen who learned to speak the language, so they provide the public with an interactive and fun way to study.

    As a beginning student, you will have at your disposal video classes on different topics, a section of the page dedicated to conversation, called “Talk To Me in Korean” that has classes in which you can listen and try to reproduce the audio and even a page with activities with correction in the portal itself. 

    To make all this study even more interesting and fun, the platform offers several games with questions and lessons, as well as several K-pop lyrics for you to practice singing. As an extra, Study Korean even offers a Google Chrome extension that translates Korean pages and even a mobile app for you to study anywhere and anytime.

    Before starting, keep in mind that free classes are limited, if you want to continue studying for longer, you will need to register for a paid premium. Furthermore, the course does not provide a certificate for students.

    2. Learning Korean – YouTube Channel

    Did you know that you can learn Korean on YouTube too? For that, we brought the channel Aprendindo Koreano, by YouTuber Aileen. It is mainly focused on more basic issues of the language, such as expressions and grammar. 

    The channel contains several series organized in playlists, one of the main ones is “Korean for beginners”, which has nine videos. Among the contents covered, you will see the hangul - Korean alphabet, and grammatical principles. The playlist is separated by themes. In this way, you can organize your studies, they are:

    • Basic Grammar;
    • Expressions and greetings;
    • Korean Tips;
    • Vocabulary;
    • Lyrics translation;
    • Palli ppalli, which are short, quick-to-learn videos. 

    Keep in mind that you will not receive a certificate at the end of the study. However, as it is broadcast on YouTube, all content is free and it is not necessary to pay to access classes. You can still use the blog of the same name, which although not updated since 2022, still has exercises and other study materials.

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    3. Learn Korean Online

    This course on how to learn Korean online uses a system that is a little different from the conventional one. The LingQ system was created by Canadian linguist Steve Kaufmann, who learned 17 languages ​​through his methodology applied in this course. With the approach explained in the course, the student will be able to learn vocabulary through a systematic training in speaking, writing and with definition of objectives.

    Taking all this into account, the teaching platform also provides live conversations for you to practice, communities, tutors, text corrections, downloadable materials and even games and games that make the whole process more fun and interactive. However, the site may not have such a simple dynamic to understand and start the class. So our tip is to read the support page first.

    The entire portal is in English, that is, if you do not know the language, it may be a problem to use the platform. It will still be possible to have a mobile application. But remember: the contents are paid, since it is practically impossible to find a completely free language course. 

    4. Korean Course

    Continuing our list of how to learn Korean, we have the Loecsen Korean course, which has several free courses for several languages. With this platform, you can learn various Korean expressions in just a few minutes. So, if you need basic information, for a trip, for example, this can be a good option.

    Right on the course home page, you will find several expressions separated by different categories, such as expressions and greetings, restaurant, conversation, concerns, hotels, colors and numbers. On an exclusive page, the user can check the Korean alphabet for pronunciation and writing. At the end of each lesson, to absorb the content, you will have quizzes and audios. 

    You may have access to printed material. It is also possible to use the content in PDF and MP3 or download or save it on your cell phone, in case you want to have access at other times or places. However, this option is paid. At the end of the course, there is no certification, but the platform itself indicates courses for you to deepen the content.

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    5. Learn Korean – Duolingo

    Duolingo is perhaps the most popular option on the list of how to learn Korean. The best part is that learning happens through play and games, as a perfect way for those who are just starting out. All learning will start through the alphabet, through writing and, finally, through to pronunciation.

    You can set study time per day, starting from five minutes or more. With each success in the games and games, you will earn points, being able to level up at each stage. Totally free, the user still has access to a mobile application. However, there is no certification and to understand more of the content, you may need a basic knowledge of English. 

    6. LingoDeer

    Speaking of a great app for you to learn how to learn Korean and Japanese, we have LingoDeer, which is available both on the Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS devices. You will have access to several introductory courses in different modalities. 

    You will be able to have full access to the Hangul alphabet and still be able to listen and study phonemes, pronunciation and syllables. In addition, the app itself offers lessons organized by themes for you to test your knowledge of the meaning of words and the way of writing. At the end of each of these steps, a graph is shown for you to check your performance in the activities.

    These are some of the options. LingoDeer has a paid version with several other content and ways of learning, the monthly price for this option is R$71,90, for specific languages ​​or multilingual versions.  

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    7. Drops: Learn Korean language and Hangul alphabet

    Also available on Play Store and App Store, Drops is yet another app that you can use to understand how to learn Korean. Importantly, Drops has standalone apps for multiple languages, not just Korean.

    The app has exercises offered in daily classes, each with a maximum of five minutes, where you can learn vocabulary in a simple and practical way. The operation is simple, to teach a word, the exercises are made to have an association between them and the word, meaning, syllable or pronunciation of the term.

    During the day, there will be a list of words to learn. In addition, Drops even offers a list of milestones so you can track progress in detail. Each class has its themes, with categories like travel, K-pop words, nature terms and more. Drops also has a paid version with several other content, worth R$40,90 per month.

    8. Korean Nemo

    Focused more on vocabulary and speech, Nemo is more of an app option on how to learn Korean. Every day, the app itself provides a list of words along with audio recordings with Korean natives from South Korea teaching how to pronounce. It is worth mentioning that Nemo Korean is available on the App Store and Play Store.

    This app is more like a complement to an apprenticeship, since it doesn't have explanatory classes. If you want to remember a word, Nemo's home screen has a statistics tab with the words and terms you've studied recently. You can program reminders in the app itself to remind you to study. If you want access to more than 1200 words, you have the paid version that costs R$69,90 per month.

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    9. Teuida

    Teuida can be used both on devices with an Android system and on devices with an iOS system. With this app, the user has access to several exercises that exemplify everyday situations perfect for the practice of learning Korean. An artificial intelligence analyzes the pronunciation and identifies possible mistakes to learn the new language.

    In each of the recorded scenes, there will be a selected term that you will have to reproduce, so the activity will only continue after you finish the exercise. It is worth mentioning that this application of how to learn Korean is more suitable for those who already have knowledge and are looking for reinforcements, because Teuida does not provide teachings and tips, only activities.

    If you want an unadvertised version, you will need to use the premium app for R$27,90 per month, including extra activities. 

    10. spoke

    Last but not least, we have Falau, an app to learn Korean that you can download from the App Store and Play Store, on iOS and Android devices, respectively. With it, you will have a daily learning system, which can contain content lasting from ten minutes. 

    It is important to remember that, before starting to use it, the user needs to configure the app according to their goals, time available for practice, preferred topics and level of experience. Thus, the activity lists will be created in a personalized way for your profile. 

    The exercises are focused on the meaning of each word or term, in addition to the correct pronunciation of each one. If you liked it and want to have access to all classes, you must use the premium version with an annual cost of R$299,90.

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