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    How to learn English online for free: 15 best apps

    How to learn English online for free: 15 best apps

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 30, 2022 | Technology |

    Did you know there are ways to learn english online free? Currently knowing how to speak English has become increasingly necessary, whether to talk to people from other countries, read books, texts, articles, research or even watch movies and series with audio in English without the need for subtitles.

    Especially in the job market, having a second language can make a difference when being hired at a company. 

    According to a survey by Ethnologue in 2022, English is the most spoken language in the world, being used by more than 1.268 million people. Thus, there are many chances that you will need to speak English in your life, whether traveling abroad, whether with tourists in your city, in online chats and especially at work, at lectures, meetings and clients.

    Although there are options such as instant subtitles and translators, knowing English can make conversation easier, as well as making it much more natural. Not everyone has the time or money to take courses and learn English on their own.

    And if you're in this group, we've put together a list of apps and websites to learn English online for free now.

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    Sites to learn English online for free

    The options range from mobile apps to websites that offer help, free classes and tips. So, check out the list of 15 apps and websites to learn English online for free:

    1. English with Lingualeo

    The Lingualeo application is available for devices with Android, iOS and Windows Phone systems, in addition to being more focused on children's learning.

    How to learn English online for free: 15 best apps

    The app offers grammar exercises, thematic courses, more than 12 vocabulary training, articles, books in English, competitions with other users and other activities. 

    The app also allows you to track your performance and progress, developing skills such as speaking, writing and listening. The study will be completely based on your interests and not on some teacher's system. The premium and paid version of Lingualeo also offers extra features.

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    2. Duolingo

    Duolingo allows the user to learn not only the English language, but also to study French and Spanish, among other languages. According to information from the app itself in digital stores, 34 hours of study on the app is equivalent to a semester of study at the university.

    In addition, Duolingo can also be seen as a kind of game, since with each hit it earns points and with each mistake the user loses points. The platform's artificial intelligence allows teaching to constantly improve for learning.

    Duolingo is available on the Play Store for Android devices, on the App Store for iOS devices and also for Windows Phone.

    3 Babbel

    The Babbel app can be accessed on Android and iOS devices. It offers the opportunity to learn more than 13 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch and Indonesian.

    The app offers short, themed lessons, exercises to practice speaking, writing and listening, exercises to improve pronunciation and review activities that focus on fixing the taught content. 

    In addition, the app also offers grammar tips, more than 5 thousand language courses and an offline mode to study even without internet. To have access to the full content, you will need to make a paid subscription. However, some free content is available without a subscription.

    4. Voxy

    Voxy is compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones. When you sign in on a different device, the app automatically syncs with your account. In addition, the content is also updated periodically and students can study English with videos, recorded audios and even music lessons and updated news. 

    The app also has a premium version, which gives you access to multiplatforms, lessons updated daily, music lessons, private teachers and the possibility to monitor your development with unlimited access.

    If interested, Voxy is available on the Play Store and App Store.

    5. 50 languages

    Accessible on Android and iOS devices, the 50 languages ​​app will offer more than 100 lessons in different languages ​​and the possibility to download audios to listen to anywhere. By studying one lesson a day and repeating everything you have learned daily, you will be able to extract the full potential of the app.

    The available content can also work as a complement, in case the user has already taken a separate language course. More than 50 languages ​​are available to study, 3000 language combinations, such as: Portuguese to English, English to German, Spanish to Chinese and many other possibilities. 

    6. On the tip of the tongue

    Specifically for users of iOS devices from the App Store, the application makes the following languages ​​available for learning: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.

    How to learn English online for free: 15 best apps

    So, for those who want to learn English online for free, this can be a great option.

    na Ponta da Língua helps when formulating some everyday phrases and is great for those who are in a situation where they need to communicate but do not know the language.

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    7. MindSnacks

    Also only available for iOS devices on the App Store, this app has some variations focused on teaching Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish and French.

    However, MindSnacks is more suitable for those who already have a minimal knowledge of the language in question. It provides simple and fun exercises, as well as a methodology with simple words to facilitate the user's understanding. 

    8 Busuu

    Busuu, in addition to English, also offers teaching in Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Polish and Arabic.

    You can start classes at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. The app also serves as a review, in case you don't remember some expressions well, but you already know the language.

    Busuu offers a defined teaching plan, conversation with native speakers, vocabulary training, grammar review, certificates and even an offline mode for you to study without internet. In addition to online courses specific to the language of your choice.

    While you have access to some free features, most features are only available on the paid plan. However, you will have access to a completely free class as soon as you subscribe to Premium. The app is available for Android devices on the Play Store and on the App Store for iOS.  

    9. HiNative

    Also compatible with iOS and Android devices, HiNative is a kind of community that allows students to ask questions and answers with people from over 170 different countries.

    The application allows the user to upload audios and photos as a teaching tool, in addition to providing a pre-format of questions as a learning method and suggestions for places to travel and much more.

    HiNative also allows the user to train their pronunciation by talking to natives from different countries, having more than 120 languages ​​available in its database. The app is available in a free and paid version, with extra functions.

    10. Memrise

    Memrise is a platform suitable for those who have a beginner knowledge of a certain language and are just looking to improve their skills and knowledge. It helps users memorize and recall words, expressions and phrases, as well as train intonation and accent.

    But not only that. Memrise also allows interactions and collaborations between users, allowing for an exchange of knowledge and experiences. Each person who accesses the platform can develop exercises and make them available to the entire app community.

    It is worth mentioning that it is available for both Android and iOS devices.

    11. Forvo

    The main feature of Forvo is to be a dictionary focused on pronunciation. For conversation in Portuguese, the platform has five languages. However, Forvo pronunciations are in over 200 languages.

    How to learn English online for free: 15 best apps

    It is possible to register to have full language features on the platform, such as discussing and evaluating third-party pronunciations, following new pronunciations and added words, as well as downloading mp3 audios.

    However, you can also use Forvo without registration, but the features are limited. 

    You can also find travel location suggestions and useful phrases to communicate directly in over 25 languages, even without registration. The other possibility is also to search expressions and words by categories. You can access Forvo on your computer or download it to your smartphone on iOS and Android devices.

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    12. My English Online

    This is a tool created by Idioma sem Fronteiras (IsF), a program developed by the Ministry of Education (MEC) of the Federal Government. The student has interactive activities and online English classes available. The platform is completely free and online, and teaching is based on the MyELT language platform. 

    However, only a specific group of people can access the tool, they are:

    • Graduate and undergraduate students who are enrolled in accredited higher education institutions or other partner institutions of the IsF Program; provided that there is a partnership between the Department of Education and an IES accredited to the IsF,
    • Basic education teachers and employees of institutions registered with the IsF and partners. 

    The basic learning method provides videos, e-books, grammar and reading exercises, follow-up tests and oral activities. You can download the app from the Play Store or the App Store. 

    13. Mondly

    Perhaps one of the sites to learn English online for free and other most popular languages ​​in the world, Mondly can be accessed both on the computer, iOS and Android smartphones.

    You have access to content in a fun way, such as interactive games and games, which in addition to facilitating learning, encourage study. The platform contains more than 1300 daily learning lessons.

    14. Good English 

    Bom Inglês is a website to learn English online for free with complete free courses of up to 40 weeks, vocabulary, phrases and grammar for the user.

    Visual activities such as watching movies, using audio, forum to ask questions and interact with other members are also available. 

    15. Free English

    How to learn English online for free: 15 best apps

    Free English works more like a portal to learn English online for free.

    With information, tips and curiosities for the student to study alone, the portal does not work much as a course, but as a reinforcement. You can find help materials, vocabulary tips and phrases ready to be used in various situations.

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