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    How to know who has my WhatsApp number saved in contacts

    Knowing if a person has added their WhatsApp number in their phone contacts is in theory not possible. But some tricks allow you to find out when someone has saved your phone in the list or not. The tips are simple and do not require the installation of any application other than WhatsApp.

    For the photo and the last seen

    Can't see someone's profile picture on WhatsApp? So, yes, there is a chance that you are not on their contact list. After all, the messenger allows you to choose, in the settings, who will be able to view the image.

    In order to preserve privacy, it is common for users to choose to display it only to their contacts. If you don't see it, it's possible that you're not among them.

    The absence of the Last Seen information that appears in the chat window can also be a warning sign. To avoid monitoring when you were online, it is common to hide this data even from those in your cell phone schedule.

    If you can't see the photo or the last time the person used the app, chances are your number isn't saved. There is still the possibility that it has been blocked.

    But in this case, you need to be aware of other signs, such as the impossibility of sending messages. our guide 5 steps to find out if I've been blocked on WhatsApp show them all.

    By broadcast list

    The broadcast list is a WhatsApp feature that allows you to send a message to several people at the same time, but individually. That is, each receives it in the private chat window.

    For someone to receive messages from a broadcast list, they must have the sender's phone number added. Therefore, if what you ordered does not arrive, it is likely that your contact is not saved on that person's cell phone.

    At least 2 contacts are needed to create a list. So, to do a test, you can add the WhatsApp of who you want to find out and one more person and send something generic, like a Hi.

    We remind you that the content is received individually. Wait for a reasonable amount of time and then check whether or not the message was delivered.

    How to create a broadcast list


    1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots icon at the top right of the screen;

    2. In the menu that opens, go to New broadcast;

    3.Tap on the contacts in your list that you want to add to the broadcast. After including them all, tap on the green circle, with the check icon () to complete;

    4. Send the desired message.

    • If you prefer to send it later, the broadcast list will be available in the Conversations, like a regular chat window. Just tap on the list, compose the text or insert the media and send.


    1. Open WhatsApp and tap Transmission lists, at the top of the screen:

    2. Go in new list, at the bottom of the screen;

    3. Tap on the contacts you want to add to your list. complete in Create;

    4. Send the desired message.

    • If you prefer to send it later, the broadcast list will be available in the Conversations, like a regular chat window. Just tap on the list, compose the text or insert the media and send.

    How to see if content has been delivered

    After sending the message to the list, tap on it and hold for a few seconds to select it. Then, go to the three dots icon, located at the top of the screen on the right.

    Select option DATA in the menu that opens. On the next screen, it is possible to know who read and who received the message. If you are not in someone's contacts, the message will not appear as delivered.

    Don't forget to wait a bit after shipping to check it out. After all, the person can be without signal or with the cell phone turned off and, therefore, not have received.

    Pelo Status

    As well as the photo and Last seen, it is possible to choose in the settings who can see the Published Statuses. For privacy reasons, it is common for users to choose to display them only to their contacts.

    In that case, it's a little more difficult to find out. After all, you need to have someone in common among your contacts who will notify you when the person posts a Status and check whether or not it appears for you.

    If you can't see it, it's probably not added.

    Other questions about WhatsApp contacts

    Does the person know when they are deleted from WhatsApp?

    No, WhatsApp does not inform the contact that they have been deleted from your list. However, if the person does the above procedures, they may find that they are no longer added.

    Is it possible to know how my contact is saved?

    Natively, no. One trick to finding out how your contact is saved is to come up with some excuse to ask for a screenshot of your chat window. So, at the top of the image, you will see the name that was assigned.

    Why can't I add contacts with an international number?

    Tried to add a person who uses the phone from another country, but failed? It is likely that you entered the number incorrectly.

    You must enter the symbol of + in front of the country code (DDI). Depending on the location, there is also an area code (DDD), which must be entered before the cell phone number. If the contact is from New Jersey, United States, the DDI is 1 and the DDD is 862.

    Therefore, when adding the contact, you must enter the sequence +1 862 followed by the phone number. Rules may vary from one country to another, as there are nations that do not use the DDD. The number of digits in the mobile number also changes from place to place.

    Can I add someone even without their phone number?

    Yes, by the QR Code generated on your WhatsApp. For this, you need to scan the code, either in person or receiving the image. To find your QR, on Android, you must go to the three dots icon at the top of the screen on the right, and then click settings. Tap on the square icon next to your profile picture.

    On the iPhone, go to Settings and then the square icon. our article How to Scan QR Code in Whatsapp to Add Contacts shows how to use the feature.


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