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    How to get Razor Claw in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

    How to get Razor Claw in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus reimagines Sneasel as a Fighting/Poison hybrid with an all-new evolution. Sneasler, his Hisuian evolution, reflects his change of type with his ability to climb steep landscapes in different regions. However, it still uses the same evolution item as the Sneasels of the future: the Razor Claw. This mysterious claw evolves Hisuian Sneasel into Sneasler and, if you find one in a space-time warp, a regular Sneasel into Weavile. Here's everything you need to know about Razor Claw and how to evolve Sneasel with it.

    Where to find Razor Claw

    Razor Claws can be found at the Trading/Exchange Post

    Razor Claws mostly appear in stores or as drops. It's not easy to find a Razor Claw, but you can use one of these methods to earn one with a good old-fashioned grind. Any of them should work, although some are more convenient depending on your luck.

    • Buy with Merit Points in the Item Exchange: Trading Items sells Razor Claws for 1.400 Merit Points. Merit points mostly come from recovering lost backpacks, so keep searching for them until you have enough points for a Razor Claw. It's one of the most popular ways to get Razor Claw because it's in a fixed location.
    • Buy from Ginter at Jubilife Village: Ginter, one of the peddlers outside Galaxy Hall, sells expensive but valuable items to passersby. He changes the item every day, as in a full day and night cycle. Keep checking with him if he mentions a "Mystery Claw", which you can buy for 10.000 Poke. This so-called Mysterious Claw is actually the Razor Claw.
    Ginter likes to keep special products especially mysterious
    • Keep hitting Sneasels and wait for it like a drop: Wild Sneasels sometimes drop Razor Claws after being captured or defeated in battle. It is unclear what the exact percentage of the drop rate is. Some players report finding one right away or looking for a long time.
    • Space-time distortions: You can also find Razor Claws within space-time distortions. However, considering how drops and items can vary, it's not the most reliable way to find Razor Claws.

    Where to find Sneasel

    Sneasel appears in Alabaster Icelands and Coronet Highlands. Caution: These keen-eyed Pokémon attack on sight! Fortunately, you should have plenty of chances to catch them because of how common they are.

    How to evolve Sneasel with Razor Claw

    Sneasel Pokedex entry in progress

    Sneasel evolves into Weavile at night in Diamond and Pearl. However, Sneasler is different. It evolves during the day instead of at night. More specifically, Razor Claw will not appear as “compatible” with Sneasel until morning or noon. Wait for the sun to rise or talk to the Galaxy Team guard to rest until one of the mentioned times.

    So far, Razor Claw seems to only work on Sneasel. This isn't surprising considering that other evolution items like the Black Augurite, Metal Coat, and Peat Block also only work with a specific type of Pokémon. As mentioned earlier, Johto Sneasel can also appear in space-time distortions. You can evolve it into Weavile at night, just like in other modern era games.

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