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    How to find channels on Telegram plus 3 sites to search

    How to find channels on Telegram plus 3 sites to search

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 27, 2022 | Telegram | 1 comment

    Following Telegram channels is a great way to receive content and tips to stay updated in one place. And for that, learn how to find channels on telegram it is fundamental.

    There are channels on Telegram of the most varied themes and contents. So you can get the latest news on just about anything!

    And you can also create a channel on Telegram to keep your company's customers updated with the main news, send promotions and valuable content.

    Although Telegram is still not as well-known as WhatsApp, a major differentiator from zap's main competitor is that the user can search, find and join as many channels or groups as they want.

    And the best thing about having or wanting to join a channel is that you don't need to be invited or added by an admin to do so.

    On Telegram, you just have the link or use a search engine.

    Therefore, in today's post, we are going to teach you how to find channels on Telegram. Follow up!


    Before we teach you step-by-step how to find channels on Telegram, we need to point out that Telegram has two types of communication features, with the aim of exchanging information between its users: the group and the channel.

    We will explain more about each of them and what the difference is, below:


    Like WhatsApp, Telegram also makes it possible to create groups. Just as it works on “zap”, they can be used to share messages with family, friends or even small work teams.

    Telegram groups are exactly like a chat, with a capacity limited to 200 members, much larger than its biggest competitor, which only allows 256 participants.

    In Telegram groups, the history is unified, that is, whoever enters later can view all messages sent before entry.

    Groups are private or public. The difference between them is that you can't find private groups, as they don't appear in organic search. You can join by invitation only or added by an admin.


    Unlike groups, Telegram channels act as a vehicle for sharing content, news and news on a particular topic, focusing on a large audience.

    It would be something similar to a WhatsApp broadcast list, but the person does not need to have their number saved on their cell phone. Just sign up (enter) your Telegram channel.

    On Telegram there is no limit on subscribers, both for public and private channels.

    As with groups, the entire channel history is available for members to access, even those prior to their entry. Unless some admin deletes the post.

    Another differential of the Telegram channel is the possibility of configuring a bot to automatically send texts, links, photos and videos.

    On Telegram, you will be able to create a channel and have a group linked to it. Or, if you prefer, create just one channel or create a group.


    Now you know the difference between Telegram channel and group! If you already have the application installed and want to know the channels, we will teach you how to find channels on Telegram by searching:

    Step 1. in the tab of Chats, touch the search field (magnifying glass) of Messages or Users;

    Step 2. To find channels on Telegram, enter the keyword or main theme you want. If you already know the channel, search by name;

    Step 3. in option Search Global, your search results will appear, tap Show more;

    Step 4. Several channels will appear on the subject, as in the two examples we are looking for: marketing and lawyer;

    How to find channels on Telegram plus 3 sites to search

    Step 5. Click on the channel to access the messages published by the administrators and thus decide if you want to become a member of it (or not).


    As the search of the application itself is not very specific and does not bring all the results available, websites have emerged focused on helping you find channels on Telegram.

    We separate three page tips that show you how to find channels on Telegram. The websites are in English. Therefore, we suggest that you use your browser's Google Translate to help you.


    In Telegroups, you can search for various categories of groups or channels from all over the world. In addition to having the option of Search so that you can search for the desired subject.

    It still has 3 categories on the homepage that are worth a visit: Recently updated, Most popular e Tendencies.

    2. TLGRM.EU

    In it, you'll be able to find Telegram channels either through the search tool or using the categories available on the page.

    In addition, the site offers several packages on the Stickers tab to install on your Telegram. They have the same purpose as WhatsApp stickers.


    The best way to find Telegram channels on this site is by categories. But let's go ahead: they are diverse and of the most varied subjects.

    The differential of this site is that it informs if the link is from a channel or group. Or if it's both.

    Anyone who wants to promote their group or channel can subscribe to these sites mentioned above. Remembering that, if your channel is private, in order for it to appear on these pages, the administrator's authorization is required.


    Once you have learned how to find channels on Telegram, knowing how to join a channel on Telegram is even easier.

    Once you have accessed the channel, either via search or direct link, you will be able to view all messages sent. If you want to become a member and join the channel, just click Login at the bottom of the screen.

    If you don't want to receive notifications for every message sent by the channel, just tap the Mute button at the bottom of the screen.

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    A very important tip if you are thinking of creating a channel or group to promote your business: remember that, in order to appear in the Telegram search, it is necessary to have the keyword in the name of the channel or in the username.

    So, choose an easy word that conveys the main subject that will be addressed on the channel.

    Want a tip on how to find channels on Telegram that talk about digital marketing and social media? We made a list of the 13 best groups and channels to help you!

    Do you want to receive all the news here from the blog and marketing? Then join our Telegram channel!

    Now that you know how to find channels on Telegram, tell us in the comments: which channels or groups do you participate in and do you like the most?

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