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    How to enter Instagram with just the username?

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    How to enter Instagram with just the username?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 16, 2022 | Instagram | 1 comment

    Do you know how to enter instagram with only username? This is a very common question for users of the social network and it is important to have knowledge about the subject to know what to do in case of going through this situation.

    In this text we will cover the ways that exist to recover the password and the account. Among them we have the option to use the Instagram application itself or to obtain it through web browsers.


    An alternative is mSpy, a monitoring service with which it is possible to keep records of all the activities carried out on our device. By installing mSpy, we can save all the information we need to log into our account, as it allows us to save all screen and keyboard touches, helping us to remember what our access credentials were.

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    How to enter Instagram with only username?

    Initially we will teach you the most practical way to recover your password, which is through the application itself. Do you remember what it was like when you first created your Instagram account?

    To do this procedure on Instagram, you had to fill in some data for the registration and ensure the security of your account in case any such problem happened.

    Among the data filled in were your chosen username, password, email address and telephone number.

    In addition, there was the option to link your Instagram account with Facebook. This information is important for successful password recovery.

    But, without a doubt, the link with the Facebook account is the detail that makes the difference, because if you have not performed this part, Instagram does not grant access to the account.

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    How to recover Instagram through the app

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to enter Instagram with just a username through the Instagram App:

    Step 1.

    Enter the Instagram app or the official website. If you are using an Android phone, click on “Get help signing in”. But if the device is iPhone, tap on “Forgot password?”.

    In this part, the option to register by email or by phone number will appear.

    As in your case there is already an account, you must select the “Login” option, which is in the upper corner.

    Note: It is also possible to directly click on the “Continue as” icon to recover the account with Facebook only.

    Step 2.

    After that, you will be taken to the data filling screen.

    There is the option to enter your phone number or email address, which were provided when the Instagram account registration was performed.

    Choose one of them to fill in the blank and then click “Next”.

    Step 3.

    After providing this data, Instagram will recognize your account username.

    Now, it is only necessary to select the part written in blue “Continue as” followed by the username.

    After that, Instagram will work normally.

    Solve problems with password reset

    If you choose to reset your password via email and nothing arrives in your inbox, the first thing to do is check your spam filter.

    Confirm that a message has arrived in your spam and that the email has been typed correctly. If you entered the wrong email when you registered the account, Instagram does not allow you to access it.

    You can also contact your email service provider to see if you have any issues with receiving messages from the domain.

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    How to recover Instagram through browsers

    As explained above, if the user does not link the application with Facebook, the password reset cannot be performed.

    Therefore, we will present you with another alternative to recover your data.

    Check out the tutorial on how to enter Instagram with just a username through browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

    How to login to Instagram with just the username in Google Chrome

    There is a handy way to find all the passwords saved on your computer, so you can retrieve this information from previously accessed sites like Instagram.

    Step 1.

    In Google Chrome, just open a browser tab, look for the three dots symbol in the upper right corner and click on it.

    Then choose the “Settings” option.

    Step 2.

    From there, some items regarding Google Chrome settings will appear.

    Choose to click on “Autocomplete”.

    Step 3.

    On the next screen, just select the “Passwords” option.

    Step 4.

    Now you can find all the login and password data of the accessed sites. Notice the part where it is marked with a blue rectangle.

    In it, we have the list of sites in the first column, next to each of them is the username and more to the right we have the password. To have the site password appear for you, click on the eye symbol.

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    How to enter Instagram with just the username in Firefox

    Step 1.

    The task of getting the Instagram password through Firefox is even easier than through Google Chrome.

    You must open a Firefox tab and click on the three-dash symbol in the upper right corner. In this part, just select the “Passwords” option.

    Step 2.

    The next screen that appears is the one regarding your passwords. In the blue rectangle, you can find the sites and under them is the username used.

    If you want to know the password of one of these sites, just select the address inside this rectangle.

    In the tutorial example, the page chosen was The password for this site is below the username.

    For the password to appear, you need to click on the eye symbol.

    How to enter Instagram with just the username in Microsoft Edge

    Step 1.

    In the case of Microsoft Edge, you must also open a tab and look for the three dots symbol in the upper right corner.

    Click on this symbol and then choose the “Settings” option.

    Step 2.

    You will be directed to your profile page and you must select the part written “Passwords”.

    Step 3.

    This next screen refers to the passwords saved by Microsoft Edge.

    In the area outlined by a blue rectangle, you find the sites in the first column, next to it are the usernames and then the passwords.

    To find out which password was used, click on the eye-shaped symbol.

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