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    How to choose Facebook page category: 6 options to choose

    How to choose Facebook page category: 6 options to chooseHow to choose Facebook page category: 6 options to choose

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 10, 2022 | Facebook | 111

    If you have a page with your name on Facebook, you've definitely chosen a category for it. This is one of the first steps during the creation of the fanpage. But you know how to choose category facebook page of your business?

    Find out which categories Facebook has and the features available in each. That's right! Each category gets different features, that's why it's so important that you choose the right one.

    Your company must use the features tied to the categories to stand out from the competition and catch the public's attention.

    Oh! But you might be wondering: How do I change the category of my page? Rest assured, you can change the category at any time.

    How to choose Facebook page category: Options

    On Facebook, there are several categories and subcategories that you can choose from. Basically, Facebook is divided into 6 large blocks:

    1. Local Business or Place

    If you have a company that only operates in one city, this category is for you.

    It is perfect for restaurants, grocery stores, gift shops and for those who offer general services, for example.

    When creating an account in Local Business or Place, you can include the address with a zip code and also a phone number.

    2. Company, Organization or Institution

    If your business is considered large and your company has a state or national reach, this may be the best category for your Facebook page.

    It is divided into several sectors of the market and some of them can serve your branch.

    You can choose from: travel agency, automotive company, retail company, college or university, political organization and others.

    3. Brand or Product

    Now, if your focus is to promote a specific brand or product, choose this category.

    In it, you can focus on just one niche of the market, for example:

    • articles for pets;
    • Videogame;
    • Wine;
    • Travel bags.

    4. Artist, Band or Public Figure

    If you are a public person or work for someone who is, this category was created for you.

    The advantage of creating a page is that this person will have two different ways to use Facebook. You can use the profile to create personal publications and the page to promote your work.

    Singers, actors, politicians, presenters, dancers, teachers, athletes, bands and many other professions fall into this category.

    5. Entertainment

    TV shows, cinemas, libraries, music festivals, awards shows, series and several other forms of entertainment are part of this category.

    If your company fits into one of these types of business, you can choose Entertainment.

    6. Cause or Community

    To publicize an NGO, actions in your community or personal projects that fight for a cause, choose this option.

    It is the most correct for these cases and can help because it has the basic features so that you can reach many people with your project.

    Out of curiosity: according to the social network, the most popular categories are: personal blog, products/services, shopping and retail, and finally, health/beauty.

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    How to choose category Facebook page: Change category

    Do you already have a page, but identified here in the post that you are using the wrong category for your business? Don't worry: learn now how to change:

    Step 1. To get started, you need to open your page and click on Editar Page;

    Step 2. Now, click IPage information;

    Step 3. In the third step, click Category;

    Step 4. Then click on Add the Category Field;

    Step 5. Finally, enter a category for the app to find, then click Save.

    Okay, your business page had its category changed. To delete the previously filled category, simply click on the x icon.

    How to choose category Facebook page: Conclusion

    You can choose up to 3 subcategory options. If you have any questions about categories, please read Facebook's Terms and Policies for Pages.

    Choosing the right category will bring competitive advantages to your page. That is, your content will be better redirected. This makes even your Ads Manager more effective.

    Anyone who works with digital marketing knows how competition has increased and it is increasingly difficult to advertise on the internet. Therefore, information filled in correctly is essential to generate more results.

    Now we want to hear from you: what category do you use on your page? Are you using the most suitable category for your business?

    Share your experience here in the comments.

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