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    How to earn money on the Internet? 9 ideas to get started

    How to earn money on the Internet? 9 ideas to get started

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 26, 2022 | Entrepreneurship | 1 comment

    The internet can be a great asset to be used today and the possibilities on the net are practically endless. Access to it can be done through a computer, notebook, cell phone or even your watch, depending on the model. So the question remains: why not use it to make money? And how to make money on the internet?

    If you are unemployed, want to invest in other businesses or are simply unhappy with your current job, the solution to your problems may be closer than you think. When working on the internet you will face a lot of competition, but depending on how you are going to work, this competition may be less.

    You can also have a huge range of possibilities on the net and who knows, even find a niche that hasn't been explored much and become successful.

    We've separated some ways you can make this happen. Here are the top ways to make money online. Best of all, most, if not all, you start from your computer and/or cell phone. 

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    How to make money on the Internet 2022

    start a blog

    How to earn money on the Internet? 9 ideas to get started

    One of the many ways you can make money online using the internet is by creating a blog. Despite being a great option, a blog will not bring you an instant income. This will be a project that will need to be thought about in the long term. However, the freedom you will have with a blog, being able to work with the subjects you prefer and the way you prefer, can make the wait worth it. 

    Future profits on this platform can come from subscriptions, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, advertisements and other means. But you'll also need to have a taste for writing, as you'll need to know what to write and how to write to hook your reader. Over time, you will be able to better analyze what your readers are looking for using some tools, and thus adapting your blog to be more and more successful. 

    But remember, as stated earlier, you will not get a financial return right away. It will take a lot of dedication and patience until the money starts coming in. Although it takes this time, this may also be one of the most practical options, since you will only be using your computer.

    Become a digital influencer 

    How to earn money on the Internet? 9 ideas to get started

    If you already have a certain amount of followers on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can earn money by becoming a digital influencer. But if you don't have a lot of followers, that doesn't stop you from trying, you just need a little more work to get more.

    The earnings of those who work in this area can vary, but it is certain that over time, their profits can be extremely high. You could end up being sponsored by brands, startups, and big companies. Thus, you can earn a good amount with each publication. Just promote the brand and/or your products through photos, stories, captions or videos. 

    In addition, as you grow, you may also start receiving prizes, gifts or gifts. Most in exchange for some small disclosure on social media. While it will take a while to make a profit in this profession, you will have great potential to invest. And best of all, to get started you will only need your cell phone. 

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    Sell ​​courses

    If you have in-depth knowledge about an area or topic, you can use it to earn your income online. But you may be wondering: how to make money on the internet with my knowledge?

    Well, you can set up a course and sell it online. There are even platforms for you to do this, such as Udemy, a distance learning (EAD) platform for you to teach or learn about a certain subject.

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    You can create your own course and earn money on top of it. Just offer your services and expertise. But the platform also offers other course options, you can teach almost anything on Udemy. This is a great way on how to make money on the internet.

    However, nothing in life comes with a kiss, right? You may face competition on the platform. On Udemy alone, for example, you'll have more than 80 courses available. To make money with yours, it will depend on your quality of teaching and dedication to it.

    Even with this fierce competition, it is worth considering a course sale as a source of income and as a use for your knowledge.

    Become an Amazon Affiliate

    How to earn money on the Internet? 9 ideas to get started

    Image: Amazon

    If you are just starting out on the internet and want to make money, becoming an Amazon affiliate can be a good decision. Signing up and joining the team is completely free, and you won't need any approval or review to do so. So, the way to become an Amazon affiliate is simple and easy.

    If you don't know what an Amazon affiliate is, just check out this description on the company's own affiliate website: "The Amazon Associates program is an affiliate marketing program that allows website and blog owners to create links and get paid when people click on links and buy a product on”.

    In the Amazon model, you publicize your link on a blog, social networks, among friends…

    When someone clicks on the link and is forwarded to Amazon, if the person makes the purchase within 24 hours, your commission can be 15% on top of the value. This is because you have made an advertising space available to Amazon within your channels.

    Remember the aforementioned option of creating a blog? You can even combine these two alternatives, and with the right marketing strategy, you can make a good income out of it. Everything will depend on the way you organize yourself to combine the two jobs and take the opportunity to answer the question of how to make money on the internet.

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    Build an online store

    One of the many options available on the internet to make money is through e-commerce, the famous virtual stores. Although you need to have an initial cost to set up your store, with the products and website creation, the investment can be well worth it. If you know how to work with the virtual store, the financial return you will get can be huge.

    The creation of your e-commerce can be done through platforms such as WordPress or Shopify, which allow you to open your online store with a certain ease. It is worth remembering that it will be important to organize things such as the products that will be sold and that will be in stock, in addition to your delivery logistics. 

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    A tip is to buy several of these products abroad, cheaper, through sites like AliExpress or Shopee. If you are skilled and want to assemble your own products, this can be an interesting alternative, as you can also charge extra for the manual work you will have. But it is worth noting that you will have a greater expense with equipment and assembly materials. 

    In addition, you always have the option, related to the sale of products, of being able to sell them on Amazon. You will have a huge choice of products to sell, in addition, Amazon itself offers Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), a service that makes sales possible. It is worth mentioning that you will only have to choose the products, since the shipping, packaging and storage are Amazon's responsibilities. 

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    Publique e-books no Kindle

    How to earn money on the Internet? 9 ideas to get started

    If you are a writer or are interested in starting to write, a great alternative to earn extra money is to publish your books on Kindle. For those who don't know, Kindle is Amazon's digital book platform. You can publish your books on the Kindle platform and rely on Amazon's full support to collect sales and deliver the e-books. 

    With this option, you won't need to spend money on publishers or on printing books for publication, you'll take care of that yourself. The creation process, if you wish, will be entirely yours. From writing, editing, proofreading, designing and creating the cover, you can do it all. But of course, the latter will require some skills in image editing and production programs.

    But just like the examples mentioned above, this one will also have a lot of competition, precisely because of the ease of publication. So, not only will you need to have a good story to sell, but also a good marketing strategy to outperform your competitors. 

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    Sell ​​videos and images

    How to earn money on the Internet? 9 ideas to get started

    If you are a photographer or have skills in this area and the necessary equipment, you can earn good money just by selling your work. Blogs, websites, and stock photos can be great places to sell your photos and videos. But of course they will need to be of good quality, after all, no one would buy an image or video where they can't see anything, right?

    Among the advantages of starting to work with this are the possibility to start earning money online fast, you will not need special training or dependence on third parties. In addition, you will also be able to sell the same photo multiple times.

    But it is worth mentioning that each purchase platform has its own rules and fee that it is willing to pay. And to have more chances, try to sell photos and videos of different scenarios and situations. Among the places you can sell are: GettyImages, Dreamstime and Adobestock, as well as many others. 

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    Site tests

    How to earn money on the Internet? 9 ideas to get started

    If you have knowledge about websites, you can make money off of it. All you need to do is test sites and give your feedback to the developers. While this serves more as an extra income than a livelihood, it's still a good option. 

    If you're interested, the first thing you need to do is look for testing platforms to sign up and connect with customers. Among the ones you can choose from are UserZoom or UsabilityHub. You will receive instructions on what you need to do and what you need to test, just do what was asked and receive your money.

    However, to work with this you will need some objects or programs on your computer. You will need a microphone, obviously a device connected to the internet and, depending on the client, a program to capture your computer screen while you test the site. 

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    manage social networks

    Taking care of social media may not be a priority for many companies out there, and that could be good for you. Because they are very busy with their daily work, taking care of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks ends up not being a prominent job.

    So, not to worry too much about it, many of these companies are willing to pay someone to take care of just that. If you are one of those people who understands social networks, you can earn good money managing the same ones of these companies.

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    The work can be carried out entirely remotely, if the company does not require face-to-face work. All you will need to do is take care of your time, to meet all the demands received, have a cell phone, computer or notebook connected to the internet and that's it, you'll have the money in your account with just that.

    Did you like the tips on how to make money online? There are many other ways to make extra income and you can start with few resources.

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