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    How to earn Robux for free? Check out our best tips

    How to earn Robux for free? Check out our best tips

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 1, 2022 | Technology | 1 comment

    Do you know the possible ways on how to earn Robux for free for the Roblox platform and website? There are a few ways you can use it, so you don't have to buy Robux. So, today we separate some tips for you to know how to earn Robux for free, however, before checking this out, it is important to understand what Robux is, as many may not know.

    In this post, in addition to knowing how to earn Robux for free, we also separate an explanation of what Robux is, how this currency works, the ways you can buy it and how the Roblox platform was created and gained the wide reach it currently has. So, without further ado, here's how to get free Robux and more details about the currency and the platform.

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    What is Robux?

    With technological and digital advancement, it is also expected that other areas and things will evolve, and this happens with the emergence of new currencies. Thus, the world is not only dealing with physical money, but also has more options with digital currencies.

    Among these new digital currencies, we now have and can highlight what at the moment came to be known and called cryptocurrencies. A platform called blockchain is used to create and move cryptocurrencies. 

    Robux works very similarly to cryptocurrencies, being digital currencies that work through the platform called Roblox. This is basically a game platform, where you can download it for free on xbox's, computers, android and iOS system phones. 

    The tool belongs to the company Roblox Corporation, which also takes care of and is responsible for the development of the platform. As of this writing, it contains more than 15 million games available, including RPG's, simulators and even battle royale. 

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    How does robux money work within the Roblox platform?

    Before we check out how to get free Robux, we need to understand how it works. Working like any other gaming platform, where to perform certain actions such as buying new clothes, improving your character, buying equipment, etc., Roblox requires an amount of money.

    So, in the real world, the player can move coins through small bank transactions, in the game world, this is done through Robux, where the game's coins on the platform will be acquired with transactions in the real world.

    Due to these characteristics, we can already see the similarities between Robux and cryptocurrencies. While we have Robux that only serves to improve the player's account, cryptocurrencies can also acquire monetary power in the real world, being able to carry out banking transactions and purchases, for example. 

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    Why is Robux so successful?

    Roblox users and those who use the Robux digital currency follow a pattern that everyone also follows in real life, seeking to differentiate themselves from other players, seeking to be unique within that world of online games. 

    Thus, performing small micro banking transactions within the game can end up providing you with the Robux necessary to improve your character more and more, since you need this currency to perform practically all functions and buy within Roblox.

    It is important to note that whether or not you know how to earn Robux for free, the currency used on the platform for transactions and which is displayed to users, which would be equivalent to Robux, is not the Real, but the Dollar. 

    Even with the currency used in transactions being the dollar, you don't need an international card to move money in your account. So that the user can use the Roblox platform in a more comfortable way, it is also possible to carry out bank transactions through boletos, prepaid cards, credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

    After choosing your payment method to purchase Robux, the platform itself shows the amount already converted to the national currency, the Real. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the value will also include taxes and other possible necessary fees.

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    What are the 4 ways to buy Robux?

    Image: Tecnoblog

    In case you can't or don't want to know how to earn Robux for free, another possibility is to buy the digital currency in several possible ways, more specifically, 4 ways. So, below we list these 4 ways to buy Robux:

    • first form: The first way you have to buy Robux is using the game app, whether on your mobile device, through the game on xbox or even on your computer. The game itself has the necessary tab for you to make purchases, so just select the desired amount and complete the purchase. 
    • Second way: You already know the signature format, right? Whether they are monthly, semi-annual, annual, etc., they are widely used by streaming services. The Roblox platform also has a subscription service, and it appears to be much more convenient than making separate purchases. With it, every month you will receive a certain amount of Robux, depending on your subscription plan. But logically, you will have to pay periodically to keep your subscription
    • third form: If you're into sales and crafting, then another way to buy Robux is actually trading. You can sell or create clothes (skins) for the platform. So, part of the income you would have would be turned into Robux for you to use.
    • fourth form: The fourth way also involves creation, only this time of games, working in a very similar way to the one mentioned above. However, there is a differential, and here the days played will be charged with an entry fee into the world created for that particular game. So, part of that money you would earn for your game ends up being turned into Robux. 

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    Free Robux: How to get free Robux?

    Now it's finally time to talk and explain how to get free Robux. However, it is important to make it clear that when we say that we are going to teach you how to earn Robux for free, we are talking about ways that will not require your money, that is, no bank transactions are required.

    However, within the platform you will need to perform work of some kind to receive your prize, working more like an exchange. Now that this is clear, check out how to earn Robux for free, and of course, you need to have an account, otherwise you need to create one:

    1- Sale of game accesses and passes

    The first way you can learn how to earn Robux for free is by selling passes and game access within the platform. Passes end up functioning as special objects that also offer players some gifts, such as clothes, vehicles, powers and many others.

    Accesses work to allow users to play games that would normally be paid for. Thus, both accesses and passes do not require a premium account from players and you will be able to create them for free even using the free plan. 

    The difference between the free plan and the premium plan is the time to receive the value of Robux, as players who use the free plan can only acquire 10% of the value earned from Robux from sales, while premium subscribers will receive about 76 % of value.

    Furthermore, passes and accesses cannot be sold for amounts above XNUMX Robux. Thus, you will earn the digital currency as part of the sale value of the benefits we mentioned. 

    2- Sale of clothes

    As mentioned above, the sale of skins (clothes) also allows you to earn free Robux, but this option works a little differently from the sale of access and game passes. 

    To know how to earn free Robux by selling skins, you need to know that only users who have a subscription can sell clothes. In addition, the sale can only occur within the game that the skin is used, and cannot be sold in general and involving other games. 

    After you make the sale, the amount will be pending for a maximum of 3 business days, after which it will be deposited as Robux in your user account on the Roblox platform. Also, it is worth mentioning that premium subscription users will receive a higher percentage of Robux from sales than others. 

    3- Creating games that attract advertisers

    And last but not least among the ways to earn Robux for free, we have the possibility to create games. However, to use this option, the user must know that their created games need to attract a lot of attention, and may even be appealing, creative and eye-catching, especially for children.

    This is required as advertisers will increasingly want to carry out in-game ads when they meet these criteria, thus reaching more and more audiences and potential customers. 

    However, some other requirements need to be followed in the created game, so you developer who wants to use this way to know how to earn Robux for free, we separate these requirements according to the Roblox platform itself:

    • Well updated and very flashy design;
    • Avoid titles that have popular brands or violence of any kind;
    • It is essential that the game has no problems of resourcefulness and runs perfectly;
    • The game needs to have an average access of 200 thousand monthly, thus being well known among users. 
    • You need to avoid whistleblower stories in the game narrative;
    • Users need to be well served, so they must be answered quickly within the game. 

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