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    How to download video from Instagram? Feed, stories and highlights

    How to download video from Instagram? Feed, stories and highlights

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 15, 2022 | Instagram |

    You know when you come across a cute or funny video and you really want to share it with someone? On Instagram this task is not very easy. But today we are going to give you alternatives how to download video from instagram, without you wasting hours to do this.

    Downloading a video on Instagram is not difficult only if you are the author of that video. Otherwise, the application has not yet provided the feature to download content from other pages.

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    But, if you follow some humor profiles, you must have noticed that the same video appears on several pages. How is this possible? How can video content spread so quickly?

    The answer is simple: These pages use external tools to copy and replicate these contents, most of the time, other applications.

    Let's talk about which tools can be used in the process of how to download video from Instagram. But before that, let's show you what other possibilities there are on how to download Instagram videos.

    How to download video from Instagram: Your videos

    As we said, when you use the application to record a video, it becomes easier to download this content. Which makes perfect sense, since you're the author of that production.

    For example, when you make a Stories and give up publishing the recording, but you would still like to store what you were able to record, no problem!

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    In the top menu of editing your video, you will have a symbol (drawing an arrow down) that represents the download of the recorded content. By clicking on this symbol, the video will automatically be downloaded and stored in your mobile gallery.

    With this, you will be able to delete or give up your publication and you will have access to the video later, even so.

    But what if you already published your Story and now you want to save the video made in it? No problem! Just click on the three ready ones, in the lower corner of your cell phone screen and then click on SAlvar Video.

    All content saved from Instagram Stories, or even from your feed, will be saved in your gallery. There will be a folder called Instagram just for videos, and another with the same name, but just for images.

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    How to download video from Instagram: Download your videos automatically

    Now, if you want to store all your Instagram posts automatically on your phone, that's also possible!

    There is an option in your account settings which allows you to store both photos and videos in your phone's gallery. That is, the published content, after the edits made by you, will be available in your files. Here's where you can use this option:

    Step 1. Access your Instagram profile;

    Step 2. Click on the sandwich menu in the upper right corner;

    Step 3. Go in settings;

    Step 4. Get in Cshame;

    Step 5. Please click Original Publications;

    Step 6. Activate the desired options.

    Ready! Now, everything you post on your social network will be automatically saved on your mobile device.

    How to download videos from Instagram on Android

    Now, if the goal is to download content from another page, it will not be possible without the help of an external tool. Below we will list two tools that you can use:

    With this feature, you can download videos from both Instagram and Facebook. In addition, you can also download videos from YouTube and various other networks.

    And best of all, it's free. This app is available for Android devices.

    How to download video from Instagram on iPhone


    This website allows you to download videos and also download photos from Instagram on mobile or computer. It allows you to download Instagram videos on iPhone, Android and PC without any problems.

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    To use, just copy the post link, using your cell phone or desktop and paste it into the tool. The file is downloaded in MP4 on your computer or mobile phone.

    How to download Instagram video on PC?


    Instawload is a tool that operates directly from the browser. With it, you can download Instagram videos on PC without having to install anything.

    It does not limit its use by download number, that is, you can use the same IP as many times as necessary. See how easy it is to use this tool:

    Step 1. Copy the link of the video you want to download;

    Step 2. Open or site Instawload;

    Step 3. Paste the video link in the bar indicated on the site and then press enter;

    Step 4. A preview of the video you want to download will appear. Press the green button with the download option;

    Step 5. Another screen will open with the video. Under the video, in the lower left corner, click on the three dots;

    Step 6. Click download.

    That's it, you've just learned how to download Instagram video on mobile or computer.


    Another tool that helps in the task of how to download Instagram videos on PC is Ingramer. Also running online, just copy the URL of the video or photo and paste it into the tool.

    In addition to Instagram, with it you can also download videos from Facebook, Twitter, IGTV and Stories. The problem is that there are limits to downloading from some channels.

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    How to download Instagram Stories?

    If you published the story, downloading it is very simple. The only detail is that you need to do this before 24 hours it's on the air.

    There are two ways to download your stories. One is to download them separately and another is to make a video of all your stories for the day. To download your Instagram stories, follow these steps:

    Step 1. Go to the first story you posted and tap “More” in the bottom right corner.

    Step 2. Then tap on “Save…”

    Step 3. Tap “Save Photo” to save just that story. If you want to create a video with all your stories to download, choose “Save Story”.

    How to download other people's Instagram Stories?

    [Android] Story Saver para Instagram

    This Android app is one of the alternatives for those who want to download other people's Instagram Stories. Reading the reviews, there are positive and negative ratings about it. It's worth testing and seeing if it works for you.

    [iPhone] Story Reposter

    If you use iPhone, one way to download other people's Stories on Instagram is with this app. As always, there are positive and negative reviews. Test and see if it meets your needs.

    [Desktop] Instawload 

    Desktop features usually work better than apps. This is the case with Instawload. With it, just put the @ of the profile you want to download the stories that it shows the videos or images posted.

    How to download Instagram highlight videos?


    With Instawload, you can also download Instagram highlights videos. In our test, however, it didn't identify all the highlights. But, it's worth the test to see if it can meet your needs.

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    Other ways to share your Instagram videos

    If your goal is not to know how to download video from Instagram, but just to promote or share content that you think is cool, the process can be even simpler.

    For that, there is no need to download Instagram video. You can just forward the video via direct, as a private message, within the social network itself.

    There is also the possibility to share on other social networks, such as WhatsApp. To do this, just copy the video link and paste it in the messenger, to whomever you want to share.

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    Remembering that in this last option, the video will only be shared if the page where it was published is as an open profile.

    The cool thing about sharing via WhatsApp is that everyone can watch the content, even those who don't have an Instagram account.

    Conclusion: How to download Instagram videos?

    After this post, I believe it became easy to know how to download video from Instagram. In addition to feed content, you can also download videos and posts in Stories and Highlights.

    Remembering that the best tool options to download Instagram videos end up being the ones that work in your browser.

    After downloading Instagram videos, stories or highlights, you can use Facebook Creation Study to post to your Instagram using your computer.

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