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    How to Download GIF from Twitter on Android, iPhone and PC

    Downloading GIFs from Twitter is fast and easy. In the web version of the service, there is no need to download any app to save the file on Android, iOS or PC. Just copy the URL and go to the SaveTweetVid website.

    Those who don't give up the social network application, don't have to worry. shows you two compatible programs and how to save your favorite animated images.

    Also check out suggestions for the best tools to increase your GIF gallery and even create your own files

    How to download GIFs from Twitter without using app (online)

    To carry out the process below, it is necessary to access Twitter through a computer or mobile browser. The solution does not work for links copied from the social network app. It can also be used to download videos from Twitter.

    1. Access the Twitter website from your smartphone or PC browser. If you are not logged in, log in to your account;

    2. When you find the tweet with the GIF you want to save, on the cellphone, tap on the share icon located below the image. On the computer, click on the last icon below the image, an up arrow;

    3. No menu to open, opt for Copy link to Tweet;

    4. Now, open a new tab and access the SaveTweetVid website. Paste the link in the highlighted box and go to Download;

    • To paste the link on your mobile, tap on the box and hold for a few seconds. Then you will see the option Necklace.

    5. On the next screen, click on Download Gif;

    6. Wait for the process to complete and click again Download;

    7. On mobile, the GIF is saved in the default download folder, while on the computer, the user defines in which folder the content should be saved.

    How to download GIF from Twitter on Android (app)

    To download Twitter GIFs via the social network app for Android, we recommend the Tweet2gif app.

    1. Download the Tweet2Gif app on your Android phone;

    2. Then, open the Twitter app. When you find the tweet with the GIF you want to download, tap on the share icon, located below the image;

    3. In the menu that opens, go to Copy link;

    4. Now open the Tweet2Gif. Paste the copied link in the place where it says URL and go to Download GIF;

    • To paste the link, tap on the screen and hold for a few seconds. Then you will see the option Necklace.

    5. A progress bar will appear, through which you can follow the procedure to be completed. The file will be saved in the folder Tweet2Gif.

    How to Download Twitter GIF on iPhone (App)

    If you want to download animated GIFs from the Twitter app on your iPhone (iOS), our suggestion is the GIFwrapped app.

    1. Download the GIFwrapped app;

    2. Open the Twitter app and, in the tweet with the GIF you want to download, tap on the up arrow icon below the image;

    3. No menu to open, opt for Share Tweet by and then go to Copy link to Tweet;

    4. Then, open the GIFWrappe app. Paste the link in the search bar and go to Search;

    5. Wait for the process to complete and then tap the up arrow icon in the lower left corner of the screen;

    6. Finish the download in option Save Image do menu do iPhone.

    Websites and apps to download GIFs

    For those who love to make conversations and posts even more fun with GIFs, the more options for downloading files of this genre, the better. To make your collection even bigger, we indicate some sites and apps to download and create your own GIFs.

    1. Giphy

    One of the biggest GIF libraries on the internet, Giphy also lets you create and share your own animated files. You can find the perfect image for your post by typing your desired term into the search bar. Or by exploring the categories into which they are separated.

    If you want to use the GIF creation tool, you will need to create an account on the service. Then, you can use a video file from your computer or a link to content from YouTube, Vimeo and other similar platforms as raw material.

    • Giphy (free): Android | iOS | web

    2. Make a GIF

    Make a GIF is a site more focused on the production of GIFs. But that doesn't mean that the platform doesn't offer a rich library of images. The user can find the item they want by typing the related term or tag in the search bar on the home page.

    Easy to use, the service allows you to create GIFs from photos, videos from gallery, YouTube, Facebook or webcam. If you already have an image ready, you can also make it available for others to use.

    The creation tool is very complete. User can choose file quality and start and end period within a video. The GIF playback speed and time must also be set.

    It is not necessary to create an account to produce, but it is possible to join a premium plan to remove watermarks, make HD content, among other benefits.

    • Make a GIF (free with paid plan option): Web

    3. Tenor

    Tenor has a web version, where it provides a rich library, and another for mobile devices, in the form of a GIF keyboard. On the site, the user simply searches for the desired term to find a wide variety of images. If you want, you can also export GIFs created by you on another platform.

    The edition for Android and iPhone is the Tenor GIF Keyboard. The app makes it possible to use this file type in different programs (that support the format). Among them, iMessage, SMS messages, among other options. The user can also save the link of a file to paste wherever they want.

    • Tenor (free): Android | iOS | web


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