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    How to download subtitles from YouTube videos online on mobile and PC

    You can download YouTube video subtitles online for free. The feature is available for both auto-generated transcripts and those added by content creators.

    explains how to download subtitles online and manually. Also check how to download the file in .sbv, .vtt and .srt formats of your own videos hosted on the platform.

    The functionality can be useful for taking notes from educational videos or watching the movie on an offline player.

    Attention: Be aware of YouTube copyright. Downloading and playing video files without the creator's authorization is considered a crime by our country's legislation.

    How to download YouTube subtitles online

    There are a number of websites that offer the option to download YouTube video subtitles. chose the DVDVideoSoft solution because of the customization tools that the service provides. You can use it on both PC and mobile, using the browser of your choice.

    1. First, go to the YouTube website and copy the link of the video that has the subtitles you want to download;

    • If you're using the YouTube app on your phone, tap the arrow icon (Share) below the player and choose Copy link;

    2. Now, go to DVDVideoSoft YouTube Online Subtitle Downloader website. Paste the link in the box where it says Insert YouTube link here. Then press the button Download;

    3. The site automatically generates a file for you to download. However, don't download it at this first moment and close the window;

    4. Scroll the screen to see the editing features. Go in Interval if you don't want to download the complete subtitle, but only a part of it, indicate the start and end time;

    5. Already the item time stamp offers the following options:

    • Remove time stamps: removes the timestamp. This option is useful for those who just want the text and not use subtitles in a player.
    • Original timestamps (for each phrase): keeps the original timestamp. It is the most suitable for those who want to use the file as a subtitle in an offline video player.
    • Customized timestamps every: Offers time stamp customization by entering it every 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes.

    6. If you want, you can proofread the text on the website itself, before downloading. Just correct as you prefer in the section preview;

    7. After all the edits have been made, choose the format in which you want to save the file. You can download as .srt (subtitle format), .txt or copy. If you choose to remove the timestamp in step 4, the .srt option will not be available.

    How to download YouTube subtitles manually

    If you want, you can extract the subtitle text manually on YouTube, either generated automatically or by the author of the video. The process is quite simple and requires the use of a text editor. The following tip only works in browser on PC.

    1. Open the browser of your choice, access YouTube and go to the video that contains the desired subtitle;

    2. Click on the three dots icon located below the player. opt for open transcript;

    3. The box with the transcript of the content will open on the right side of the player. By default, it is displayed with the timestamp. If you want to remove it, click on the three dots icon above the box and go to Show or hide date and time;

    4. Now select all the text and copy (via keyboard shortcut Crtl+C);

    5. Paste the text in the editor of your choice and make any changes you think are necessary.

    How to download YouTube subtitle of your own video

    If you choose to use YouTube Studio to subtitle your own videos, the platform offers the option to download the file created by you natively. That is, it is not necessary to resort to any third-party app or website.

    Files are available in .sbv, .vtt and .srt formats.

    1. Open YouTube Studio and, if you are not logged in, log into your account on the platform. Then click on Videos, in the menu located on the left side of the screen;

    2. Hover over the video you want to add subtitles to. When the pencil icon appears, click on it;

    3. Under Video Details, go to the tab More options;

    4. Scroll to the Original Video Language, Subtitles and CC section. If you manually composed the caption, there may be more than one option available. Click on the one you want to use (manual or automatic) and go to Edit in Creator Studio Classic;

    5. Please click Share and under Download, choose the subtitle format. Save the file in the folder of your choice.

    How to automatically subtitle a YouTube video

    YouTube video copyright

    Publishing third-party content without their authorization can be considered a crime. The YouTube Help Center reports that in many countries, "when a person creates an original work that is displayed on a physical medium, they automatically own the copyright to the work."

    However, there are cases that may fall under what is called Acceptable Use. They are those that can be used without the prior authorization of the author. In the United States, for example, reproducing works of commentary, analysis, research, teaching or reporting may be considered acceptable by the authorities.

    They may also be so when the use is not for commercial purposes and if the reproduction has an educational purpose. Also according to YouTube, if the material is factual and not purely fictional, the chances of its use being taken as justifiable increase. The platform also lists the myths of fair use. Are they:

    • "If I credit the copyright owner, my use will automatically be deemed acceptable";
    • "Uses for 'entertainment' or 'non-profit' are automatically acceptable";
    • "If I add original materials created by me to someone else's copyrighted work, my use is acceptable."

    Detailed explanations on the Acceptable Use issue of third-party work can be found on the What is Fair Use? page created by YouTube itself. It is worth remembering that each country has its own legislation, which must be respected.


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