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    How to create Facebook Offer Ads with promo codes

    How to create Facebook Offer Ads with promo codesHow to create Facebook Offer Ads with promo codes

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 2, 2022 | Facebook | 13

    Did you know that you can create Facebook offer ads with discounts and promotional codes for your customers?

    Here's how it works: a person will see the offer in their News Feed. Depending on how you set up the offer, that person can use a promotional code to purchase a product online or show up at an establishment to use the discount.

    This is a great strategy to attract customers to a physical store. You impact potential customers through Facebook and make them come to your physical establishment to earn discounts, for example. If you have a physical store and want to know more ways to attract people to the place, watch this video.

    After a person claims an offer, they will receive Facebook notifications reminding them to use the coupon before the offer expires.

    A nice insight: when people claim deals and walk past the store, they receive a Facebook notification — alerting them that they are close to the store and that they have coupons for deals.

    It's a lot of opportunity attract more customers for your establishment!

    Check out how to create your offers on Facebook!

    How to create Offer Ads on Facebook

    There are two ways to create offer ads on Facebook. One is directly from the home screen of your page and the other is through the Ads Manager.

    How to create offer ads on Facebook directly from the page

    To create Facebook Offer Ads from the Page:

    1. On the home screen of your Facebook page, click the icon Create an offer ou create an offer.
    2. A screen like the one below will open:
    3. In the message field, tell people about your offer. write the promotional text in that field.
    4. set a date for the offer to expire on the calendar.
    5. add one photo to make your Facebook offer ad more attractive.
    6. Define where people can redeem the offer: if it's directly on your shop or in a way online and. If you choose online, you need to add the website URL.
    7. Please click + Add promotional code if you want to generate a discount code.
    8. Please click + Add terms and conditions. This function is optional, but it is important that you write and record the important rules and legal details of your offer.
    9. Please click Publish to post your Facebook offer ad directly to your page.

    Important: It is worth remembering that offers on Facebook must follow the social network's commerce policy. Click here to read the policies.

    How to create offer ads on Facebook using Ads Manager

    To create Facebook Offer Ads via Manager or Power Editor:

    1. Select campaign objectives Traffic ou Conversions. Offer options appear for these two purposes only.
    2. If the chosen objective is Traffic, choose where you should redirect access: in your website or Messenger.
    3. If the chosen objective is Conversions, choose the website to be promoted and conversion pixel from Facebook.
    4. After choosing the objective, an option to Offer will appear on the screen. click to activate.
    5. Choose the page you want to create the offer and click on the button create offer.
    6. A form like this will open:
    7. Fill in each of the options, adding title, offer details, start and end date, etc.
    8. go following the preview on the right side.
    9. Click on the button Create to create the offer.
    10. Then the ad creation screen will reappear. You can choose the Public, Os Positionsthe Get a quote and Programme of your offer.
    11. Em Media, select the desired ad format and promotional images for the offer.
    12. After customizing the creative, click Make a wish to submit the ad to Facebook.

    Now just start creating offers for your customers. This is a very interesting strategy for those who have a physical store and want to attract people to the establishment.

    By creating an offer ad on Facebook where people can redeem this coupon only at the store, the chances of the person coming to your establishment are greater.

    Did you like the tutorial? Now tell us in the comments: what will be your strategies for using this Facebook Offer Ads feature in your business?


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