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    How to create application without knowing programming? 7 amazing tools

    Creating an application from scratch is possible even without having any programming knowledge. There are several programs online, with free and paid plans, that offer the tools you need to make an app the way you need it. To make it easier, has selected 5 services to create apps that you can try! Who knows, maybe your idea will become one of the most downloaded on the people's smartphones?

    Check below the main platforms for creating apps for Android and iOS.

    1. FabApp - Application Factory

    How to create application without knowing programming? 7 amazing tools

    O FabApp - Application Factory is an online app creation program that offers both free and paid package options. According to the creators of the service, it is possible to create an app in 5 steps.

    The first would be to register for free on the platform, then choose the name of the project. Then customize the app, from design to content, to make it look just like you.

    The fourth step would be to publish the app. The fifth is its maintenance, including new features, according to the needs of its customers. To create your app, the platform offers a very intuitive editor, with a layout that can be used by anyone without any knowledge of design and programming.

    How to create application without knowing programming? 7 amazing tools

    If the user wants to join the free version, his application will have the FabApp advertisement. There is also a limit of 50 pages, 1GB of local storage and 1GB monthly transfer limit.

    Also, the free package only allows you to create a program for Android. If you also want to make an iPhone version, you will need to subscribe to the paid version. This edition guarantees even more storage space and higher transfer limit, as well as other more complete features.

    2. Easy Easy Apps

    O Easy Easy Apps is a paid online application creation program, which also does not require any programming knowledge. The service offers ready-made templates and the first step is to choose one of them.

    How to Create Apps with Easy Easy Apps

    Then the user needs to choose the name and choose a category for the application. Then it's time to create the program, configuring the navigation and images, as well as adding content and functionality. So just publish.

    All Easy Apps packages are paid. The cheapest, Economic, does not support creating apps for iPhone, only Android. This edition also embeds the developer's branding into the app, as well as offering no push notification or access to statistical data.

    3. GoodBarber

    How to create application without knowing programming? 7 amazing tools

    O Goodbarber is a service that is also well known when it comes to creating apps. With more than 40 million apps downloaded per year, the company is proud of the feedback it receives from users, which helps in the process of continuous improvement of its services.

    No wonder: there are more than 500 resources available for creating your application. Among them, some highlights are:

    • Push notifications;
    • Content Manager;
    • Chat;
    • Standing cart;
    • Payment in one click.

    With the items offered by GoodBarber, your app can be fully customized according to your needs. Whether selling products or offering photos and stories to your audience, there are Standard, Full and Premium plans, which vary in price depending on what you need.

    And you can try the full service for free for up to 30 days.

    4. WebRobot Apps

    How to create application without knowing programming? 7 amazing tools

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    O WebRobot Apps is an online app creation tool that offers ready-made templates. Anyone, even if they don't know how to code, can create their app in minutes, according to the creators.

    Registration can be done quickly using your Facebook login details. In the edit panel, the user must go to create app and then choose whether to join the free, economic or professional plan.

    The next step is to decide the name of the app and then choose which model will be used. So, it's time to get down to business and assemble the program itself. That is, choose which modules, content, choose colors, images and menu items.

    Then, just download the app to publish on Google and Apple app stores.

    As in the previous case, the free version, of course, is much more limited than the two paid ones. But it can be a good option for those who are starting to venture into this universe.

    The free package only allows you to create an HTML5 app for Android (iOS is only available in the Professional edition). In addition, the app will feature advertising and allows you to have only 5 modules/areas (against 100 for the more expensive version). Still, it offers a QR Code tool and there are no update limits.

    5. Kodular

    How to create application without knowing programming? 7 amazing tools

    O kodulate is a completely free app builder, which also doesn't require coding or programming knowledge. The editor lets you assemble your app by dragging and dropping the desired modules and components.

    The program is hosted on Google Cloud. Which means that any changes or additions will never be lost, even if the user forgets to backup. After all, everything will be stored in the cloud.

    Apps created using Kodular are compatible with Android 4.1 or higher. All applications made use Material Design, a visual language developed by Google.

    Kodular users can opt for the completely free model, which unlike the competition, does not present ads within the app. However, if the creator wants to include advertising within the program, they will have to adhere to the monetized plan.

    In this case, the platform earns a percentage of the profits made with the app. To calculate this value, the Kodular Commission application is available.

    6. Andromo

    How to create application without knowing programming? 7 amazing tools

    According to the creators, the Androme lets you create professional looking apps in just three steps. Make the registration, adding the features and style and finalizing the program.

    OK, in practice app development takes a lot more time and planning than that. But the idea is to make it clear that no technical knowledge is required to make the application.

    The app creation tool is intuitive and guarantees the customization of your platform in a few clicks. If you want to earn money, you can join one of the service's monetization plans, through Google Admob and Andromo Ads.

    Despite being paid, Andromo offers two very affordable annual packages. They are compatible with software development for Android. The cheapest of them allows you to create up to 50 apps, with or without advertising, but with the developer's logo on the tab About.

    7. GameSalad

    How to create application without knowing programming? 7 amazing tools

    Have you ever thought about creating your own game? If that's the kind of app builder you're looking for, GameSalad has everything you need to create a game. And the coolest: you don't need to know anything about programming! The interface is intuitive, being necessary to drag and drop items that you want to include in the game scenario.

    The service promises to create your first 2D game in an hour. That's because it's really easy to use: to create a scene in the game, just include what you need (like images). Then just add the sound effects and/or music!

    To test the game itself, with one click it is already possible to play and see if everything is working. If so, then just use the GameSalad platform to make your creation available to the world: whether on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, etc.

    However, to publish on different platforms, in addition to the service's Arcade, you will need to subscribe to one of GameSalad's paid plans. But do not worry! If you don't want to spend money, you can try the service for free until you make a decision.

    First steps to create an app

    The Application Factory gives, on its website, some tips for creating an app. Before starting the creation, it is suggested to think of a problem that you identify as necessary to be solved.

    The idea is to put solving this problem at the center of your app's function. For example, new ways of meeting people, deliveries in outlying neighborhoods, finding out about less popular sports, etc.

    Then it is important to know if this idea works and if it will be accepted. Whether talking to people, or researching similar apps that already exist on the market. All right, so it's time to get your hands dirty.

    This means thinking about your app's features and planning its usability, in a way that suits your users. Then, you must dedicate yourself to the visual part, such as design formulation, colors, information arrangement, among others.

    When creating your application, you will need images that identify your project. That's why you'll enjoy learning about apps to create a logo on your phone and make your mark amazing!


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