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    How to create an online business card?

    How to create an online business card?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 8, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    If you are planning to start your own business or company, it is very important to have a online business card. With it, you will have one more way to contact your customers.

    The business card may seem a bit outdated to some. However, in online business card form they can work just as well or even better. 

    You can enter other data, in addition to the classic addresses, website and phone. Nothing prevents you from putting a QR Code on the online business card that directs the person to your e-commerce site, social networks or some other page with more information.

    The internet has some free online creation tools that you can create your own business card online. Thus, we have separated below 5 options of programs and websites that you can use to create yours.

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    Where to make a business card online?

    1. Can go

    How to create an online business card?

    Well known on the internet, Canva is an editor that has its own page that allows you to create online business cards, providing tutorials on how to create yours.

    The editor is quite simple to use, and you can enter your information, company data and profiles on social networks. 

    The user can edit super creative logos and change the colors of the business card online with just a few clicks without worrying about price.

    Although the program offers some paid options, there are more than enough free layout alternatives for you to assemble a perfect card. You can choose a ready-made template and edit it your way, or create the card from scratch. There are pre-defined models for different areas of activity, such as barbers, musicians, personal trainers, photographers and many others. 

    Canva also allows editing to be done on the front and back of the card. It is also possible to change the font of the letters and insert symbols, if desired. After finishing editing, you can download it in various PNG, JPG and PDF formats with excellent quality.

    Then, just take or send the file to the printer and print your business card online on the paper of your choice and even with matte lamination. In addition, you can also share the final product with other users on social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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    2. Logaster

    How to create an online business card?

    Logaster is another practically perfect tool for creating an online business card.

    The option is even better if your business or company does not yet have a logo ready, as the platform provides several resources for users to create their own logos.

    After that, you can still generate your own business card online for free and customize it as you see fit. Thus, it will only be left to take it to print.

    This platform is not just limited to creating your business cards. You can also create letterheads and envelopes with your company logo.

    While Logaster's interface and usage can be a little more complicated than Canva's, it's still worth checking out. 

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    3. Shopify

    How to create an online business card?

    One of the fastest and most practical tools to create an online business card is Shopify. Although the platform offers some paid tools to improve your online sales, some other functions are free.

    And they are the ones you will use for the creation, since the card generator is among the unpaid services. 

    To start the creation process, simply fill in a form with the data requested by the platform. It is simple information, such as company name, e-mail, its function, address and its website.

    Unfortunately, however, the only feature you can customize is the upload with your company logo artwork. The rest will be done by the platform itself.

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    4. Crello

    How to create an online business card?

    Crello stands out for having an interface and usability very similar to Canva.

    In addition to the online business card, the user can also create flyers, posters, social media posts, invitations and advertising arts, and many other things for free.

    However, the user needs to register on the site to start creating. 

    5. Adobe Sparks

    How to create an online business card?

    Although Adobe Sparks is a tool in English, it stands out for having an easy interface for editing information, colors and images, in addition to being very intuitive.

    So, you can create your business card online the way you see fit. After finishing, just download it in the format you prefer and take it to print.

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