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    How to create an ebook and make money?

    How to create an ebook and make money?

    por Equipe AllYourVideogames | jun 22, 2022 | Marketing Digital |

    Building an e-book is a great strategy to start a career in digital entrepreneurship. Have you ever thought about how to create an ebook and make money?? It is one of the preferred formats because it is simpler to implement in the market and it is not necessary to make large investments to get your idea off the ground. 

    With an e-book, you can earn extra income, ensure credibility in the market, increase the number of contacts to send email marketing, among other benefits. 

    In this article, we will show how to create an ebook and make money. We have separated guidelines that can be applied today, both for a person who does not have much knowledge on the internet and for experts in the subject. For this, we will cover the following topics:

    After reading this material, it will be easier to get your idea off the paper. Follow and clear your doubts right now. 

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    What is an ebook? 

    It is a digital book that has gained increasing prominence on the internet. This is because it is more economical than printed material, can be read anywhere in the world, does not accumulate dust and does not take up space in the home, like physical books. 

    How to create an ebook and make money? 

    One of the main advantages of working with e-books is that this type of material does not require large investments on the part of the author. All you need is a computer with internet access, plus a tool to help you format your content. 

    Despite being a very practical option, it cannot be produced in any way. It is essential to follow some guidelines to deliver quality content to the reader.

    In addition, having a special affection for the production of an e-book brings several benefits to the producer, since it can directly influence the customer in the purchase of a certain digital product or service. 

    From now on, we are going to list several tips for you to learn how to create digital books for your audience:

    Choose the ebook theme 

    The first step is to choose what the theme of your e-book will be. It is essential to opt for content that makes it possible to delve into various topics with analysis, illustrations and other attractions that may surprise the reader. 

    When thinking about a topic, we recommend doing the following reflection: does the content help readers solve their problems? If you answered yes, you are on the right track. Otherwise, it will be necessary to think of another possibility. 

    If you already have a blog, for example, you can enter Google Analytics and find out which subjects are most accessed by your audience. Through these numbers, you will be able to understand what type of content could be successful with your audience. 

    Anyone who has a YouTube channel can analyze which types of videos generate the most views and gain audience engagement. After this analysis, it will be easier to choose what to cover in an e-book. The same procedure can be done on your social media or other communication channels. 

    At first, we want to develop an e-book on various subjects. However, it is best to opt for a targeted niche. Generally, more specific topics allow you to delve deeper into the material and help to show the main features about your business or product. 

    Define content topics 

    After choosing what the subject of your e-book will be, it's time to define the topics and organize them in a very practical way. Good content is one that the reader can understand the whole context, without having to think too much.

    Imagine the topics as if you were reading a story with a beginning, middle and end. For you to understand the subject in the best way, imagine that we are going to develop an e-book on digital marketing for beginners. See below what would be the ideal sequence for an e-book with this theme:

    1. What is Digital Marketing? 
    2. What are the benefits of Digital Marketing? 
    3. How to build a Digital Marketing Strategy? 
    4. What are the best Digital Marketing tools?
    5. What are the Digital Marketing Metrics?

    It can be seen that in the example above we started the text explaining what Digital Marketing is. We started with this topic because the main theme of the e-book is digital marketing for beginners. As it is content aimed at people who do not understand the subject, it is ideal to explain the concept first. Otherwise, the persona will struggle to understand the rest of the content. 

    The next step is to show what the benefits of Digital Marketing are. It's no use for the persona to understand the concept if she doesn't know what advantages it can bring to your business. In other words: does Digital Marketing really help my company or project in the way I was imagining? 

    To answer this type of question, you can use data and examples of customers who have had success with Digital Marketing. That way you will be able to bring more credibility to the benefits that are added in the text. However, avoid creating institutional content. Examples should be shown according to the context. Otherwise, it will lose its meaning. 

    Now that the persona already knows what Digital Marketing is and what its benefits are, they are probably excited to implement various strategies in their company. Here, you can address several interesting topics on the topic:

    • Content Marketing;
    • Keyword strategy;
    • Social media;
    • Definition of objectives;
    • Persona construction;
    • Publication calendar;
    • Building a blog;
    • SEO techniques;
    • sales funnel;
    • Production of relevant content;
    • Paid media;
    • Mobile Strategies;
    • A/B tests;
    • Results monitoring;
    • And much more. 

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    Start writing content 

    After defining your content, it's time to get your hands dirty. Those who are not in the habit of writing may experience difficulties at first. However, the process is similar to physical exercise. The more you train, the faster and more efficiently your development will be. 

    But if you are already in the habit of developing content, it will be easier for you to deal with this task, especially if you are producing a theme that you have mastered. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert in the art of writing, it is essential to follow some guidelines to create amazing material:

    • Build an e-book according to spelling and grammar rules; 
    • Use language that represents the persona;
    • Opt for short snippets so the content doesn't get tiring; 
    • Organize material into subheadings to make the reader's experience more enjoyable; 
    • Avoid regionalism and slang. These terms make the text informal. 

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    Insert visual elements 

    Textual content is an inherent feature of an e-book. However, to make it more attractive, you should add illustrations throughout the text. The images must be in accordance with the theme that is addressed in that topic. 

    If you are developing a tutorial on how to change a car tire, for example, use illustrations so that the reader understands the guidelines in the best way.

    It is essential to make it clear that visual content is not only suitable for tutorials. It must be included in various types of texts. Here, it is worth betting on photos, graphics, infographics, illustrations, among others. 

    The purpose of an image is to enrich the theme and optimize the reader's experience. Remember to balance visual with textual content. Otherwise, too many images can degrade the quality of digital books. 

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    format the content 

    Content formatting is another step that cannot be ignored in e-book development. If you have difficulties with this process, we recommend looking for tutorials on the internet or enlisting the support of a freelancer to take care of the small details. In this way, it will be possible to deliver incredible material to the reader. 

    If you prefer to diagram the material, a great alternative is Canva. It is a design tool that is available not only on the internet, but in mobile versions, both for Android and iOS. 

    Canva brings a lot of interesting features to the user. Among the best known are: thousands of paid and free visual content to add to your e-book; free shapes, illustrations and icons; various fonts and formats available to the reader, among others. 

    How to create an ebook and make money?

    Another interesting alternative for diagramming an e-book is Adobe Illustrator. The tool, which is one of the main products of the Adobe Suite, is a darling among designers. That's because it contains several graphic elements that help to develop a professional material. For those who want to build a simpler material, we recommend PowerPoint. The program is practical and quite intuitive for the user. 

    At first, you may find that it is not necessary to pay attention to the small details, since the information is the most important. However, by applying scannability strategies, your e-book conveys credibility and professionalism. 

    Carefully review the content 

    Now, you must do a content review. At this point, the author of the e-book must identify errors, sentences with difficulties in understanding, blocks of large texts that hinder reading, expressions that do not add value to the text, among others. 

    Before starting the review process, watch a chapter of your favorite series, chat with friends on messaging apps, or just take in the scenery. To analyze content, you must rest your mind. When we have the material fresh in our minds, we can't find words and phrases that don't make sense. 

    After resting your mind, read aloud. Thus, you can discover typos, sentences or excerpts that need to be adjusted, long paragraphs, language addictions and punctuation problems. 

    Okay, now the text is pleasant to read. However, the review does not end there. Read the content again and verify that the material answers any questions the persona may have throughout the content. Are there any terms or acronyms that were not explained? Is there a paragraph that could have an example to make it easier to understand? Is there a topic that a visual aid would make it easier to understand? 

    Remember the example above about Digital Marketing for Beginners? So, most likely, the content will address keyword strategies, since they are essential to expand a company's presence on the internet. When dealing with this topic, it is important to explain about Long Tail and Head Tail, how to choose the best keywords, among other issues. 

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    Host the ebook on the internet 

    Finally, your e-book can be shared on the internet. Here, you will define where it will be hosted so that the public can have access to the material. Give preference to a platform that allows you to distribute and sell digital products without bureaucracy. That way, you can use several features that help make this process less complex. 

    The place where the e-book will be hosted must be simple and practical not only for the author who will put the material on the air, but also for the reader who will consume that content. 

    Where to sell my e-book?

    After discovering how to create an ebook, it is important to know some ways of promoting it to attract readers and, consequently, obtain a good income from the material. See below for some interesting possibilities.

    • Social networks: share the material on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and any other network your audience is in the habit of accessing. Remember to add a CTA (Call to action) encouraging the user to download your digital book;
    • Partnerships: look for partnerships with sites that have personas similar to your strategy. You can write articles related to the topic of the e-book to increase your authority in the area and get new customers;
    • Blog: develop a blog on the topic that wrote the e-book. If the subject is Digital Marketing, create articles that help the persona build a great strategy. When you publish a lot of content and work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, your page guarantees access and, consequently, more people interested in downloading the material; 
    • Affiliate program: this is one of the most well-known formats when we talk about ebook dissemination. The affiliate program allows you to offer a bonus to a person who has sold the material to a third party;
    • Email Marketing: create a list of interesting contacts in your material. Through it, it is easier to develop communication with your audience and promote the content to different people; 
    • Landing page: this tool is designed to facilitate users' access to your book. When entering a landing page, the reader must leave only a few contacts and, in exchange, they will receive exclusive material. The positive side is that the internet contains several tools that facilitate this process. It is not necessary to be a programmer to promote an online page.
    • Sponsored links: If you still haven't gained organic traffic on your blog, we recommend investing in sponsored links to increase the view of your e-book. This process can be done in search engines, such as Google, or in social networks. 

    Content producers can also host material on Amazon. If you don't know how to put an e-book on Amazon it's pretty simple. Just go to the company's official website and follow the instructions. The process usually completes within five minutes. The digital book is added to Kindle stores around 24 to 48 hours later. 

    Publishing content on Amazon brings several benefits to producers, such as: practical and free publication, real-time sales monitoring, large readership and personalized content according to the authors' preferences.

    On Amazon, the content producer guarantees 70% royalties on its sales in the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, our country, Mexico and Australia.

    Generally, the types of best-selling e-books on the platform are: business and investments, comics, fiction, mystery, horror, suspense, romance, education and textbooks, science fiction and fantasy, children's, among others. 

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    How to set the price of my e-book? 

    One of the most common doubts among content producers is regarding the price of their main product. Contrary to what most people imagine, this step is not so simple. An interesting tip is to do market research. 

    Most professionals are adapted to the prices of printed books. However, the reality of the e-book is different. You don't have to put a value that your audience doesn't think is fair.

    The most suitable value for digital content is the one that brings return to the producer. In other words, it must be payable and still have the power to encourage readers to buy the material. To achieve this goal, it is important to follow some guidelines:

    Do market research

    Set a value for your content based on the average price of other materials that are similar to your ebook. Search for categories and subcategories that appeal to the same persona. 

    During market research, you should also analyze the authors of the content. If a recognized professional sells an e-book for R$69,90, the value of his material should be lower. After all, people are more likely to invest in a digital book from a well-known person than an expert who has not yet made it to the forefront.

    To get an idea, even the great best sellers use promotion techniques and low prices to attract readers. It is essential to make it clear that a realistic and attractive price does not devalue the production of the e-book, but it is ideal for conquering more opportunities in the market and retaining the readers who liked the content. 

    apply tests

    The next step is figuring out what's the best price that works for your content and persona. For this, we recommend doing several tests. An interesting strategy is to modify the value of the content every three days and record the results. Dynamics can work as follows:

    • First value: price you identified that is most recommended for the product; 
    • Second value: reduce the value by 1 real;
    • Third value: decrease to another 1 real after three days of testing;
    • Fourth value:  withdraw another 1 real from the value of the product, after three days of testing. 

    You must repeat this process until the price of the content is one dollar or less. Then, gradually increase the price by one real and record the results. Continue with this strategy until the value of the product reaches the value that is practiced by other producers in the same segment. 

    The objective of this strategy is to identify which value your product achieves the most results. If you have a positive return in a certain price range, test again to find out if that amount is more profitable. 

    But we need to be honest: the above model can't always help you discover the value of your digital product. You can, for example, make some modifications, such as changing the value every five days. You can probably draw more assertive conclusions. Do not give up! 

    Historically, first-time authors have chosen a lower price for their first ebook. When they gain authority in the market, the price often changes.

    set a goal 

    To define the value of your ebook, you also need to choose what the goal of your strategy will be. There are two ways to go: make a profit or simply sell the material. 

    If your e-book doesn't have many sales or reviews, it's best to boost the number of sales to attract more readers. If your goal is to attract more people, choose a fair value that brings results. 

    The production of an e-book requires the professional to follow a step by step to publish the material on the internet. Despite the effort, investing in this type of content brings several benefits to your company or an independent producer. It is not difficult to find professionals who make money from digital books. So, follow our guidelines and get your idea off the ground today. 

    After discovering how to create your first ebook and earn money, learn about the best digital marketing tips to increase your revenue and recognition in the online environment. 

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