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    How to create a store on Instagram?

    How to create a store on Instagram?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 9, 2022 | Instagram |

    Since Instagram began to become popular on social media, many people are looking to promote their business on this platform. And a very common question from those who are looking to create their own business is: How to create an Instagram store?

    This is a common interest, after all, today Instagram is one of the most used apps today. It is estimated that the platform generates more engagement than Facebook, for example.

    And it's because of the high engagement that people are choosing to buy through these stores on the net. The advantage is the ease with which these potential customers find items and know if the products are really good or bad, through other people's reviews.

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    How to create a store on Instagram?

    In this context, Instagram created the option of Instagram Shopping. This option makes selling products easier for those in sales. The objective is also to facilitate users' access to these possible products and services.

    Briefly, this tool was created to deepen the relationship between customer and seller.

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    How does the creation process work?

    The first step for anyone who wants to create a store on Instagram is to have a professional account linked to a fan page, in addition to domain and product catalog available on Facebook or e-commerce. If you don't have this catalog, just create a Business Manager.

    When your followers go to your online store, they will see the detailed product description, images, price and even an option to checkout. However, the payment option is not yet available on the platform, so the payment will be redirected to a E-commerce external.

    How to create a store on Instagram?

    Do you need CNPJ to sell on Instagram?

    A common question is whether your Instagram store needs a CNPJ. The answer is no. You will not need a CNPJ to create the store on Instagram. Making it easy for sellers who are still starting to understand about the business world.

    In this space, the seller can also place the values ​​​​of the products. This makes these sellers not dependent on the profile bio link. All the user needs is to go to the “shopping” tab and he will find all the necessary information.

    Definitive step by step on how to create a store on Instagram

    Step 1. Confirm all of the above requirements, as well as Instagram's political terms. This option will include

      • It is in the products accepted by the platform.
      • Use the latest version of the app
      • Understand how the platform works.

    Step 2. Transform your personal account into a business account

      • go into settings
      • Click on “account and then “switch to professional account”.
      • See which option describes you. Just like what you do.
      • See what viewing options you'll want.

    Step 3. After that, you will need to link your business profile to your Facebook page. In this step, all you need to do is go to your profile, select “edit profile”, and there choose the “page” option.

    Step 4. Link your business account to the product catalog. As this purchasing function needs to be linked to an external platform, you will need to create a catalog. You can create this catalog in three ways.

      • Through the fanpage.
      • Business Manager
      • Through partner platforms

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    Step 5. Register your professional account. All you need to do at this stage is submit your account for review.

      • settings
      • Companies
      • Counts
      • See if everything is ok

    After this step by step, you can check the status of your account. When you are approved Instagram will send you a notification. It is possible that the platform will ask for more documents, in which case you will only need to send other information. The analysis usually takes just a few days.

    Step 6. Activation of the “shopping” feature. This step is quite simple, you will just follow the order below:

    • settings
    • Companies and Purchases
    • Purchase catalogs and complete.
    • Start tagging your products

    How to create a store on Instagram?

    Now just choose the catalog you want to link to the account and create your posts.

    Tip: There is a difference between posts in feeds and posts in stories. In the first, the button is below the people tag. In the second, the button is inside the stickers part. Also try to put more than nine products to enable the store tab.

    How to sell through Instagram Shopping?

    After creating your store and all the previous steps, now it's time for you to know how this process will work. That's why you should pay attention to some details, such as tagging up to five products per photo. In this option, you only need to create a post with one or more products and choose the tagging option.

    It is interesting that you pay attention to the various features that the platform has created so that you can sell your product. An example is selling in stories, where you can pay to increase your reach. Here, you just need to use the sales tag and the rest of the process is similar to posting to feed.

    However, this is not the only option. If you use the “Explore” function, you will find the “shops” section. This option allows consumers to find your store just by “exploring Instagram”. That is, it is not just your followers who will have access to your products. All you need to do is push your posts to the “Explore” tab.

    How to create a store on Instagram?

    Lastly, Instagram also has the option to Checkout, a feature that is still in the release phase. The function seeks to facilitate the consumer at the time of finalizing the purchase. With this feature, it will no longer be necessary to link any website to the social network.

    There are also other very interesting functions such as the feature that allows you to remember when new product launches will be made. Or even the feature that lets you see what that product would look like. All these functions help in the interaction between seller and consumer.

    After knowing these resources, you need to structure the best form of payment, which can be bank slip, credit card and even create the PagSeguro option. However, one of the most important factors is the development of a marketing strategy, followed by a good base of followers to finally create good content.

    Or what to post on Instagram from loja?

    Creating content on the internet is always a challenge, especially for beginners. However, if you create a good marketing strategy based on your product, you can build something interesting. However, there are also some simple tasks you can do that will help boost your sales.

    • Use and abuse hashtags. It is important that you see the ones that best fit your product. They will be very important because they facilitate the meeting between user and store.
    • Product tagging in the same photo. The tip is to tag as many products as possible in the same photo.
    • Creative and beautiful photos of your product.
    • Good subtitles. It doesn't have to be complex text, just something simple that can stimulate engagement.
    • Do lives and show behind the scenes of the store or even tell trivia. The idea is to attract your customers so that they interact more with the store.
    • Share content made by customers about your store. You know that customer who bought a product from you? So, ask for feedback and share it with your users. That way, people will know that your brand is well regarded by others.
    • Bet on relevant content that can bridge your store. For example, Mother's Day is coming up. If you have a clothing store, you could create a post with a message or a photo with your mother wearing clothes from your brand.
    • Always run sweepstakes or contests.
    • Partner with other brands or influencers.
    • See a social cause that you identify with and share about it. But be careful not to use anything controversial.

    Now that you know how to create an Instagram store, the next step is to put this step by step into practice. Good luck!

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