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    How to create a slogan for your company?

    How to create a slogan for your company?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 15, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    If you own a company, business or are starting your own, then one thing you need to do is draw attention to your brand, and one of the ways to do that is through slogan.

    After all, it takes customers for you to do well in the market, and you can't get customers without attracting positive attention.

    One of the ways you can do this is with outreach strategies.

    But for that, you need to have a well-defined identity, including knowing what your slogan will be and your objective and areas of activity in the market.

    A slogan, along with a well-made visual identity can make you increase your company's brand awareness, thus making your customers remember you more when shopping or hiring a service.

    In order to help you and make your life easier, in this post we will explain a little about the slogan and show you the main online slogan generators for your company.

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    What is a slogan?

    Basically, the slogan is a short phrase that is directly linked to your brand, your products and services, in addition to having the objective of promoting an identification of your brand, leaving it more easily in the minds of consumers.

    A comparison that can facilitate understanding is to see your store's slogan as a clothing label, being attached to the material so that it is an instant form of identification.

    Another way to call it a “hit sentence”, showing that your brand stands out in comparison to your competitors.

    What is a slogan for?

    The slogan is not something simple.

    He is also responsible for optimizing or initiating a closer relationship with the public, showing the most important points of the company.

    Thus, the institution ends up showing consumers that what they expect most is also directly linked to the company's mission.

    Listing the main functions of a slogan, we can highlight the following:

    • Enhance customer loyalty and be part of brands that are remembered by consumers;
    • Show what makes your brand different from others, making it clear why they should choose it, as well as demonstrating the value offer of your services and products;
    • Increase and improve the impact of your outreach strategies, building a well-defined identity.

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    What elements are needed to create a slogan?

    It is better for a slogan to be a short sentence so that it can be recorded and easily memorized, as long sentences are more difficult to memorize.

    In addition, it must also be strong, make an impact when said and heard, and even become addictive to your audience.

    To make all this easier, a tip, for example, is to use words that are easily absorbed.

    So, avoid too elegant terms, since your goal is to establish your brand and not just the message.

    It should also be an invitation to your brand.

    Thus, your company must live up to the expectations created with the slogan.

    So try to be honest by including your brand's purpose and functionality.

    How to create a slogan?

    Now that you know more about a slogan, we have separated a list of the main generators so that you can create your own:

    1. Zyro

    How to create a slogan for your company?

    The Zyro Slogan Generator is one of the best known on the market.

    It works on the basis of an Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    With it, you can adjust the system that performs thousands of queries at the same time, in order to generate the best slogan option for your marketing work.

    To use the tool, all you need to do is enter a keyword into the generator.

    In this way, the system will perform a processing in a few seconds.

    After that, a list of options will be displayed.

    Just choose what makes you happy, copy and paste wherever you want.

    If you want to check more options besides the ones shown, just click on “Generate Your Slogan” for the list to be updated.

    In addition, the Zyro system also seeks to show other suggestions for ideas related to your company.

    Some of the selected taglines, at various times, don't even need the keyword you put as a base to be effective in your business.

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    2. Design Hill

    If you're after shorter, punchier punch lines, the Design Hill Slogan Generator offers hundreds of options for your business.

    It has an optimization for marketing and branding, being a completely free tool.

    The generator works through keywords.

    Thus, its operation could not be simpler.

    Just enter the keyword that will serve as the basis for your slogan, click on “Search” and wait for the result.

    A list of options will be displayed.

    If you liked any, just click on the copy icon positioned next to it and paste it somewhere else to save it.

    3. Within the Flow

    How to create a slogan for your company?

    Withing the Flow is a slogan generator that stands out for being easy to use and completely free.

    The tool provides thousands of tagline options that you can use in your marketing work or use as inspiration to create a totally original one.

    It works very similarly to the options above.

    Just enter a keyword, click on “Generate” and within seconds a list of related slogans will appear.

    Then, just choose what you liked the most and that has to do with your business.

    The tool is integrated with Shopify.

    Then, you can share the catchphrase directly on a Shopify store.

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    4. Oberlo

    Oberlo is another tool to generate slogans for free, also standing out due to its ease of use.

    The system uses advertisements already tested by companies to create a base of ideas of impact phrases for you and your business.

    The platform works very similarly to most on this list.

    You just need to enter a main word for your phrase and then click on “Generate Slogan”. Then a list with several options will be generated for you to choose one.

    If you liked one, there is also the option to click on it to be sent to a page that shows the dropshipping services provided by the site.

    What's more, Oberlo is also available in Portuguese.

    5. GetSocio

    How to create a slogan for your company?

    The GetSocio Slogan Generator is perhaps one of the most different and unique on this list, as it works with a series of different and random templates.

    When you click to generate a hit phrase, your keyword will be inserted into these templates. 

    GetSocio also offers several different creative categories, such as for coffee shop, boutique, startup and many others, that is, showing results that are much more specific than general.

    To use, just place the main word in the space and click on “Generate Slogan” and choose one of the several options that will be shown on your screen.

    After that, just save the best one.

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    6. Shopify Slogan Maker

    Another well-known option is Shopify Slogan Maker, which works very similarly to the other options.

    Just choose a keyword, click on the “Generate Slogan” option and choose from the thousands of impact phrases that will be shown.

    With a very advanced and refined algorithm, Shopify generates all phrases including your keyword in them, thus ensuring that the phrase has at least a minimum of relationship with your business or company.

    After that, you just need to choose the most suitable option, copy it and save it for when you use it in your marketing strategy in the future.

    7. Sloganizer

    How to create a slogan for your company?

    Sloganizer stands out for avoiding options for impact phrases that don't have much to do with your business, listing only the most relevant and specific slogans for your area of ​​activity.

    This tool is the one with the simplest interface, but very functional.

    To use the service, just put a keyword in the search field and then click on “Sloganizer!”.

    With that, a tagline option will appear on the screen.

    If you don't like it, you can click on the regenerate option and the impact sentence will be updated.

    Just repeat the process until you find one you like to use in your marketing strategy.

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    8. Logaster

    The Logaster Slogan Generator is the one that has the most differentiated and complete operation in relation to the options mentioned above, since it does not use a keyword as a base to create your impact phrase, having a totally different creation base.

    Thus, it ends up being a good option for a generator slogan.

    To use this tool, you need to enter the name of your company and, in the list called “Abstract” that is available, choose an area of ​​activity in the market.

    Your sentence will be generated taking this into account.

    Then you just need to click on “Create a slogan”.

    In addition to the phrase itself, the generator goes further and puts the options in kinds of logos, which can also be used as cards.

    If you only want the slogan, just copy the phrase.

    However, if you want to use it as a logo for your company, there is also the option to “View logo with slogan”.

    You will be taken to a page that will show you different logo options and how it would look on documents, cards, websites and so on.


    How to create a slogan for your company?

    Last but not least, we have the slogan generator, which works very similarly to the first generator options we mentioned.

    There are hundreds of options generated for you to choose the most suitable for your company.

    To use it, just enter a keyword in the field that will appear on the screen, then go to the option “Generate slogans”.

    At the top, at the top of the page, the site will show how many options for impact phrases were generated with that word, and just below it will be the list with all of them.

    Just choose the one best suited for your business and what you want, then save.

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