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    How to Create a Free Website on Google Sites Easily

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    Google Sites is a Google service that allows you to create web pages for free and without any programming or web design knowledge. To use, you must have a Gmail account and use the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox.

    Check out how easy it is in the step-by-step below:

    1. Go to the Google Sites page. If you are not logged into your Google account, log in;

    2. To start your new site, click on the icon of , located in the lower right corner of the screen;

    3. On the next screen, it's time to get to work. Don't worry about aesthetics at this point, but about content. The first step is to type the name of the page, change the banner image and choose the type of header you prefer (large or small banner, cover or just the title);

    4. At the top of the banner, you can add your company or brand logo when uploading the file;

    5. Now, it's time to define the layout of your homepage. That is, define how the design will be. The option is available in the menu on the right side, in the Insert. Among the possibilities are a column with a photo and another with text, two columns with a photo and text and small variations of this arrangement;

    • If you want to use multiple or all layouts, they will be arranged under each other. If you want to change the order, just drag them up or down;

    6. still in the tab Insert, the user can select the other elements that will compose the page. You can add table of contents, image carousel, spreadsheets, forms, YouTube videos, among other items;

    7. On the tab Pages, you can add new pages to your site in addition to the home page. To do this, just click on the icon of + and then choose New page. Name this new page and then repeat the process of defining the layout and inserting elements, as you did with the home page;

    8. Finally, in the tab Themes, it's time to worry about the aesthetics of the site. That is, it is time to give a "face" to the page. To preview the themes, just tap on each of the available options;

    9. When deciding which theme to use, you can also select the font style and color that will dominate the page;

    10. Once all the selections have been made and all the text and image content of your site has been entered, it is time to go live. For that, go to Publish, at the top of the screen;

    11. Next, you will need to set the website domain. If you don't want to pay anything, it will be, being <a href="">xxxxx</a> the only part you can customize. If you want something more professional, you can use a paid domain, the price of which varies according to the company that provides the service;

    12. Finish the process in Publish.

    Okay, your website is now live.

    Should I pay for a domain?

    Keeping the domain free is more economical, but it can come across as amateurish. Therefore, those who want to have a page for professional use or want to gain greater visibility, the ideal is to choose to pay for a personalized address. That is, with no apparent link with the platform that hosts it.

    It is a worthwhile investment. After all, this will be your brand on the internet. In addition, a well-chosen address can help the page stand out in Google searches.

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