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    How to create a Facebook account: 6 steps to create a profile

    How to create a Facebook account: 6 steps to create a profileHow to create a Facebook account: 6 steps to create a profile

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 1, 2022 | Facebook |

    If you need to create a profile for yourself or your business on Facebook, but you are having difficulties, here we will show you how. create a facebook account step by step.

    The first important information is that to have an account, you need to be at least 13 years old. This is the minimum age that Facebook allows users who want to join its social network.

    But I've seen children's profiles on Facebook! Yes, it happens. But is it that thing, is it within the rules? Not. So if the brand decides to remove the account, there will be no plausible argument to recover it. So no creating a profile for your children, nephews and the like.


    Step 1: Open the Facebook website:

    Step 2: Click on create new account (green button);

    Step 3: Enter your details: name, email or cell phone number, date of birth and gender. Choose a password and put it in the new password field;

    Step 4: After filling in your details, click on the Register button;

    Step 5: A code will be sent to your email or cell phone (SMS), according to the data registered in step 4. Enter this code in the available field, right after the abbreviations (FB-). Then just click on the continue button.

    Step 6: A popup will appear confirming your phone number, click ok to continue.

    Ready! Your account has been successfully created. Now just fill in the information, upload a profile picture and a very creative cover and add your friends.

    However, if in the process of opening a Facebook account you encounter a problem, or any difficulty, don't worry. The brand provides a form to help those who cannot create their account.

    You can contact the company and report your difficulty and then receive support.


    Right after creating a new Facebook account and logging in, the first steps on the social network are:

    1. Choose a profile picture;
    2. Add friends;
    3. Adjust privacy settings

    Once you've chosen your profile picture, Facebook will give you suggestions for people nearby that you can add. If you don't want to do it right away, no problem. In the friends tab, just below your cover photo, you can find your friends whenever you want.

    As for the privacy settings, it is good to take the tour suggested by Facebook. There you can check what kind of information from your profile you want to make visible to all users.

    Another important point is to always keep your contact details up to date, such as email and phone number. In any suspicious login attempt, it is through these channels that you will be warned. Also if you lose your password, your contacts will be important to recover it.


    Before creating an account for your business on Facebook, it is important to know the difference between a profile and a page.

    The pages are recommended for businesses that need to have wide dissemination and unrestricted access by other users. So much so that Facebook is prohibited from advertising a business via a personal profile.

    However, it is necessary to have a personal account to link to your business page. That is, as much as you want to create a Facebook business profile, you will need to create a personal account, as described in the previous step-by-step guide.


    Now you know how to create a Facebook account. So, let's talk a little about how to create a page, or fanpage, for your business:

    1. Pages are created within Facebook by this link;
    2. Click on the button Cstart on the flap Nbusiness or brand;
    3. Fill in your company name and category;
    4. Afterwards, it will open the fields to fill in the address, where your company is located. This information can be hidden if you prefer.
    5. Then just click the button Ccontinue.

    Page created, the important thing now is to fill in all the essential information of your business. The more complete your page, the better the user experience.

    With these steps, you already know how to create a personal Facebook account and also create a Facebook for your business.

    If you still don't use this social network, take advantage of the tip. Come in and experience all the potential it can offer, both in interaction with your friends and family and especially for your business.

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