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    How to Copy Text from Instagram

    Have you ever tried copying text from Instagram? If so, you may have noticed that this is not possible within the social network application. Due to a limitation, the platform does not allow the user to copy photo captions and comments. This function can only be performed in private messages sent by Direct, where just press the message bubble to copy the content.

    With a very simple tip, however, it is possible to copy all the texts of posts made on the social network. To do this, just use any browser installed on your phone and follow a few instructions. In the following tutorial, we teach you how to copy text from Instagram.

    The procedure was done on an Android phone, but it can also be performed on iPhones and other iOS devices.

    1.Choose the text you want to copy

    Open Instagram and find the post whose text you want to copy. Then, click on the three dots, located in the upper right corner, and select the option “copy link”;

    2. Open the Menu

    Open the browser of your choice and press your finger on the address bar to paste the Instagram link. The post will open in the browser. Scroll down to the caption and press your finger on the part of the text you want to copy;

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    3. Copy a link

    Finally, tap on “copy”. Ready! Now just paste the text wherever you want.

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