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    How to choose the ideal name for my business?

    How to choose the ideal name for my business?

    by Camila Porto | Jan 16, 2022 | Entrepreneurship | 4

    If I rank with the questions I receive the most, this one would certainly be in the first places: How to choose the ideal name for my business? So today I'm going to answer the millennium question.

    “Camila, when I create a business on Facebook, do I create a page with my name or the name of my company? How to choose the ideal name for my business”

    I don't know why I haven't written about one of the questions I get most yet. So, for starters, I'll answer the classic: depends, and I'll explain why. I will give you two options for you to decide which is the best path for you.

    What is the ideal name for my business?

    Companies usually have a brand, right? But, if you notice, I have a fanpage with my name on it. Want to know why? Because I am the brand. My name is the business and I'm the one in front of the camera.

    So if you have a business or want to open one and you're not going to be in front of the camera, in my opinion, it doesn't make sense to use your name.

    It's much better to create a brand, so you can put other people to do the communication of the company.

    Are you going to be the face of this company, the person who will publicize and promote it? It makes sense to create a page with your name. If not, focus on building your brand.

    Now, you might be thinking:

    “Okay, but Camila, if I create a company with my name, when it grows I won't be able to sell it, because it's linked to me”.

    I'll give you the example of Chanel. Chanel is a global company, which has stores all over the world, makes billions and is named after its creator, Coco Chanel. She passed away years ago and yet someone continued to play this brand, which is currently even more valuable in the market.

    This is not always a reality. Of course, if you sell a brand, your image goes with it.

    If you take other examples of brands that are named after their creators, you will begin to realize that it is possible to create a company with your name and it becomes a global brand.

    If you're building a business from scratch, you have the ability to build your authority first, and then pass that authority on to whatever business you want. Thus, you can create your page, be a known and recognized person within your segment, and then pass this influence on to whatever you want.

    I will give an example for you to understand

    I will use the case of Flávio Augusto as a second example. Flávio already had several businesses, he was already an entrepreneur and created the page Value generation, where he ended up being very well known as a person.

    From the moment he becomes an authority within his market, everything he is involved and that he recommends will have greater weight.

    O is a great example of this, as it is a recent startup that is doing very well, as it has a lot of Flávio's strength and authority recommending this portal. Of course, in addition to all the content and quality of the site.

    This is an important point you can build on!

    You build your name, your positioning, and then you can pass that on to your business and a partner's business, making a transfer of authority.

    Basically the rule I follow is this: will you be ahead of this business? Up front would you like to build authority to pass it on to other businesses or partners? Then you can create your own page and promote your name.

    However, if you're not going to be in charge of this business, if you're not going to be the "poster boy", I don't see much sense in you creating a page with your name. Create with your brand, so you can have the help of other people who will promote it for you.

    When choosing the ideal name for my business, the most important thing is to think ahead, in the future. Do you think about becoming known or not? What's the best alternative for you? Ask these questions and choose what is best for your business.

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