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    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 13, 2022 | News |

    What would you do if you won R$350 million overnight? Would you travel the world? Would you buy real estate? Would you open a company? Would you donate a part? The possibilities are practically endless. It's possible to win this big money with the Megasena of the turn, and even if it's difficult it's important to keep the faith, right? And you don't even have to leave the house to bet, because there is the Megasena platform of the online turn.

    So, in this post you will check how to register for Caixa Online Lotteries, learn how to place bets on the website and in the app, check the results and some additional information.

    Mega Sena online

    First of all it is important to clarify some rules to be able to bet online at Mega Sena. Therefore, it is only allowed to place bets who are at least 18 years old. Players can only pay bets using their credit card. Unlike physical lotteries, in which the minimum bet is R$ 4,50, on the site there are some particularities and requirements.

    In Online Lotteries, players can play games with a minimum value of R$30 and a maximum of R$945 daily. Online bets can be made 24 hours a day. However, it is necessary to stay tuned with the closing time of each contest, which is the same applied in physical lottery houses (1 hour before the draws).

    In this way, to become a millionaire through Mega Sena it is necessary to hit the six dozen drawn, and you participate in the contest for R$ 4,50 in physical establishments. If you want to add one more number, the value goes up to R$ 31,50. So, the more numbers you choose, the greater your chances of winning.

    On the 2022/22 Mega Sena contest, bets have been available since November 16th, and the draw takes place on December 31st, at 20 pm (local time).

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    Therefore, before placing your bets online, it is necessary to register on the Caixa Loterias website.

    How to register for the Caixa Online Lottery

    Step 1. Access the Caixa Online Lotteries website.

    Step 2. On the home page, click “Login” in the upper right corner.

    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

    Step 3.  In this new window, click on “Register”

    Step 4. Now you will go through some steps of filling in data, but don't worry, the whole process is quite simple

    Step 5. Put your CPF

    Step 6. Put your full name

    Step 7. Put your date of birth

    Step 8. Enter your mother's full name

    Step 9. Put your email

    Step 10. A message will be sent to your email, check your inbox, if you don't have it in that area, check your spam folder. When you find the message, click the confirmation link.

    Step 11. You will be taken to a page where you must complete your registration. Enter the data, read the terms and, if you agree, accept.

    Step 12. Ready! Your Caixa Online Lottery account has been created.

    How to play Megasena da Turn online

    Using the Loterias Caixa website, players can choose the dozens they want to play at Mega da Virada, as if it were a wheel. In addition, there is also a mode called “Little Surprise”, where the system performs an automatic game with random numbers.

    It is also worth mentioning that it is not allowed to play pool on the site. So, see below how to bet on the Mega Sena da Virada 2022/2022 on the web.

    Step 1. Access the Caixa Online Lotteries website and log in to your account.

    Step 2. On the home page, scroll down a bit until you see the option “Mega da Virada”. So, click on “Bet Now”, right below the prize amount.

    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

    Step 3. In the space “Fill in your bet”, select the tens you want to bet. Remembering that when you scroll down a bit you will find the option “Surpresinha” so that the system makes an automatic bet with random numbers.

    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

    Step 4.  Once you have filled in the seven tens, click on “Place in cart”, which is at the bottom of the tens to validate the bet.

    Step 5.  Still on the same screen, scroll up a little and click on “Go to payment”. Just don't forget that you need to accumulate at least R$ 30 in the bet (seven tens).

    Step 6. You will enter the payment tab, just enter your credit card details and click on “Buy” to finalize your bet.

    Step 7. Ready! Now wait for the draw and have faith from now that you will win and become a millionaire.

    How to play Caixa Online Lottery games through the app

    In addition to the website, users can also place their bets through the Loterias Caixa app. If you want to play using the app, you need to download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. After that, see the following tutorial:

    Step 1. Open the Caixa Loterias app. At the beginning, you will see a message to confirm that you are 18 years old or older, if you really are, click on “Yes”. After that, you will be able to see some platform tools.

    Step 2. At the end of the presentation, you will land in the login area. Log into your account by filling in your CPF and password.

    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

    Step 3. You will now be on the main screen of the application. The time has come to select which type of game you want to participate, in this case, the Mega Sena da Virada game. Just swipe to the side and choose the contest by tapping on “Bet for…”.

    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

    Step 4. In the new tab, choose your lucky numbers and tap on “Add to Betting Cart”.

    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

    Step 5. Now you need to tap on “Betting Cart”.

    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

    Step 6. Review the numbers you chose. If everything is ok, tap on “Proceed to payment method”.

    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

    Step 7. Enter your credit card details in the app and tap on “Bet and authorize billing”;

    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

    Step 8. Ready! Your bet has been registered.

    How to check the results of Caixa Lotteries draws on the Internet

    In addition to being able to place your bets on the Loterias Online Caixa website, you can also check the results of the contests. And it is worth mentioning that to do this you don't need to create a register, that is, people can do their little work in physical establishments and check the dozens drawn on the internet.

    This applies to all types of Caixa Econômica Federal contests, so interested parties are allowed to see the results of Quina, Dupla Sena, Loteca, Mega Sena, Mega da Virada, Lotofácil or any other type of bet.

    It is still possible to see the previous games, which makes life easier for people who play based on stats. Beyond luck, certain players spend hours and hours studying the history of lottery results, especially the Mega da Virada contest, even because, according to Caixa, the probability of winning the Mega Sena is one in fifty millions.

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    Therefore, regardless of your reason, see below the step-by-step guide on how to know the most recent results of the contests carried out by Caixa

    See results from different games

    Step 1. Access the Caixa Online Lottery website

    Step 2. Scroll down a bit, you will find all the contests held by the bank. Choose the type of game you want to see the result. In the case of this tutorial, it will be from Quina.

    Step 3. On the page that opened you will be able to check all the information of the most recent draw.

    Step 4. Now, if you want to see the results of past contests, just click on “Previous results”.

    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

    Step 5. In the new tab that opened, you can simply click on “Previous” or put the number of the contest you want to check the result.

    How to bet on Megasena da Virada online?

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