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    How to be an SEO Consultant?

    How to be an SEO Consultant?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 3, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    In today's text we are going to talk about how to become an SEO consultant. Many companies use this service with the aim of optimizing their investments in digital marketing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the activity of analysis and evaluation, in order to direct strategies for the creation and structure of a website, seeking to optimize it. 

    Among the main advantages of hiring an SEO service are: increasing the chances of customers finding your business, increasing the time the user spends on your site, increasing your power of persuasion and better use of marketing investments. 

    If you are looking for specialization in the subject, to become an SEO consultant, come with us and we will detail everything about this market. 

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    SEO Consultant: Why Become a Professional? 

    More than ever, the internet is a market that moves many sales throughout the year. Even if a company doesn't have online sales, it can (and should) still use the virtual world to communicate with its customers. 

    It turns out that because it is a relatively new area, compared to other professions, there is a lack of professionals with solid, specialized knowledge. Also, many companies do not have an SEO consultant. They don't even know they need one! In other words, there is a huge market to be explored. 

    Another point is that an SEO Consultant can work in different types of companies, from large to small and different types of markets, from fashion to agriculture. After all, your knowledge is very current and dynamic. Essential to any business that is in the virtual world.

    To conclude, we can say that another good reason to deepen your knowledge in SEO is that this market still has a lot of future ahead of it, after all, it is unlikely that we will end the internet in the next few years, right? 

    SEO Consultant: How does this professional work?

    As we said at the beginning, an SEO professional is mainly known for leaving his website in the first positions in searches made in search engines like Google, for example. But for that to happen, it needs to develop several strategies and functions. 

    In addition to analyzing your site's performance in search engines and pointing out improvements in optimization, this professional will also analyze competitors' sites, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses to explore with strategies. 

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    Another important activity is the production of relevant content for your audience, with the aim of increasing organic traffic and reducing digital marketing costs. This is done by choosing formats, themes and materials that best achieve the results your company needs. 

    A little-known task, but performed by the SEO consultant is link building, which consists of forming strategies, directing links to your website and thus increasing its relevance in search engines. It is also your responsibility to analyze the SEO metrics extracted from the reports of the available tools. Keep track of search engine algorithm updates.

    It is up to you to research keywords and monitor the SERP (result of the list of sites in a Google search, for example), to monitor keywords that may be of interest to your brand. Finally, we highlight the improvement activity to contribute to the reading of crawlers, that is, robots that index and rank pages on the internet.  

    How to be an SEO Consultant?

    What are the options for hiring an SEO Consultant? 

    The way to hire an SEO consultant will depend a lot on the reality of the contracting company. For large companies, with an established marketing department, which require exclusive dedication, the best way would be to hire a direct employee. In this case, the professional needs to have time available, integration with projects and other members of the marketing team, to perform a good job. 

    For smaller companies that need these services, but do not have the financial structure to maintain a professional, there are other options. An SEO consultant will be able to offer their services on a freelance basis, with a specialized consultancy and close the charge per dedicated hour or per project delivered. 

    There is also the option of hiring a marketing agency. Agencies usually offer a wide range of professionals in the field, including the SEO consultant. The company can leave its page in the care of the agency and together, which will devise a strategy to reach the goal of its client. 

    How to become an SEO Consultant?

    Training in marketing, advertising and information technology helps a lot who wants to be a professional and provide SEO consultancy. In addition, courses on content production, such as copywriting, make the SEO professional better prepared to develop effective strategies. 

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    There are several SEO training courses on the market. If you're really into digital marketing, you're already halfway there to become an SEO consultant. However, to fully engage in this market, you must also like logic and programming. This will be fundamental for analyzing the algorithms, not to mention that the entire activity requires the use of digital technologies.  

    So, if you meet these requirements, the first step is to seek training in SEO. However, you will not learn everything just with training, a lot will only be possible to learn in practice, through tests, mistakes and successes. 

    How much does a SEO Consultant make? 

    The average salary of a professional SEO analyst, an exclusive employee of an organization or agency in our country, is R$ 2.993,00 reais. According to data from Indeed Career. 

    For those who want to be an independent consultant, this value differs a lot. It will depend on the type and complexity of a project, hours dedicated and size of the contracting companies. For small companies, goals are usually more modest and easier to achieve. There is also a more limiting budget for actions. In these cases, the average values ​​can vary between R$500 to R$1.500 reais. 

    As for medium-sized companies, SEO actions are already more complex. This is because these companies already put the basics of digital marketing into practice. And the SEO consultant should seek goals at a higher level in terms of complexity. For these companies, an SEO consultant may charge between R$3.000 to R$5.000 reais. 

    Finally, large companies have a huge customer base, which will require more attention and work from the SEO consultant. In addition, the company will already have a structure, a structured marketing department, which the SEO consultant will train. In these cases the amounts charged are above BRL 7.000,00 and can reach up to BRL 15. 

    These are examples of values ​​practiced in the market. Obviously all are negotiable (for more or less). This will depend on the SEO consultant's market experience and the financial availability and objectives of the contracting companies. 

    Is it worth being an SEO Consultant?

    The market is increasingly favorable for this professional. Companies that previously summarized marketing as just creating ads, are becoming aware that it is a much more complex activity.

    There are a huge number of companies that don't have adequate professionals for the role, or even, still don't work with the web algorithms in their favor. In this sense, consulting becomes essential. 

    An SEO consultant can be the professional who will open the eyes of organizations, to explore a potential audience and contribute to the achievement of its goals and results. 

    Now we want to hear from you. Do you believe that being an SEO Consultant is a good career to pursue?

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