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    How to be a better person? Check out this list of inspirations

    How to be a better person? Check out this list of inspirations

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 24, 2022 | News |

    Are you trying to learn to how to be a better person in the world and with those around you?

    Many are after this personal improvement and try to be better every day.

    However, achieving this goal may not be an easy path. In fact, it can end up being a long and arduous journey, with challenges and battles against yourself and, often, against the world as well.

    To help you on this journey of self-improvement, we've separated some indications of books, movies, series and YouTube channels that can inspire you and help you on how to be a better person.

    At the end of this post, we will also leave some behavioral tips that can be very useful.

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    How to be a better person: books to inspire

    To start our list of inspirations on how to be a better person, we have separated nine books that can help you on your journey:

    1. The Art of Happiness

    Written by greats like the Dalai Lama, C. Cutler, and E. Howard, The Art of Happiness is one of the top books you must read if you want to learn how to be a better person.

    It's based on 2.500 years of Buddhist meditation and mixed with a good dash of common sense. 

    Dalai Lama uses the book to show the public how to overcome their everyday anxiety, discouragement, annoyance and insecurity.

    Especially with the help of Dr. Cutler, he explores diverse everyday facets of the population, such as relationships, the pursuit of wealth and loss. The book helps the reader to overcome life's biggest obstacles and learn how to be a better person and maintain their inner peace. 

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    2. A Life Without Limits

    The book A Life Without Limits is an autobiography about the life of Nick Vujicic, who was born without his legs and arms.

    Nick tells in the book how he overcame his disability to achieve a full life and his greatest achievements. Through his story, he shows that people can seek to learn how to be a better person, even with limitations.

    Nick went on to work as a speaker and his main message to the public is to show that anyone can find purpose in the world, regardless of the barriers and difficulties that come their way.

    Nick narrates the path he followed to evolve not only physically, but also emotionally and psychologically, learning to live with his disability.

    3. The Power of Now

    Written by Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now is premised on the fact that we spend most of our lives without worrying about the present, with the present moment, and are always thinking about the past or making plans for the future.

    According to the book, if we really want to be happy, achieve our goals and learn how to be a better person, we need to start in the now.

    Before reading The Power of Now, you need to be open to the message, putting the false ego and analytical mind aside. The book will not only show you how to be a better person, but will work on your spiritual side in a challenging way, with simple language and following a question and answer format.

    Eckhart Tolle merges concepts from Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and other spiritual traditions to achieve his goal.

    4. Who Moved My Cheese?

    This is a book that follows four different characters, two humans and two mice. So the four are the same size and live together in a maze looking for cheese to feed and make them happy.

    Spencer Johnson's work is an excellent book on how to be a better person, as cheese is also a representation of what we want in life, be it a love relationship, a good job, spiritual peace, health or money. 

    The labyrinth is the representation of the environment in which people look for their greatest desires, such as community, family or company.

    In the book, we follow the different points of view and the big and unexpected changes that the characters go through.

    5. The Secret

    How to be a better person? Check out this list of inspirations

    Image: Amazon

    If you are looking to not only learn how to be a better person, but also transform your life in other ways, then The Secret may be the solution.

    For centuries, a Great Secret has been fragmented and separated and is present in various traditions of humanity, such as oral, religion, literature and philosophical currents.

    In this book, all the fragments were put together to once again assemble the Great Secret. 

    The book teaches the reader to apply the secret in virtually every aspect of life, whether in the pursuit of happiness, money, health or even to learn how to be a better person.

    The Secret brings the knowledge of several masters of today, men and women who also tell their stories to win in life and achieve their goals.

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    6. To Cabana

    William P. Young's book is also an excellent inspiration for knowing how to be a better person.

    In the plot, the youngest daughter of Mack Allen Phillips is kidnapped during a weekend trip. Some time later, evidence is found that she was brutally murdered in a cabin.

    After spending four years grieving and missing his daughter, unable to move on, Mack receives a very strange note that seems to have been written by God.

    The note was an invitation for the father to return to the cabin where the tragedy had taken place. 

    Reluctantly, he ends up granting the request and relives his biggest nightmare. But what would happen at the cabin would also change Mack's fate forever.

    In addition to being an excellent inspiration to know how to be a better person, the book also raises a question: Why doesn't God do anything to alleviate our suffering even though he is so powerful?

    7. Mania of Suffering

    The practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and clinical psychologist, Bel Cesar, shows the reader what are her considerations about the Wheel of Life in the book Mania de Sofrer.

    The Wheel of Life is an image that served as a gift for a King friend, created by Buddha Shakyamuni.

    Bel Cesar explains directly and clearly what and what are the main aspects of Buddhist psychology, for example the origin of suffering and its possible causes.

    In addition, she also talks about how to gradually develop wisdom and concentration that serves both to learn how to be a better person, and to achieve inner peace and overcome psychological suffering. 

    8. Anxiety: How to Confront the Evil of the Century

    Written by the well-known psychiatrist and psychotherapist Augusto Cury, the book presents Accelerated Thought Syndrome (PAS), one of the main and most pervasive diseases of our time.

    Although it is not rare, little is known about PAS and it is often confused with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The book helps explain to people how to control SPA through techniques that can also help the reader learn how to be a better person even dealing with SPA.

    9. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

    How to be a better person? Check out this list of inspirations

    Imagem: Link To Leaders

    To know how to be a better person, you need to know above all what motivates you.

    In Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, this is the main point raised throughout the pages. According to the author Daniel H. Pink, the human being perceives in a completely distorted way about what makes us move forward.

    Daniel uses the book to explain the different ways of finding himself in the professional field and also helps the reader to discover what his main vocation is, a very useful discovery for those who are on a journey of how to be a better person or are looking for a path in life. 

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    Movies to watch on how to be a better person

    Now that we've checked out the top books on how to be a better person, it's time to see the movies.

    Then check out our recommendations below:

    1. Erin Brockovich: A Woman of Talent

    How to be a better person? Check out this list of inspirations

    Image: Claro Video

    The first film on our list of inspirations to be a better person is Erin Brockovich – A Talented Woman, released in 2000 and directed by Steven Soderbergh.

    Starring Julia Roberts, the feature follows a woman in a delicate financial situation and who is unemployed, but gets a job as a lawyer's assistant.

    Unintentionally, she ends up discovering that a small population is getting sick due to polluted water sources. However, she can't get help to solve the problem. So she will need to work alone to help the affected population and is a great example of how to be a better person.

    The film seeks to highlight the best qualities a person can have to be a good person, especially perseverance and a sense of empathy with others. 

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    2. Milk: The Voice of Equality

    In 2008, director Gus Van Sant released the film Milk: The Voice of Equality, which has a very biographical language and tells the life of gay activist Harvey Milk in the 1970s.

    Milk's life is dealt with in several nuances in the film, especially the latent prejudice present at the time, which destroys the lives of people who do not correspond to the traditional values ​​of society.

    Due to the topics covered and the comparison that we can see between the current moment and the situation experienced at the time, A Voz da Egualdade can be a great inspiration for those who want to know how to be a better person.

    3. A True Story

    Released in 1999, A True Story is an exciting story directed by David Lynch and indispensable for those who want to know how to be a better person.

    In the film's plot, an elderly man discovers that his brother is sick and decides to cross the country to see his family with a tractor for transport.

    The film brings reflections on the perseverance that human beings have to achieve their goals. 

    4. Dead Poets Society

    One of the most interesting and exciting on the list, Dead Poets Society was released in 1989 and directed by Peter Weir.

    The story takes place in a strict school with very conservative standards.

    A new teacher begins to question his students about the meaning of life, a great plot of how to be a better person.

    The film can be treated as therapy for the viewer due to its touching plot and, in some cases, even identifiable, bringing aspects that can be both negative and positive.

    Everything is made even better thanks to the excellent and touching performance of Robin Williams.

    5. A Dream of Freedom

    How to be a better person? Check out this list of inspirations

    Image: Blog da Fortes

    Perhaps one of the best known and most praised films, considered by many to be one of the best feature films ever made, The Shawshank Redemption was released in 1994 by director Frank Darabont.

    The plot follows a man who will have to learn to live in prison, as he has been falsely accused of murdering his wife.

    The film seeks to highlight the main qualities that a human being can have and is excellent for those interested in knowing how to be a better person.

    The feature makes the viewer rethink some of the basic concepts we have learned in life since forever, especially due to the great work done by Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins.

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    6. A Brilliant Mind

    In 2001, director Ron Howard was responsible for releasing the feature A Beautiful Mind, which follows the life of John Nash, a tormented and genius man.

    During the film, we can follow several fragments of Nash's life, as he learns more about his pleasures, his inseparable paranoia and his profession.

    A Beautiful Mind at various times has a thriller film feel due to the psychological spectrums surrounding its main character, played by Russell Crowe.

    However, it is an excellent choice to know how to be a better person, as it shows the human being's power of adaptation to any problem and situation.

    7. Extraordinary

    In this entire list, perhaps one of the most must-watch if you want to know how to be a better person is Extraordinary, a 2022 film that was directed by Stephen Chbosky.

    As we watch, we realize that this is actually a film about kindness, above all, as an adaptation of the book of the same name written by RJ Palácio.

    The plot follows little Auggie, played by Jacob Tremblay, who was born with a facial malformation.

    Throughout his life he underwent several surgeries, studying at home since he was 10 years old, without having contact with school and other children.

    Whenever he needed to face the world, Auggie wore an astronaut's helmet to hide from other people's eyes.

    When it's time for Auggie to go to school for the first time, he has to deal with other kids, bullying, judgments and every possible challenge. But Auggie ends up showing the characters and viewers how to be a better person.

    8. Viva: Life is a party

    Do you feel like you don't have a dream? What people around your life that you love might not understand you?

    If you want to go after your dream and still don't know how to be a better person, then a movie that can inspire you is the beautiful Disney animation Viva: Life is a Party, directed by Adrian Molina and released in 2022.

    The plot revolves around the boy Miguel, who needs to prove to his family that he has the talent to follow his dream of music.

    On his journey, he goes to the world of the dead and learns more about his family and real life.

    In addition to dreams, this film brings great maturity to the young man who will learn how to be a better person.

    9. The Bright Side of Life

    Bright Side is a romance/drama film that was released in 2022 and directed by David O. Russell, nominated for the Academy Award for Best Drama Film in 2022.

    Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, the plot follows Pat Solitano Jr., who after going through a difficult time in life and being hospitalized for problems related to anger, wants to try to win back his ex-wife.

    Through mutual friends, Pat ends up meeting Tiffany and they both make a deal: Pat will have to participate in a dance contest with Tiffany and she will help him win back his ex-wife.

    However, they develop a very strong bond and try to learn each time how to be a better person in their own way.

    10. Until the Last Man

    How to be a better person? Check out this list of inspirations

    Image: You

    Mel Gibson, in 2022, directed the film Until the Last Man, starring Andrew Garfield and based on a true story.

    A question that the film brings is: would you risk your life to save other people's, even if there is no hope? 

    The plot follows a young man of faith who enlists in the army to go to war. However, he refuses to use weapons and only aims to save people.

    The film is a great inspiration on how to be a better person and shows that even in drastic situations like war, violence may not be the solution and the only way out.

    11. Fantastic Captain

    In 2022, director Matt Ross released the film Captain Fantastic, which follows a father who raises his six children in a Washington State forest, completely isolated from civilization in a tiring and rigid routine of adventures.

    In this reality, he is forced to leave this life of isolation and take his family to meet and face the rest of the world.

    Throughout the plot, we see the maturation not only of him as a father, but of all his children, who through the journey learn how to be a better person.

    12. Forrest Gump: The Storyteller

    Perhaps one of the most exciting films on this list, Forrest Gump: The Storyteller was released in 1994 and was directed by Robert Zemeckis.

    The film that has Tom Hanks as the protagonist follows a skinny boy who has very fragile health and a very below average and limited intelligence.

    But it runs faster than anyone. He exceeds expectations and goes beyond what his friends and others could ever hope for.

    His high degree of innocence, unparalleled kindness and naivety make Forrest one of the greatest examples of how to be a better person.

    13. The Untouchables

    The Untouchables is a French film directed released in 2022 by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano, with Osmar Sy and François Cluzet as the protagonist and is one of the best movie options for those who want to know how to be a better person to watch.

    In the plot, a millionaire man who is quadriplegic hires a man who lives on the periphery to be his escort, without appearing to be unprepared.

    Over time, their professional relationship evolves into a beautiful friendship.

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    Series to watch on how to be a better person

    It's not just movies and books that can provide great inspiration on how to be a better person. The series can also do this and in this post we separate some indications for you:

    1. Chewing Gum

    How to be a better person? Check out this list of inspirations

    Image: GZH

    Chewing Gum is our first series nomination for those who want to know how to be a better person.

    Starring Michaela Coel, the plot revolves around Tracy Gordon, a 24-year-old girl who comes from a very religious family and decides to lose her virginity.

    With no idea what to do, she ends up asking her best friend for advice.

    In this journey of self-discovery, as Tracy really tries to know what she wants in her search for what would be her desire, we follow her maturation to learn how to be a better person.

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    2. That 70’s Show

    A classic set in the 70's, That 70's Show has its plot around a group of teenagers formed by Eric Forman, Donna (Eric's girlfriend), Jackie, Kelso, Steve and Fez.

    Over the course of the series, the group faces many problems with each other, family problems, and especially Red's spoiled mother and Eric's father's bad temper.

    In the midst of these adversities, the group matures during the plot and learns how to be a better person.

    3. Lovesick

    Lovesick is a Netflix series that follows the life of Dylan, who while looking for his true love, is also diagnosed with chlamydia.

    The audience embarks on a journey through Dylan's past, accompanied with his two best friends to report the diagnoses to all of his ex-sexual partners. 

    Dylan's coming of age as he needs to take responsibility for his ex-partners' health, he also learns how to be a better person better.

    4. Grace and Frankie

    Also available on Netflix, Grace and Frankie shows that, regardless of age, you can learn how to be a better person.

    Following the lives of Grace and Frankie, played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the series shows the reunions after their marriages take new directions not so good for them. 

    The husbands of both announce that they are in love with each other and plan to leave their wives and get married.

    With their lives turned upside down, both form a friendship and work to be happy and learn how to be a better person during the plot.

    5. This is Us

    One of the most exciting series in recent years, This is Us follows the Pearson family, which consists of Jack and Rebecca and their triplets: Kevin, Kate and Randall.

    It's a story told in present times and through flashbacks. The series has a more down-to-earth footprint, addressing day-to-day themes that could happen to anyone.

    Subjects like obesity, anxiety, alcoholism, adoption and many other constant issues that the characters have to deal with.

    Throughout the episodes, we follow the evolution and maturation of everyone, both as a family and as people who in their journeys learn how to be a better person.

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    6. How I Met Your Mother

    The comedy series How I Met Your Mother follows Ted Mosby as he tells his two sons how he met their mother.

    With most of the story taking place in the past, as a kind of big flashback, the focus is not only on Ted, but also on Marshall, Robin, Lily and Barney, his best friends.

    Throughout the series, we not only see the love relationships and evolution of Ted learning how to be a better person until he finds his wife, but we also see the evolution and problems faced by Lily and Marshall as a couple who have been together forever, following Robin. prioritizing professional life and Barney, as the womanizer of the group.

    7. Anne With an E

    Based on the famous and classic book series called Anne of Green Gables, written by LM Montgomery, Anne With an E is a production that follows the life of Anne Shirley, a young orphan who suffered a childhood of orphanages and strangers' homes, with several abuse and bullying.

    Very creative and with a positive view of the world, Anne deals with her problems throughout the series and evolves more and more, always learning how to be a better person, despite her traumatic and painful past.

    8. The Good Place

    If there's one show where the main plot is completely focused on how to be a better person, then it's The Good Place.

    In the plot, Eleanor Shellstrop is a woman who discovers the existence of life after death. Due to a mistake, she was sent to the Good Place, equivalent to heaven. But her real fate would be hell.

    In order to prove that she is worthy and that she deserves to be in the Good Place, she asks one of the people who are there with her and who is an ethics professor to literally teach her how to be a better person. 

    9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    In Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt we have the protagonist Kimmy, who for 15 years lived underground as a victim of a cult.

    After finally returning to society, Kimmy had everything to be a terrible person. As she relearns how to live and socialize, she also learns how to be a better person.

    10. Parks and Recreation

    The protagonist of Parks and Recreation is Leslie Kope, who is an employee at the Parks and Recreation department in Pawnee, Indiana.

    She takes her job more seriously than anyone else and her main goal throughout the series is to become the first female president of the United States.

    As she pursues her dream and takes care of her job as best she can, Leslie also learns how to be a better person.

    11. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    How to be a better person? Check out this list of inspirations

    Image: Nerd Category

    The Amazon Prime Video original series follows “dondoka” Miriam Maisel, played by Rachel Brosnahan.

    She decides to separate from her husband who works as a salesman and is an aspiring stand-up comedian.

    One day, while Miriam was drunk in a bar, she goes on stage and makes an outburst that ends up amusing everyone and receives the support and help of an unknown woman to turn her into a comedian.

    In Miriam's journey to become a comedian, she faces the machismo of the area, the prejudice of the parents, the problems with her ex-husband and their children, but she ends up turning it all into content and maturing more and more, learning how to be a better person through your past experiences that are told to the public.

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    YouTube channels to learn how to be a better person

    YouTube channels also have several channel options that serve as inspiration on how to be a better person. So check out some below:

    1. MOVA channel

    How to be a better person? Check out this list of inspirations

    The main focus of Canal MOVA is precisely the creation of content that inspires and mobilizes changes in the public.

    Monja Coen spreads her already well-known words on the internet and teaches the public how to be a better person.

    Regardless of being presented by a nun, the content is aimed at everyone, regardless of religion.

    She talks a lot about faults, karmas, qualities and other aspects of life.

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    2. Thays Lessa Channel

    One of the most recent channels that can serve to inspire how to be a better person, the Thays Lessa channel has charming and touching words for the public.

    The young Christian and newlywed is a member of the talked about millennial generation.

    She deals with the most diverse day-to-day matters sincerely, from the most superficial to the most serious, such as self-esteem.

    3. Gives Gives Prazer

    One of the best known on the list, the Jout Jout Prazer channel is another great option for those who want to know how to be a better person.

    Jout Jout raises several questions in his videos that can make the most varied people identify with the subjects. Anxiety, insecurity, doubts, self-esteem and low esteem are some of the subjects you will find on this channel.

    Currently, the 25-year-old journalist has been talking about topics more focused on feminism, however, other more current topics can be found. 

    4. House of Knowledge

    With more than 1,5 million followers, the Casa do Saber channel is part of the center of debates and dissemination of knowledge in our city and Rio de Janeiro.

    The main objectives of this channel are to teach how to be a better person, endorse the public's ideas and question the certainties we have.

    Among the main themes that you can find in the videos, it is worth highlighting cinema, science, religion, history, arts, famous thinkers, psychology and several other topics, where the videos are recorded by university professors.

    5. About Life

    How to be a better person? Check out this list of inspirations

    Last but not least on our list of YouTube channels that inspire you to be a better person, we have the About Life channel.

    Frederico Mattos is the one who records the videos, as a blogger, psychologist and writer.

    The subjects you will find are more oriented to psychology, such as love relationships, human behavior, the human mind and other miscellaneous topics.

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    Behavioral tips to know how to be a better person

    Now that you know where to look for your main inspirations on how to be a better person, we have also separated some tips that may be useful for you:

    Identify your worst flaws and try to put them on paper. After identifying each one, look for solutions for them.

    If someone is talking about a topic you don't understand well, pay attention and try to learn one new thing a day. Always improve.

    Try to do things you've always wanted to but never had the courage to do. This will help you to evolve as a person.

    Forgiveness is not something for the other to feel better, but for you to be okay, without anger or hatred in your heart.

    Seek honesty, after all, does the lie bring something good? In the short term, perhaps, but in the long term it can only damage your image and credibility. 

    Start reflecting, think about your words and actions, see what you did that day and what you can improve.

    Be yourself. Lying about who you are will only go against your evolution as a person, as you will be lying to yourself.

    Use self-knowledge techniques, seek meditation, try to talk to yourself. This will help you identify your biggest flaws and learn how to be a better person.

    Take action around you and take more risks. By doing new things, you will have more experiences to evolve with yourself and with others. 

    Ask for feedback, talk to friends and family and ask them how to be a better person, what you need to change about yourself.

    Do things with more joy, don't be in a bad mood if you need to work, study or clean the house, for example. It will only bring negative energy. Learn to do things in a good mood. This will be good for you and for those around you.

    Take time for yourself. When you are tired, try to rest, spend time doing only what you like, sleep, eat well, go out with friends, dedicate time to your passion, try to have a healthy life, seek personal development and so on. After all, if you're always tired and stressed, you won't know how to be a better person, quite the opposite.

    Don't care too much about problems, it won't solve anything. They will always be present in life, whether more serious or lighter. Think it's a passing phase, don't let it ruin your life, as it will only bring negative experiences. Instead, look for the positive and be grateful for the good things.

    Try to have more empathy. Living alone with yourself and without trust will not bring anything good, look for people you trust and ask for help when needed.

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