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    How to be a Grêmio supporter: is it worth it?

    How to be a Grêmio supporter: is it worth it?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 27, 2022 | Shopping |

    For the fan there is nothing more important than seeing the team doing well, fighting for titles and, above all, lifting the cups. Thus, when fans see a good football project, engagement with the club increases and the union between fan and club becomes unshakable. And one of the ways to strengthen this relationship is to become a fan partner. Thus, one of the best loyalty programs in our country is that of Grêmio, which offers many benefits in its plans. So, see how to be a Grêmio fan member.

    So, in this post you will be able to check all types of fan membership plans that Grêmio offers, how to register for the program, how to get discounts in different stores associated with the club, know how the loyalty project of team and the advantages of Grêmio Play (institution's streaming).

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    To get straight to the point, see below all the types of plans that Immortal makes available to its fans.

    Types of Supporting Member Plans for Grêmio members

    Grêmio offers five different types of plans for its fans, including even the child supporter. In this way, know in detail each of the packages below.

    Children's Member

    If you have a child, nephew, cousin, friend, acquaintance or any other Grêmio child, she can be a supporter partner. You know what's best about all this? This action is free. However, this plan is valid for children up to 11 years old and registration must be carried out with a photo ID, parental permission and birth certificate.

    The Child member benefit is the permission to be able to buy tickets in the second batch of sales. So, it is worth noting that, depending on the sector in the stadium and the relevance of the game, there is a risk of not getting the ticket.

    Gold Supporter Member

    The member Torcedor Ouro is the cheapest paid plan that Grêmio offers. The package costs BRL 35,00 per month and the member receives the following benefits:

    • 10% discount on tickets for departures in Rio Grande do Sul.
    • It allows the purchase of income not the first batch of sales.

    Diamond Supporter Partner

    The Diamante Fan Partner is Grêmio's intermediate plan. This one follows the same pattern as the previous plan, the only difference is that in this case you will get a 30% to 50% discount on tickets for matches held in Rio Grande do Sul. Thus, for those who want to subscribe, they will need to pay R$ 56 per month.

    Corner Chair Partner

    For those who want to subscribe to the Sócio Cadeira Corner plan, you will need to pay the package from R$ 155 monthly, and in return you will receive the benefits mentioned below:

    • Ticket free for team matches in the Arena.
    • Seat next to the corner mark.
    • Free seat options.

    Chair member

    The Sócio Cadeira is very similar to the Sócio Cadeira Corner plan, including the billing amount (from R$ 155 per month). Thus, the only changes are the possibility of choosing seats in the stadium closer to the field, but with fixed seating options.

    Now that you know what Grêmio's fan partner plans are, it's time to learn how to associate with the gaucho tricolor.

    How to become a Grêmio fan member?

    To become a Grêmio supporter is very simple and fast, it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes. So, see, below, a step-by-step guide on how to join any of the packages.

    Step1: Visit the Grêmio supporter's website

    Step 2: On the home page, click on “Join”, your page will slide down, so you can see and choose the plan you prefer. After deciding which package to subscribe to, click “Start”

    How to be a Grêmio supporter: is it worth it?

    Step 3: VIt will open a window asking you to enter your CPF, fill in this information, click on “I am not a robot” and then on “validate data”.

    How to be a Grêmio supporter: is it worth it?

    Step 4: Anow you need to put your email address. After that, check your account and don't forget to check the spam box, it's very likely that the message landed there. When opening the email, click on the link, you will be redirected to the Grêmio website

    Step 5: No.the page that opened, put your personal data, such as full name, mobile number, address and enter a password. After filling all the information, click on “Continue”

    How to be a Grêmio supporter: is it worth it?

    Step 6: No.the new one that opened, carefully read the membership agreement. If you agree, proceed to the next step.

    How to be a Grêmio supporter: is it worth it?

    Step 7: No.At this stage you need to enter your credit card details. After completing this information, click on “Continue”.

    How to be a Grêmio supporter: is it worth it?

    Step 8: Now, choose how you want to receive your fan membership card, having three possibilities: in person, simple letter or registered. After deciding this, go to the next page.

    How to be a Grêmio supporter: is it worth it?

    Step 9: Finally, check all the charges that will be made and if everything is right click on “Make payment”.

    Step 10: Pready! Now you have become a Grêmio supporter.

    It is worth highlighting some important points about the collection of plans. If the person does not pay the package within the established maturity period, the amounts will be monetarily corrected according to the General Market Price Index (IGPM) and plus a 20% fine and 1% interest per month, as of the time of non-payment.

    In addition, anyone who does not have the discharge regularized for a period of more than 30 days, will cause the automatic suspension of the member's rights, regardless of notification or interpellation made by the club.

    In addition to the benefits of being a supporter, Grêmio offers many other advantages for its supporters. So, get to know the other Immortal programs.

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    Tricolor win

    Goleada Tricolor is Grêmio's loyalty program that aims to compensate members and fans in general. This project allows people to accumulate points that can be exchanged for cool discounts on purchases of official club items. So, see how it works.

    How Tricolor Strike works

    The first step to be able to use this great benefit is to register, and for that, just click here. It is worth remembering that if you are a fan member you will be automatically registered in the program.

    With everything in order, now you need to accumulate points to be able to guarantee the discounts. In this way, there are several ways to be able to generate points, the main ways are as follows:

    • Paying off your fan partner plots up to date.
    • Making purchases at Grêmio Mania in the stadium or at the team's Virtual Store
    • Once you register, you will receive an entry bonus.
    • Even on your birthday you will earn points
    • By participating in polls and electoral processes

    Therefore, the accumulated points can be redeemed in the form of a discount on products that are available in the Grêmio Mania virtual store, but be aware that the items participating in this promotion are identified by the (yellow) seal of the program, as see in the following example:

    How to be a Grêmio supporter: is it worth it?

    Now that you know how the program works, you need to understand the rules they have. So, check out the information you need to pay attention to in order to make the most of the promotion.

    Rules of the Tricolor Goal

    As previously mentioned, anyone can register and generate points, but it is important to note that fan members earn twice as many points. So, see the score balance system

    Points Generation

    • Purchase at Grêmio Mania store (for every R$10) – member: 20 points and fan: 10 points
    • Monthly payment (for every R$10) – member: 10 points and fan: no points
    • New Association – member: no points and fan: 100 points
    • Registration (Gremista fan) – partner: 20 points and fan: 10 points
    • Response to Surveys – member: 20 points and fan: 10 points
    • Birthday (month) – member: 40 points and fan: 20 points
    • Entry bonus – member: 20 points and fan: 10
    • Electoral Processes – partner: 50 points and fan: no points

    It is necessary to be aware, because if you buy an item in installments on your credit card, the score will be recorded as the amounts are being paid. And of course, if the debt is not paid off, the possible points accumulated will be cancelled.

    Attention! A very important aspect is that the points earned will only be valid within a period of 12 months counting from the moment the point was earned. Then, if the points are not redeemed within that period, in the 13th month, the points for the first month will expire, and so on.

    But don't worry too much about this detail, as the points accumulated in redemptions will be made in chronological order, from the oldest to the most recent, a very useful methodology that helps fans.

    In this way, the points earned by the people who participate in the project are verified every month, and points are allowed to accumulate from month to month as long as they have not been used and the time of use has not been extrapolated as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

    Also keep in mind that the points are exclusive to the fans who participate in the project, which means that the actions to win the points are done individually, that is, they cannot be transferred to third parties.

    In addition, points are meant to be used as discounts, they cannot be converted into cash and points cannot be used to reduce or pay off the amounts dedicated to the delivery fee of the items, when applicable. Even courtesies and gratuities offered by Grêmio will not be recorded as points.

    The underage participants who are part of the project, will be portrayed by their parents or legal representatives, in the face of proof with the Grêmio. With all that in mind, find out below which products get discounts through Goleada Tricolor.

    Which products participate in the Goleada Tricolor?

    The catalog of items that are part of the program is constantly updated, and the promotions for each product have an expiration date, but unfortunately, the website does not show how long the items in question will be part of the Tricolor Goleado.

    Therefore, the products that are present in the catalog can be changed whenever those responsible for this sector of the Grêmio want. However, according to the club, a notice is issued to all participants 30 days in advance when there is a change in the catalog.

    In any case, during this discount period, the accumulated points can be exchanged for the items in the current catalog at the time of redemption. Remembering that the store can put more items to participate in the promotion or remove products that are already in the catalog.

    Then, the items and the amount of points to redeem the products will be shown on the Grêmio supporter's website in the “Tricolor rout exchange points for discounts” tab, to see this page click here.

    Points can be redeemed with a minimum of 500 accumulated points and a maximum of 1000 points, each score has a different discount on the deduction of the final value of the product you redeem. And according to Grêmio, new means of awarding and prices for extra rewards may be created.

    Just remembering that purchases of items using the Goleada Tricolor program need to be made at Grêmio Mania da Arena or at the Virtual Store. In addition, it is essential that, in order to redeem, the interested party must be up to date with their salaries with the club.

    Nobody said the advantages are over. The benefits for the fans of the tricolor Gaucho still continue, it is possible to get more discounts for your purchases. But different from the products that were exclusive to Grêmio, see below how to get rebates on items from other stores.

    Stores that have an agreement with the Grêmio

    About 90 stores have an agreement with Grêmio, which can be very useful for fans and even for those who don't support Immortal. In this way, see just a few companies that are part of this partnership with the club:

    • Anhanguera Educacional (up to 30% off courses)
    • Under Armor – Online Store (exclusive discounts on selected products)
    • Mizuno – Online Store (exclusive discounts on selected items)
    • Centaur (up to 17% off products)
    • OlympiKus – Online Store (discounts on selected products!
    • HP (up to 10% off)
    • AACD – Association for Assistance to Disabled Children (up to 15% discount on services)
    • Philips (up to 20% off sitewide
    • Petz (up to 7% off products for your Pet)
    • AliExpress (special discounts)

    To see the complete list of stores that have a partnership with Grêmio, you can check the Immortal website, but to make it easier for you, just click here.

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    In addition to everything that has been shown so far, did you know that Grêmio has its own streaming platform? There is even a free plan. So, see what Grêmio Play is.

    Play Guild

    Streams grow more and more, every time there is another platform option for those passionate about audiovisual to enjoy, and thinking about it, Tricolor Gaúcho was not left behind, and in April 2022 it launched its own streaming tool, Grêmio Play , being the precursor of this service in our country.

    And right away, the service was launched with a large catalog of content, with more than 2800 titles aimed exclusively to please the fans of the tricolor gaucho club. In addition, there are still 5 thousand titles of films and series of the most varied genres, which can be watched by paying a license. It is worth noting that the platform was developed through a partnership between Tricolor Gaúcho and Container Media.

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    Among the available content, there are productions of works made in our country, such as films and also series, and more than 600 international blockbusters, more than 200 shows, in addition to having animations and programs aimed at children, for those with small children. it's a great opportunity to have a platform to use together.

    Above all, for fans, the biggest attraction are the exclusive productions of Grêmio, which include the lives of Conection Tricolor, Grêmio TV no Ar (which is an on air TV channel, from the tricolor Gaucho with 24 hours of programming daily), Grêmio TV on Youtube and Grêmio Radio 24 hours.

    You can subscribe to streaming services directly through the app or on the Grêmio Play website. So, there are four plans, see the prices of each one:

    • Free Plan: Anyone can subscribe.
    • Grêmio TV No Ar Plan (exclusively for supporters): R$ 6,90
    • Tricolor Family Partner Plan: R$ 15,90 in the first three months, after this period the value rises to R$ 19,90
    • Tricolor Family Plan: R$ 19,90 in the first three months, after that time the value goes to R$ 24,90.

    How to be a Grêmio supporter: is it worth it?

    There is also the possibility of renting content on demand, which will earn you an extra value on top of the price charged for your standard subscription.

    It is worth mentioning that the streaming content can be accessed using your computer's browser, and the recommendation is to use Google Chrome or Safari. You can also download an application for your mobile phone, available for Android and IOS.

    Being a Grêmio supporter will bring you several benefits not only with Grêmio products, but also with items from other stores, as shown in the members topic, in addition to helping your heart club financially. So, whether at home, in Rio de Janeiro, in our city or any other state, Grêmio needs to be strong and impose its football and beat all possible opponents.

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    Therefore, it is worth saying that Immortal lost about 20 thousand members during the New Coronavirus pandemic, and returning and even raising the level is important for the club. So, if possible, it is very worthwhile to be a supporter of Grêmio and tell everyone that: “I am a supporter of the best plan in our country”

    And finally, you can still follow the activities of your team on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. And if you have any questions about the fan partner plans, you can call the number: (51) 3218-2000, he is also WhatsApp. Opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 18 pm.

    But if you want assistance by e-mail, visit the Grêmio website, the deadline for responding is up to one business day. Now, if you want to visit the Club's Membership, just go to Rua das Andradas 1580, Bairro Centro, Porto Alegre-RS – our country CEP: 90020-015. In-person Service Hours are from 9 am to 18 pm from Monday to Friday and from 10 am to 14 pm on Saturdays.

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