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    How to be a Digital Marketing Consultant?

    How to be a Digital Marketing Consultant?

    por Equipe AllYourVideogames | jul 13, 2022 | Marketing Digital |

    With the increasing need for a stronger presence of companies on the internet, the role of the digital marketing consultant is becoming increasingly relevant.

    And this has generated a great business opportunity in the digital market, because to become a consultant who works with digital marketing, there is no mandatory college or registration with a federal or regional council that needs to be done to allow the performance.

    The number of digital marketing consulting professionals has grown a lot in recent years, and this growth is due not only to the market's need but also to the benefits that the consulting profession provides.

    Freedom, quality of life, profitability are some of the benefits that a serious and committed digital marketing consultant can achieve.

    To help you who are interested in becoming a digital marketing consultant, we have prepared a set of information that will help you take the first steps on this journey.

    And we also brought a view of the market through an exclusive interview with digital marketing consultant André Damasceno, author of the book "The best of marketing to sell on the internet".

    What is a digital marketing consultant?

    The consultant is a digital marketing professional who analyses, diagnoses, plans and monitors the execution of marketing strategies that will help the client improve their positioning, their actions in digital channels and especially help improve their team's sales.

    It is he who will guide the path to be followed so that the client reaches the objective outlined at the beginning of the consultancy.

    What does a digital marketing consultant do?

    In a very objective way, a digital marketing consultant can help his client achieve the goal set for the consultancy by executing a strategy tailored to him.

    In this journey between the goal and the result, many tasks need to be done, such as:

    • Mapping of opportunities and content for the client and his company;
    • Analysis of information and identification of actions to be implemented;
    • Study of the competition and the customer's target audience;
    • Definition of strategic planning based on studies and analyses;
    • Determination of improvements to be made in the client's social networks;
    • Development of content strategies to strengthen the client's digital presence;
    • Guidance on acquisitions related to products and services that will support the process (platforms and automation, hosting for websites, etc.);
    • Monitoring the execution of the strategy and analysis of results;
    • Implementation of strategy improvements.

    What to study to be a digital marketing consultant?

    There is no college or technical course that trains a digital marketing consultant. What you need is to add your experience in digital marketing and knowledge in subjects related to marketing (digital, content, influence, relationship), sales, traffic, SEO, strategies, planning and also know tools that help the process.

    We have prepared an article here on the blog with a list of digital marketing courses that can help you on your journey of study and preparation for your career as a digital marketing consultant.

    What do you need to start your consulting business?

    According to digital marketing consultant André Damasceno, 5 things are essential and you need to invest in them right away:

    1. Positioning: helps bring in qualified customers;
    2. Brand: its main asset;
    3. Website: your website is your home on the internet;
    4. Networking: one of the main channels for attracting customers;
    5. Online Presence: don't limit yourself to a social network, explore the available channels that make sense for you and your business.

    Real World: Interview with Digital Marketing Consultant André Damasceno

    To help you understand and get to know this market even more, we did an interview with digital marketing consultant André Damasceno.

    1. Tell us a little about your journey as a digital marketing consultant

    It started in 2009, when I created the blog O Melhor do Marketing. The idea was to be just a blog bringing the best marketing content and not just digital marketing and social media. I started covering events and creating my own events. As time went by, the audience grew and many entrepreneurs started looking for me to help them.

    As we were still in their infancy on the subject in Espírito Santo, I went in search of knowledge in other states. I started taking courses and specializing.

    Along with that, I started to give my first training outside Espírito Santo (Recife and Belo Horizonte). At the end of the face-to-face training, entrepreneurs come to me asking for an individual consultancy. The business was growing, more clients were arriving and everything was evolving and following its flow.

    After doing an exchange and living in the United States with my wife in 2022, I realized that I could scale my business through online consulting. It was from this moment that a big turning point in my model occurred.

    In addition to Espírito Santo, today I have served clients in 10 other states and also outside our country (USA, our country, Russia, Italy, Holland and Switzerland).

    2. What does being a digital marketing consultant mean to you?

    A professional who studies, dedicates himself, executes and, above all, helps entrepreneurs, local business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed and liberal professionals according to their needs, goals and desires.

    The role of the Consultant is not just to attract customers and sell more. Our day-to-day work is much bigger than that.

    It involves planning, aligning objectives and expectations, making a diagnosis to understand the real needs of the customer, showing the way, saying what and how to do it, analyzing the metrics of a campaign.

    “Being a digital marketing consultant is having freedom, working from wherever you want and being your own boss.

    3. What does it take to become a digital marketing consultant?

    You have to want to continually study, update yourself, study consumer behavior, not just focus on one or two tools, prepare a business prospecting plan.

    Nowadays I see many professionals thinking that just creating an Instagram account and customers will fall from the sky.

    4. What shouldn't a digital marketing consultant do?

    This one is easy and I always say on my channels:

    “Sell your service in the form of a post pack. Package, combo, kit… are words that do not generate value for our business”.

    In addition, a Consulting professional should never forget to work on their brand, focusing only on the companies they serve. Unfortunately, I see a lot of professionals working in an amateur way in their daily lives, forgetting to take care of their image, their business, their social networks.

    5. How to differentiate yourself in such a competitive market?

    There are 2 crucial points here that will help the consulting professional stand out and differentiate themselves from the rest:

    • Deliver results to your customers;
    • Invest in your positioning.

    Talking even parrots can talk, so I always guide my students to show that they are capable of generating results for their clients, as this helps to generate authority and give more credibility to their business.

    6. How to win the first consulting clients?

    Running the steps below:

    1. Make a 1 minute video on your Instagram;
    2. In the content of this video, talk about how you can help local business owners to attract more customers to their business, giving real examples and even citing niches. Ex: You who own a pet shop, you who own a barbershop… This helps to connect your content with your audience;
    3. In the last 15 seconds of the video say that you are very close to the business you mentioned and say that you can have a meeting in the next 48 hours, just click on Learn More and call to chat on WhatsApp or Direct;
    4. Promote this video with R$50 to R$100 for a radius of up to 3km.

    7. What would you say today to the audience that makes all the difference in a digital marketing consultant career but that you weren't told when you started?

    Today I consider 3 fundamental things:

    • Management;
    • Networking;
    • Sales.

    If you want to succeed as a consultant and build a solid business, you need these 3 things, in addition to knowing how to post or content marketing. Manage your business very well, from the part of contracts with your customers, to the financial part, including going through the moment when you grow and need to partner with other players or even hire an agency or a team.

    You need to develop your networking, as this helps you close contracts and create business opportunities.

    You need to know how to sell your consultancy. I know many excellent and technical professionals, but they don't know how to sell their traffic management, website creation and copy service.

    Now that you know how to become a digital marketing consultant, we share with you 9 tips that André Damasceno gave us so you can make the consultant profession work, even if you are starting from scratch.

    9 tips to make the profession work:

    1. Start with the resources you have;
    2. Don't expect to be 100% prepared;
    3. Don't look for motivation, look for discipline;
    4. Do not listen to the criticism of those who have never built anything;
    5. Play like a pro;
    6. To this, but to do so;
    7. Don't look for 10 customers. Focus on your 1st customer and deliver something really amazing to them;
    8. Apply 100% of everything you learn;
    9. Get a mentor with proven results.

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