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    How to attend NBA ao live online?

    How to attend NBA ao live online?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 1, 2022 | News |

    Nowadays basketball fans can watch the NBA live online. Until recently it was necessary to subscribe to a cable TV service to follow the matches, so much so that these channels that broadcast the games have become traditional in our country. The situation has changed, nowadays there are several platforms and means to follow the basketball championship in the United States.

    It is worth mentioning at the beginning that many of these possibilities are completely free, those interested only need to access the platform at the time of the game and watch. However, because of this immensity of opportunities, the viewer can end up getting lost and even not finding the place that will broadcast the game of the team they support. That's why it's important that you follow this post to know where you're going to spend the matches and not miss any dispute.

    Platforms to attend NBA live online

    Those who don't like to watch games over the internet, don't worry, the NBA continues to be shown on closed television and also on open broadcasting. Thus, it is important to know that the platforms will not always show the same game. This happens because of contractual clauses. That is, companies buy the broadcasting rights for certain quantities of items they can display.

    With that in mind, check out how to watch NBA games live online below.

    NBA League Pass

    The NBA League Pass is the official streaming service for the NBA, where you can pay for a subscription and watch all the league's live and online games. This platform offers services beyond games. By subscribing to a plan, you can access videos, lives, reports and exclusive interviews with everything that involves the world of basketball.

    The official NBA platform really delivers what it promises, but another fact that also draws attention is the price of the packages. The plan to be able to watch all the matches of the competition is R$399,99. But if you only want to follow the team you support, you can buy the package for R$189,99.

    Still other packages that you can check here. It is also worth noting that all plans can be tested over a period of seven days.

    Despite the value of streaming, there are ways to guarantee a discount. If you have a cable TV operator, make sure they don't offer an alternative to NBA streaming to be included in your plan for a lower price. Thus, the official streaming website informs that it has a partnership with a cable TV operator, Vivo customers have a 50% discount on the subscription.

    Gaulish Twitch

    If you often use Twitch, chances are you know Gaul, one of the biggest streamers in the world. He pioneered the broadcast of NBA games on Twitch in the 2022/2022 season. The partnership worked out and the broadcasting rights were renewed for the 2022/22 season and will bring over ninety matches on its channel, once again with the help of Budweiser.

    So, to watch these NBA games live, just access the Gauls channel on Twitch.

    In total, the Gauls will broadcast 72 regular season matches until April 2022, the All-Star Weekend airing in February, and the Playoffs games between April and May. Matches will be broadcast twice a week, with double rounds on Thursdays and a game on Sundays. Please note that some calendar rounds may change.

    Budweiser channel on YouTube

    Taking the hook from the previous topic, Budweiser has a long-standing partnership with the NBA and finances several live broadcasts of the matches for you to watch here in our country. The company even has its YouTube channel, which shows some games, all for free.

    In addition to the matches, Budweiser also has NBA-A-BΓ‘, a special program on its YouTube channel that explains the rules and gives tips for those who want to start following basketball, but don't understand much about this sport.


    ESPN, the most traditional sports channel in the world, has Star Plus streaming. Among the various programs that you have on this service, one of them is the NBA, and the platform shows some matches from the US basketball league.

    Stay tuned that at Star Plus it is possible to watch the matches that are being broadcast live on ESPN channels, that is, you need to keep an eye on the broadcast schedule.

    Learn more: Star Plus Disney: learn all about new streaming

    So, if you just want to watch NBA games, this service may not be the best option. However, if you want to follow series, movies, other sports, Star Plus can be a good alternative. If you want to know more about this streaming, just access this other post that we have on the site.

    It's also worth checking your pay-TV package to see if the provider doesn't offer a Star Plus discount.

    Canal do YouTube da TNT Sports

    In addition to Budweiser's YouTube channel, TNT Sports also airs live NBA games. The company can broadcast 72 live games from the league's regular season, three games per week.

    Over the playoffs, TNT Sports can broadcast up to twenty games from the first and second rounds of the conferences, in addition to all games from the best-of-seven series of the Western Conference Finals.

    To watch the matches, just enter the company's official YouTube channel. You can still check the schedule of matches that will be shown on the platform, for that you need to access the TNT Sports website.


    SporTV is the other alternative within closed television to follow the best basketball games in the world. In this way, live matches can also be seen via the Globoplay + live channels package, which adds all the programming from SporTV and other broadcasters such as Globo News and GNT.

    Globo streaming can be accessed on mobile phones with Android, IOS, web, Chromecast and Smart TV. And just like the other cases mentioned, see if your cable TV package subscription entitles you to discounts.


    Did you know that online bookmakers also broadcast sporting events? In the case of this post, one of the most important sports betting platforms, Betfair, shows NBA games.

    In addition to being able to watch the games, it is allowed to bet during the duels on the platform. And one of the highlights is being able to watch the matches completely for free, all you need to do is register. Please note that you must be over 18 years of age to place bets.

    In addition to the services already mentioned of this online bookmaker, if you want to know everything about Betfair, just click here.


    Bet365 works almost the same as the previous indication. In this case, this is also a great sportsbook, which streams NBA games live online in an almost free way. This is because it is necessary to have at least one cent of balance in the account to be able to use the service.

    When registering, it is necessary to enter the data of a card and, therefore, to activate the account, the minimum value must be included in your user.

    This platform has a big advantage over some other ways to watch NBA games. At Bet365 it is possible to watch all the matches of the competition. It is also worth mentioning the good quality of the transmission, with HD images and few oscillations. And you can follow the clashes through the website or the smartphone app.

    Learn more: Bet365 App: How to download and use


    Betano is another platform with great prestige and security within the world of online sports betting. This tool also offers its customers great quality streaming of their games.

    In the case of Betano, it is necessary to deposit at least fifty cents into your account within the platform to be able to follow NBA matches live online.

    Here it is still possible to check statistical data, news and results in real time. All this contributes to obtaining more information and making a more accurate bet, if you are going to bet.

    But an important point is that not all NBA matches are broadcast on Betano. Generally, the platform provides at least one game per round. That's why it's important to check the website to see which match is currently going on.

    Learn more: Betano Sports Betting: Everything you need


    And to end the indications of sportsbooks to watch NBA live online, we have 1xBet. This is yet another platform that does not charge anything to watch the matches and you can follow all the matches of the most competitive basketball league in the world.

    Therefore, to be able to use this service, just register and not have a negative balance. Here is also the option to be able to use the tool on a smartphone. Furthermore, the streaming quality is well praised by users.


    And to finish off the nominations, after two decades, the NBA basketball season is back on open TV through Band. This is the perfect opportunity for those who don't like to look for broadcasts on the internet and don't even have a cable TV subscription service.

    Thus, the channel broadcasts two matches a week, on Thursdays and Sundays. It is also worth mentioning that the Band will show the decisive games of the Western Conference and the finals of the competition exclusively on open TV.

    How to attend NBA ao live online?

    Photo: Publicity/Markus Spiske at Pexels

    NBA 2022 game schedule

    Below, you will be able to check the entire schedule of the games that take place in the 2022/2022 season that take place this year and the channel options that you can follow the matches.

    January 2022

    • Saturday 01/01: New Orleans Pelicans vs Milwaukee Bucks – SporTV, 20pm
    • 02/01 Sunday: Minnesota Timberwolves x Los Angeles Lakers – Band, 23:30pm
    • Monday 03/01: Memphis Grizzlies vs Brooklyn Nets – SporTV, 21:30
    • Tuesday 04/01: Phoenix Suns vs New Orleans Pelicans – SporTV, 22pm
    • Thursday 06/01: Boston Celtics vs New York Knicks – SporTV, 21:30 pm
    • Thursday 06/01: Los Angeles Clippers x Phoenix Suns – Band and SporTV, 0h
    • 09/01 domingo: Memphis Grizzlies x Los Angeles Lakers – Band, 23h30
    • Thursday 13/01: Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks – SporTV, 21:30 pm
    • Thursday 13/01: Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets – Band and SporTV, 0:XNUMX am
    • Saturday 15/01: New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks – SporTV, 21:30 pm
    • 16/01 domingo: Utah Jazz x Denver Nuggets – Band, 22h
    • Monday 17/01: Milwaukee Bucks vs Atlanta Hawks – SporTV, 20pm
    • Tuesday 18/01: Minnesota Timberwolves vs New York Knicks – SporTV, 21:30 pm
    • Thursday 20/01: New Orleans Pelicans vs New York Knicks – SporTV, 21:30 pm
    • Thursday 20/01: Phoenix Suns vs Dallas Mavericks – Band and SporTV, 0h
    • 22/01 sΓ‘bado: Oklahoma City Thunder x Cleveland Cavaliers – SporTV, 22h
    • 23/01 domingo: Utah Jazz x Golden State Warriors – Band, 22h30
    • Monday 24/01: Utah Jazz vs Phoenix Suns – SporTV, 23pm
    • Thursday 27/01: Los Angeles Lakers vs Philadelphia 76ers – SporTV, 21:30 pm
    • Thursday 27/01: Minnesota Timberwolves vs Golden State Warriors – Band and SporTV, 0h
    • 30/01 Sunday: San Antonio Spurs x Phoenix Suns – Band, 22pm
    • Monday 31/01: Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics – SporTV, 21:30 pm

    February 2022

    • Tuesday 01/02: Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs – SporTV, 22:30pm
    • Thursday 03/02: Miami Heat vs Toronto Raptors – SporTV, 21:30
    • Thursday 03/02: Los Angeles Lakers vs LA Clippers – Band and SporTV, 0h
    • Saturday 05/02: Milwaukee Bucks vs Portland Trail Blazers – SporTV, 0h
    • 06/02 domingo: Milwaukee Bucks x Los Angeles Clippers – Band, 23h
    • Monday 07/02: Phoenix Suns vs Chicago Bulls – SporTV, 22pm
    • Thursday 10/02: Miami Heat vs New Orleans Pelicans – SporTV, 21:30 pm
    • 10/02 Fifth-Fay: Milwaukee Bucks x Phoenix Suns – Band, 0am
    • Saturday 12/02: Los Angeles Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks – SporTV, 22:30pm
    • 13/02 domingo: Minnesota Timberwolves x Indiana Pacers – Band, 17h
    • Monday 14/02: Portland Trail Blazers vs Milwaukee Bucks – SporTV, 22pm
    • Tuesday 15/02: Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat – SporTV, 21:30 pm
    • Thursday 17/02: Miami Heat vs Charlotte Hornets – SporTV, 21pm
    • 17/02 quinta-feira: Houston Rockets x LA Clippers – Band, 0h30
    • 24/02 Fifth-Fair: Golden State Warriors x Portland Trail Blazers – Band, 0am
    • Thursday 24/02: Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets – SporTV, 21:30 pm
    • Thursday 24/02: Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers – SporTV, 0h
    • Saturday 26/02: Memphis Grizzlies vs Chicago Bulls – SporTV, 22pm
    • 27/02 domingo: Denver Nuggets x Portland Trail Blazers – Band, 23h

    March 2022

    • Tuesday 01/03: Golden State Warriors vs Minnesota Timberwolves – SporTV, 22pm
    • Thursday 03/03: Miami Heat vs Brooklyn Nets – SporTV, 21:30
    • Thursday 03/03: Los Angeles Lakers vs LA Clippers – Band and SporTV, 0h
    • Saturday 05/03: Philadelphia 76ers vs Miami Heat – SporTV, 22pm
    • 06/03 Sunday: Utah Jazz x Oklahoma City Thunder – Band, 21pm
    • 07/03 Monday: Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks – SporTV, 22:30
    • Tuesday 08/03: Brooklyn Nets vs Charlotte Hornets – SporTV, 21pm
    • Thursday 10/03: Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers – SporTV, 21:30 pm
    • Thursday 10/03: Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets – Band and SporTV, 0h
    • Saturday 12/03: Indiana Pacers vs San Antonio Spurs – SporTV, 22pm
    • 13/03 domingo: Indiana Pacers x Atlanta Hawks – Band, 20h
    • Monday 14/03: Portland Trail Blazers vs Atlanta Hawks – SporTV, 20:30 pm
    • Tuesday 15/03: Phoenix Suns vs New Orleans Pelicans – SporTV, 21pm
    • Thursday 17/03: Detroit Pistons vs Orlando Magic – Band and SporTV, 20pm
    • 20/03 domingo: San Antonio Spurs x Golden State Warriors – BAND, 21h30
    • Monday 21/03: Utah Jazz vs Brooklyn Nets – SporTV, 20:30 pm
    • Tuesday 22/03: Atlanta Hawks vs New York Knicks – SporTV, 20:30 pm
    • Thursday 24/03: Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets – Band and SporTV, 22pm
    • Saturday 26/03: Milwaukee Bucks vs Memphis Grizzlies – SporTV, 21pm
    • 27/03 Sunday: Utah Jazz x Dallas Mavericks – Band, 20:30pm
    • Monday 28/03: Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies – SporTV, 21pm
    • Tuesday 29/03: Milwaukee Bucks vs Philadelphia 76ers – SporTV, 20pm
    • Thursday 31/03: Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets – SporTV, 20:30 pm
    • Thursday 31/03: Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz – SporTV, 23pm
    • 31/03 quinta-feira: Los Angeles Lakers x Utah Jazz – Band, 23pm

    Important dates

    • NBA All-Star 2022 – February 18-20
    • End of the regular season – April 10
    • Play-In Tournament – ​​April 12-15
    • NBA Playoffs – April 16
    • NBA Finals – June 2
    • Game Seven of the NBA Finals (If Needed – June 19)
    • NBA Draft – June 23

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