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    How to watch BBB 2022? Check out all the options online and live

    How to watch BBB 2022? Check out all the options online and live

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 12, 2022 | News | 0

    Big Brother our country 2022 is one of the main reality shows on Brazilian TV, but do you know how to watch BBB 2022? There are a few ways you can do this, and in this text we will show you how to watch the show. 

    With a duration of three months and running 24 hours a day during this period, the most guarded house in our country has ways of being assisted during those 24 hours, if you so choose. The show's premiere is scheduled to take place on January 17 and run through April 22, with a total of 95 episodes.

    At the time of writing this text, we still do not know who will be the participants who will be part of the cast of the program. Now, check out how to watch BBB 2022 below.

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    Where to watch BBB 2022?

    There are four main ways to watch BBB 2022, most involving Globo's streaming service, Globoplay, since the program is authored and the exhibition rights belong to Rede Globo.

    Live on Globe

    The main way to watch BBB 2022 is in the daily live broadcast on Globo, being an alternative also suitable for those who don't have time to always be watching at any time. Previously presented by Tiago Leifert, the 2022 edition will be presented by Tadeu Schmidt. 

    Normally, these Globo shows are about 30 minutes to an hour long, showing a summary of the events of the house in the last 24 hours. On some special occasions, the daily program presents the tests and other more important occasions, such as the Leader Test, wall formation, Angel Test and voting results. In these situations, we can follow the events of the house live.

    The reality show usually takes place around 21:30 pm on Rede Globo, and the duration of the program will depend on the schedule of events for that particular day.

    On the Internet with Globo play BBB live free

    If you prefer to watch BBB 2022 on your computer, cell phone or other mobile devices, or if you don't have a television, another way to watch reality is through Rede Globo's streaming service, Globoplay. The best part is that the platform allows you to take advantage of some advantages and schedules from the catalog for free.

    Streaming allows you to follow Rede Globo's programming for free, all you need to do is register. When confirming the payment, just refuse or skip this step, taking advantage of the schedule without paying anything.

    After completing your registration, you just need to go to the live channels menu on the platform, select the “Free” option and then go to “Rede Globo”. With that, you just need to access the streaming at BBB's TV viewing time and watch the program.

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    Live year no Pay-Per-View no Globoplay

    If you want to watch BBB 2022 at any time of the day, and not just during open TV viewing, you will need access to Pay-Per-View on Globoplay streaming. After registering on the platform normally, you will need to subscribe to the program's Pay-Per-View, and monthly you will need to pay an amount to continue having access to Big Brother in our country.

    Streaming can be accessed on smartphone, smart tv, computer or other mobile devices such as tablets. To create your account and subscribe, open the platform's website or application and click on “Create Account”. Enter all the requested data, to speed up the process you can also link your account to Facebook or Google account.

    After that, you will be taken to a window where you will have to select the plan of your choice, which can be a monthly or annual subscription, including other streaming such as Disney Plus, with live or non-live channels and some other plan varieties. After selecting the option and making the payment, you will have access to 10 different cameras, namely: inside the house, giving access to the living room, confessional, garden, bedrooms, balcony, kitchen and swimming pool.

    Watch on cable TV

    Last but not least, you can also watch BBB 2022 on cable TV. Streaming and pay-per-view dominated the market, but that does not mean that cable TV is no longer an option to watch their programs. 

    If you are a customer of one of the following operators: Sky, Claro, Vivo, Oi or Net, you can request an extra package subscription with channels to watch Big Brother in our country. The amount you will need to pay for this will be charged to your carrier bill and the price may vary depending on the carrier.

    Normally, there are two channels for you to follow all BBB events, in addition to a mosaic channel where you will have access to several simultaneous cameras and you can follow several details at once, being able to follow everything from the participants. 

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