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    How to apply for a Corinthians credit card?

    How to apply for a Corinthians credit card?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 16, 2022 | Shopping |

    Football fans are driven by the love they feel for their clubs.

    And making partnerships and actions that bring people closer to the team awaken the feeling of integration with the club.

    In this way, it is necessary that the boards of the teams create activities to further strengthen the fan-club relationship. In the case of Sport Club Corinthians, in addition to the supporting member, it is possible to request the Corinthians credit card.

    Therefore, the faithful fans from all over the country have in Meu Corinthians BMG an option to open a free digital bank account and also help the finances of their favorite club.

    In this post, you will learn about all the Corinthians BMG credit card options, how to apply for yours, benefits, fees and some other extra information that is important.

    Partnership between BMG and Corinthians

    Before talking about how to apply for a Corinthians credit card, it is important to understand the partnership between Banco BMG and Corinthians.

    The relationship between the two institutions began in 2022, with a contract in force until December 2023, in which the bank is the team's master sponsor and stamps its brand on the noblest place on the shirt.

    In 2022, a new agreement emerged and the contract was extended until 2026.

    However, in this most recent deal, the bank no longer held the position of master sponsorship and went to the sleeves of the shirt.

    Until then, the company allocated R$12 million annually to Corinthians, in addition to 50% of the profit from financial operations in the “Meu Corinthians BMG” program.

    It is worth noting that the fixed values ​​of the new contract were not disclosed.

    In this way, Corinthians' board counts on the supporters' engagement in the opening of new accounts so that the club can increase revenues together with the sponsor.

    But after all, what is this financial project between the club and the bank?

    What is Meu Corinthians BMG?

    In a simple and direct way, Meu Corinthians BMG is nothing more than the program for opening digital accounts that involves a partnership between Banco BMG and Timão, which aims to provide advantages for fans, in addition to helping the heart club, thanks to the equal division of the profit.

    It is also worth remembering that digital accounts have the same features as a current account opened in a traditional way.

    The advantage is that the digital account can be opened without leaving home and possible problems can be solved over the internet through the application.

    And the main advantages for people who choose to open an account at Meu Corinthians BMG are the following benefits:

    • Zero rates and fees. Withdrawals and transfers can be made free of charge;
    • Participate in the Cashback Program;
    • Choose credit card options;
    • Join the Invest Corinthians Program;
    • Receive exclusive service by WhatsApp.

    Each of the benefits will be discussed further below.

    Corinthians Credit Card: Options

    Anyone who opens a Meu Corinthians BMG digital account receives the possibility to request a credit card.

    After analysis and approval, the customer will receive the card that has debit and credit functions at home.

    It is important to note that it can be used nationally and internationally and the card brand is Mastercard.

    In this way, when opening the digital account, the fan can choose to choose one of the three plans available on Meu Corinthians BMG.

    Check out each of them below:

    Thou art Pride:

    • No annuity;
    • Corinthians shirt licensed for R$89,90;
    • Cashback of 0,10% on debit and 0,20% on credit purchases;
    • Access to the BMG card virtual store with exclusive discounts.

    Gloria a thousand:

    • Monthly fee of R$19,90;
    • Corinthians shirt licensed for R$49,90;
    • Cashback of 0,15% on debit and 0,60% on credit purchases;
    • Access to the BMG card virtual store with exclusive discounts.

    Champion of the champions:

    • Monthly fee of R$39,90;
    • Free licensed Corinthians shirt;
    • Cashback of 0,30% on debit and 0,80% on credit purchases;
    • Access to the BMG card virtual store with exclusive discounts.

    It is important to note that the discount on the licensed shirt is not the game shirt of the season.

    In addition to these card options mentioned, there are still other alternatives for you to get the best “Coringão” cards.

    Corinthians payroll credit card

    This credit card option is intended exclusively for retirees, INSS pensioners and public servants.

    In addition, it is exempt from verification in credit protection services such as SPC and SERASA.

    Another cool point is that, according to the bank, the Corinthians payroll credit card has “much lower interest rates than a common credit card”.

    It is also important to point out that, like the card in the Tu és Pride plan, this consignee has no annual fee and comes with the MasterCard brand.

    Virtual Card

    Now, if you don't want to have a physical card, you can choose to make a virtual credit card.

    With it, it is possible to make purchases on the internet in the same way as the traditional card. In addition to also being able to verify all transactions using the Meu Corinthians BMG platform app.

    “Respect the Mines”

    The supporters' contribution does not only go to men's football, as it is possible to ask for a card with the phrase “#Respeita as Minas”.

    This is a way to help and support the club's women's football.

    Another nice point is that customers who choose this type of personalized card can receive R$10 in the account when creating the digital account and putting the code: respectfulasminas in the “Indique e Win” area.

    Now that you know the types of Corinthians credit cards, see how to apply for yours.

    How to apply for a Corinthians credit card?

    To apply for your credit card is very simple. Just create your account, which is a quick task and can be done using few documents.

    So, check out a step-by-step guide on how to open your account on Meu Corinthians BMG:

    Step 1: Download the Conta Digital Corinthians Bmg app, available for Android and iOS;

    Step 2: Once you download the app, open it. On the home screen, tap “Open your account”;

    Step 3: Enter your CPF and tap “Continue”;

    Step 4: Enter your area code + mobile number. Read Banco BMG's Privacy and Usage Policies. If you agree, tap the box and then “Continue”;

    Step 5: Enter your primary email account, and tap “Continue”. You will receive a code, check your email inbox and put the code numbers in the app;

    Step 6: Now you will meet Duda, BMG's virtual assistant. She will ask what you want to be called. Then put your name;

    Step 7: Duda will ask you to send photos of some documents. Proceed to the next screen and you will see the following instructions:

    Step 8: Just to emphasize, first you take a photo of the front of your document and send it. After that, take the photo of the back and proceed to the next step;

    Step 9: On the new screen that opened, carefully read the instructions on the Proof of Life. Tap “Start” to continue opening your account;

    Step 10: Now take a selfie of yourself, don't forget that the photo needs to be taken in a well lit place;

    Step 11: After taking the photo, now enter your zip code. Check the address to make sure everything is correct and provide your house number and a supplement. After filling in all the data, go to the next tab;

    Step 12: Here you can see all the information you have entered so far. Check everything, if everything is right, proceed to the next step;

    Step 13: It's time to put how much your monthly income is. Enter this data and proceed;

    Step 14: Now inform the country where you were born, the state you live in and the municipality;

    Step 15: A question will appear asking if you have held any public office in the last five years. Answer yes or no, and proceed to the next step;

    Step 16: On this screen, enter your ID number, the issuing agency, the date of issue of your document and the State that issued it.

    Step 17: In the new window that opened, you can consult the regulation of the benefit plan, being able to download the PDF file. After reading the information, tap on “I have read and agree to the Terms”;

    Step 18: Now it's finally time to choose your preferred plan. After selecting your plan, proceed to the next step;

    Step 19: You will be able to double check your data. Check if everything is ok and go to the next screen;

    Step 20: Once again you need to read the Terms of Contract, only this time it's about the Terms of Engagement and Benefits. After you finish reading, agree and go to the next step;

    Step 21: Now you need to create a password for your digital account. Check the instructions and make your password with six digits;

    Step 22: Ready! Now just wait for a response from the bank to know whether or not it was possible to open your account. Keep an eye on your email inbox and SMS messages.

    In addition to the advantages already described, check out some more benefits that you will find by opening your account at Meu Corinthians BMG.

    Learn More: How to pay bills with a credit card?

    Advantages of Meu Corinthians BMG

    Regardless of which plan you choose to open your digital account at Meu Corinthians BMG, it will be possible to make withdrawals and transfers for free and without limit, in addition to being able to make deposits by bank slip.

    For example, banks like Nubank, the largest digital bank in the world, charges R$6,90 for each withdrawal, which is not the case at Meu Corinthians BMG.

    It is also worth mentioning that the program has the possibility of making PIX.

    In addition, the bank's fans/customers receive other benefits, as you can see in the details below.

    My Corinthians BMG Cashback Program

    Everyone likes to make their own money as much as possible.

    And one of the possibilities to expand your shopping options is by joining the Cashback Programs, which work when the customer makes a purchase and part of the amount spent comes back to you.

    In the case of the Meu Corinthians BMG platform, the “Volta pra Mim” Cashback Program is available to customers, in which consumers who have a traditional credit card and those who use the payroll card can enjoy this benefit.

    The cashback percentage of your purchases will depend on the plan you have chosen.

    Invest Corinthians

    If you are already a member of the “band of crazy people” who opened your digital account on Meu Corinthians BMG, you can still contribute to the team.

    There is the possibility of making investments from R$100 through Invest Corinthians.

    In addition to the investments you make, there is the possibility of exchanging the profit values ​​for official team shirts.

    Internet Banking

    Through Internet Banking, it is no longer necessary to go to an in-person branch to make transfers and deposits.

    In the Corinthians BMG digital account, customers can perform various actions using only the bank's app.

    In this way, the person can follow the card bill, see the bank statement and solve possible problems using only the application.

    Virtual Assistant

    Now, if you have any questions about any matter involving your digital account or Corinthians credit card, before calling the Call Center, you can consult Duda, the bank's virtual assistant.

    Duda will help you pay your bills, make transfers, make investments, in addition to asking questions and relying on other services.

    It is worth noting that the service can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    User support Meu Corinthians BMG

    If you were unable to resolve your issue with Duda, you may choose to contact the bank.

    Meu Corinthians BMG has some channels for contact. Among them the SAC that can be used through the following number: 0800 979 9099 or by e-mail in the “Contact Us” tab.

    Please note that the response time is up to 1 business day.

    In addition, there is still the possibility of receiving service through an exclusive WhatsApp number for customers.

    More than just a sponsor, Banco BMG is a partner of Corinthians, which counts on the participation of the fans to move the accounts and increase the club's revenues even more.

    Thus, if you have not yet opened your free digital account or acquired a Corinthians credit card, it may be a good idea to create it now, as in addition to receiving several benefits, you will be helping your team at heart.

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