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    How streamers make money from their lives?

    How streamers make money from their lives?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 11, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    2022 changed the operating mode of the work routine and the online market grew absurdly. In the midst of the chaos that occurred in the last year, some professions were on the rise, and streamers became more recognized. And if gambling was just a hobby before, it has become one of the most profitable professions.

    A streamer is a professional who broadcasts (lives) games or other activities for his followers. They are present on platforms such as Twitch, the largest in the segment, but also on others such as Youtube, Facebook and Nimo, among others.

    In this environment, one of the most well-known names is Ninja, who in 2022 earned more than US$ 17 million through his broadcasts, also being the one who earned the most in advertising through his agreements with Adidas and Red Bull. Known around the world, the player signed a contract worth US$ 30 million with Mixer, a Microsoft platform.

    Not only players started to earn money through broadcasts. Famous groups like BTS and artists like Andrea Bocelli and Gusttavo Lima use the platforms to broadcast their shows, usually sponsored by large companies. To give you an idea, Gusttavo Lima even made about R$ 10 million in his lives in 2022.

    Presenting content and always being on is a way to keep a channel active. But in addition to contracts, partnerships, tournaments and donations, there are also those who use platforms not to earn money directly, but as a way to increase the visibility of their work. This is the case of Canadian Jaime Staples. The professional player who has more than 150 followers takes advantage of Twitch to publicize his work, as his earnings are more linked to results in poker tournaments.

    With a name known worldwide, Staples is also constantly invited both by the brand he represents and by other grinders to comment or participate in matches that are broadcast on the platform, which ends up favoring notoriety and keeping his name high.

    A streamer can earn money in many ways

    How streamers make money from their lives?

    Nobru. Image: Disclosure

    To become a successful streamer, first of all it is necessary to master the product to be offered. The workday, contrary to what many may think, weighs a lot, since at events, a game streamer, for example, can stay connected for more than 14 hours a day. It is also necessary to have charisma with your audience.

    And who has been doing it right is Nobru, one of the biggest players of Freefire. His channel on Twitch has more than 3 million followers, on youtube he accumulates more than 9,9 million subscribers. At the age of 19, Nobru secured a contract with Corinthians and has already won the title of world champion for the team. At the time, he was named the best player in the sport.

    With great engagement on his account, Nobru attracted several companies such as Netflix and Rappi and made partnerships with Discord, Oi, Ame Digital and Twitch itself, to which he returned with a contract in 2022. football player, recognizes that he would hardly earn as well if he had dedicated himself to the greatest sport in the world.

    Nobru had as an example Lucio dos Santos Lima, better known as Cerol. With over 2 million followers, Cerol is one of the biggest Freefire players in the world, attracting thousands of spectators to his matches. From humble origins, the player enlisted the help of followers to buy a computer and camera. It only took a month for him to attract another 100 followers and abandon his Uber job for good.

    At 27 years old, Cerol has an average of 350 thousand simultaneous viewers in his broadcasts and in 2022 he received the title of best streamer in the eSports Award of our country. One of the reasons that explain his success is the way he talks to his audience, giving advice, tips and help to those who also want to enter this world. In an interview, Cerol acknowledged that one of the most complicated tasks was reconciling his personal life with work, as he manages his channels and social networks himself, which is often exhausting.

    Participating and keeping the channel always with updated content may not be an easy task, but it is vital to keep an audience captive. The results, however, are positive, as money can come in in several ways: content creators can become affiliates of the platform, earning a percentage according to the broadcast and the amount of simultaneous views.

    Companies can also form partnerships, an exchange that ends up being beneficial for both and that has been showing good results. A third way that streamers use is to open a subscription model, in which followers can contribute a certain amount to have exclusive content.

    In addition, in broadcasts, chats are common for users to make small donations to players who, in some cases, also develop products that are sold under their brand. After all, with a good audience it will not be difficult to sell items in your virtual store.

    That is, for those who want to become a streamer, there are several possibilities to earn a good income, but it is necessary to have a lot of dedication to achieve good results to monetize their content.

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