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    How to have a healthy life? These 10 Tips Will Help You Now

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    How to have a healthy life? These 10 Tips Will Help You Now

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 30, 2022 | News |

    How to have a healthy life is a common question for many people who want to say goodbye to old behaviors and want to cultivate habits that can improve their quality of life.

    However, did you know that, contrary to a lot of common sense, being healthy doesn't just mean being free from disease?

    According to the World Health Organization, WHO, the term is much broader and designates “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

    In this way, the answer to how to have a healthy life involves several practices that can generate well-being in various aspects of your life, whether they are aimed at the body, mind, work, relationships and many other skills that are part of you. .

    With that in mind, we have separated some elements and tips that will be extremely important for you who want to know how to lead a healthy life and have many benefits from it, learn more in the article below.

    1. How to have a healthy life? Create a routine!

    It is common for a person who has commitments to often feel stress and anxiety reflexes that can hamper the development of many activities and get in the way of the desired goal.

    If you also fit in this team, know that creating a plan can help you visualize your tasks objectively and guide you to the resolution of each of your goals.

    With this organization, thoughts can be organized and you can list your priorities. For this, one of the best options is that you write down everything you need, either by hand or digitally.

    In our articles you can find 20 printable planner templates and the 5 best free online calendar apps to guide you!

    2. Working on your mental health is also part of how to have a healthy life

    According to Professor of Psychology, Pedro Augusto Cruz, to G1, mental health is “related to the healthy use of our mental faculties, so that they are not in a state of passivity or overload”.

    The absence of mental health can be associated with problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, burnout syndrome and many others.

    In this way, this care is essential to have a healthy life, because it is through it that we will be able to go through negative situations and discomfort in a balanced way.

    Also according to Cruz, mental health work is something that must be constant and can be exercised in a few ways:

    – Free yourself from guilt: reflect on the things that are within your reach;
    – Do not limit yourself to obstacles: be willing to face barriers and believe in your ability to overcome them;
    – Pay attention to self-care: be kind to yourself and work on your own well-being;
    – Seek professional help: therapy is nothing to be ashamed of and will help you, be open to possibilities.

    The psychology clinic Eurekka has explanatory posts in a didactic way on its Instagram profile (@eurekka). In it you can also find tips on how to work on your mental health in a didactic and explanatory way.

    3. Practice physical exercises

    Doing physical activity is not always among the favorite practices of the guys, is it? Still, physical exercises are essential for health.

    According to the BBC, exercising “widens synapses, creates more connections within the brain and helps with the formation of extra cells” and is beneficial for the brain.

    In addition, other benefits are also associated with exercise:

    – Combat obesity;
    – Improved blood pressure;
    – Blood glucose control;
    – Strengthening of bones and joints;
    – Increase in muscle strength;
    – Increased muscular endurance;
    – Promotes a feeling of well-being;
    – Decreased stress;
    – Combats anxiety and depression;
    – Strengthening the immune system.

    Before starting high-intensity exercise, perform medical examinations to check your general health and other important points such as your heart rate and joints.

    In the beginning, you can also bet on less complex activities like walking, dancing and stretching. In this article, you will find 16 online channels to practice Yoga if you want to start with something more relaxed.

    Subsequently, in cases such as bodybuilding, crossfit and other sports, be sure to seek professional help.

    Although it may seem difficult to start, especially for sedentary people, it is important that you don't give up!

    4. Have a balanced diet

    Investing in a balanced diet is essential to keep up to date! Forget the fancy and restrictive diets and start with a good food reeducation.

    Among the benefits are the improvement in the immune system, prevention against premature aging, increases disposition, helps in the digestive process and prevents other diseases.

    Consuming foods rich in vitamins and relying on variety will bring good results without leaving your menu limited, bringing more chances for you to keep going, after all, eating is also a form of pleasure.

    5. Value hours of sleep

    Sleep is a physiological need of human beings that is also part of the routine of those who want to have a healthier life.

    As cites the article by pharmaceutical Pfizer, “it is during sleep that the body performs the main restorative functions of the body, such as tissue repair, muscle growth and protein synthesis”.

    Therefore, it is important to be aware of the amount of hours and quality of sleep.

    If you have trouble falling asleep, check out our article on 11 apps and tips to get to sleep faster.

    Check out the recommended hours of sleep infographic produced by the National Sleep Foundation:

    6. Invest in leisure

    In addition to being a right guaranteed by the Federal Constitution of 1988, leisure is essential for well-being and health.

    It is through this time that you can renew your energies, practice activities that bring satisfaction, unwind and think of new ideas.

    Watch videos, watch movies and series, take pictures, read a book, go on walks, picnics and hikes. All these practices can help you have relaxed moments with less worries.

    Do not think that leisure means being idle! Happiness is also tied to how to have a healthy life.

    7. Keep your exams up to date

    Preventive exams are essential to detect possible diseases. Don't wait for the red light to seek professional help, many problems are detectable and treatable early on.

    Most diseases can be identified in a routine check up, so it's always good to monitor your body's development.

    Another important aspect to always have the medical exam on the radar is the genetic factor: diseases such as breast cancer and prostate cancer, for example, require a little more attention.

    Having a family member went through the disease does not necessarily mean that you will. However, the risk of developing this type of cancer is, in some ways, greater than in other people.

    In this way, through prevention, it is possible to start treatment at the beginning and increase the chances of cure.

    8. Drinking plenty of water is also part of having a healthy life

    Drinking water can be a challenge for many people, but it regulates body temperature, helps with metabolism, protects our body's organs, hydrates and maintains all our vital functions.

    Dehydration, on the other hand, is capable of causing decreased cognitive function, malaise, tiredness, headaches and, in more severe cases, even death.

    Check the table below for the recommended water intake made by the Institute of Medicine (IOM):

    If you also have resistance to drinking water unless you feel thirsty, know that some apps available on Google Play can help you remember and control the intake of the powerful liquid:

    9. How to have a healthy life? read positive news

    That's right! The news is full of bad news every day, isn't it? The curious fact is that the way we deal with this information can affect our perception and our health.

    Therefore, the recommendation is that you contact us with more positive news.

    According to a survey carried out by researchers from the University of Southampton, located in the United Kingdom, reproduced by the UOL portal, it concluded that “journalistic articles with a positive or constructive approach generate motivation to perform good deeds”.

    On social networks, for example, there are profiles specialized in spreading heart-warming news and providing help to those in need, such as “Reasons to Believe (@razoesparaacreditar).

    10. Understanding your financial life is also part of having a healthy life

    Have you ever been apprehensive about the bills to pay? Know that this is quite common and can affect your health.

    According to an article published by Forbes, poor financial health can be an indicator for the development of depression in many people.

    Among the problems associated with this are also mood swings, low productivity, sleep and anxiety.

    For this, the YouTube channel “Me Poupe” brings tips that will help you recover this financial life or you can also check out 5 apps that help in personal financial planning.

    The famous phrase “Health First” should always be remembered. Despite the difficulties that may appear on the path to a healthier life, it is important to start and create new habits until they become part of you.

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