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    How does Best Postal Shipping work?

    How does Best Postal Shipping work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 6, 2022 | Shopping | 1 comment

    you know and you know how does the Best Shipping of the Post Office? Read this post and learn more about what it is and how it works.

    Melhor Envio is a platform that reduces logistical processes and freight prices for online purchases.

    By using this tool, anyone who works with e-commerce will have an easier time sending products to their customers.

    Below, see how you can calculate the cheapest shipping and how Best Postal Shipping works.

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    How does Best Postal Shipping work?

    How does Best Postal Shipping work?

    Melhor Envio is a platform that connects online e-commerce stores with Correios and other private carriers.

    Through this integration, sellers are able to quote several freight alternatives at the same time, in addition to comparing transport companies and having access to cheaper freight rates and delivery times.

    The Best Shipping service is completely free. In addition to managing the shipment of all necessary products, it facilitates buyer tracking, which can be a great way to optimize the delivery of products from your online store.

    Best Shipping does not require an individual contract with any carrier or the Post Office by the merchant.

    Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of packages that can be sent by sellers and anyone can have access.

    Sales can be made through social networks, private websites and marketplaces already known as Amazon and Mercado Livre, for example.

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    Is Best Shipping reliable?

    How does Best Postal Shipping work?

    The Reclame Aqui website registers complaints against product and service companies regarding sales, purchases and services.

    Thus, consumers can speak up and companies can help by responding directly. In this portal, Melhor Envio has an approval rating of 9,1/10, that is, a score that approves the quality of the service. 

    With around 401 complaints in a space of six months, in 89,5% of cases the problem was successfully resolved by Best Shipping.

    The platform's troubleshooting rate is 94,5%. Also according to Reclame Aqui, 93,3% of consumers said they would use the platform again to do business.

    This shows that the service is reliable. After knowing how the Best Shipping by Correios works, you can use it without any worries.

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    The benefits of Best Shipping

    1. Multiple Carriers

    The carriers integrated into Best Shipping are:

    • Post offices;
    • JadLog;
    • Latin Cargo;
    • Blue Cargo Express.

    Among the information you can check are:

    • The value of transport;
    • Shipping time;
    • The type of load;
    • The transport model: road, waterway, air or rail.

    2. Simultaneous Quotation

    You can calculate your desired freight quickly and easily through the platform. All you need to know and do is make your product information available.

    This allows you to do shipping simulations, compare carrier services, delivery times and prices.

    The shopkeeper can also pay as he sees fit, in addition to printing the product label with the bar code and also the invoice.

    3. Payment and costs

    To make use of the platform, the user does not need to pay a membership or monthly fee. The only thing that will be paid is the shipping that the merchant chooses to hire for the product.

    Among the payment methods for transport freight, the merchant can choose between: credit card, bank slip, bank transfer or the virtual balance of the Best Shipping account, if he has one.

    Among the online payment alternatives, there are: PayPal, Mercado Pago, PagSeguro and PicPay.

    The shipping label will only be released after payment confirmation.

    4. Better tracking

    With this option, it is possible to follow the entire trajectory of the product until its arrival at its destination, from the day of posting.

    You will not need other specific sites to track the shipment, as the Better Tracking feature is integrated with other private carriers and with Correios itself.

    In addition, the merchant can share the tracking link with the customer, so that he can also follow the trajectory of his product.

    If the consumer's email is informed at the time of generating a tracking label, he will also receive updated data about the product.

    5. Improved shipping logistics

    The platforms that are integrated with Best Shipping usually have the “My Sales” menu tab. With it, store sales are all centralized on a single screen.

    Thus, orders are sent directly to Best Shipping. With this, it is possible for users/shopkeepers to change the data and generate freight.

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    Which platforms are linked to Best Shipping?

    How does Best Postal Shipping work?

    The main e-commerce platforms are integrated with Melhor Envio.

    They are closer to thirty partner names, among the main ones are: Amazon, Wix, Nuvemshop, Bling, Virtual Store, Webstore, HUB2B, B2W Marketplace and several others. 

    How to use Best Shipping?

    How does Best Postal Shipping work?

    Although you don't have to pay anything other than the shipping cost, as mentioned before, to use Best Shipping you must have a registered account.

    By informing data such as destination and origin zip code, dimensions of the package that will be sent and its value, the freight calculator itself will quote the package. 

    After the freight purchase is finalized and payment is approved, the merchant needs to post the package to the carrier, going to a post office or agency.

    Carriers such as Correios, Azul Cargo Expresso and JadLog do not have collections. For this reason, it is necessary that the product be taken by the shopkeeper to the nearest unit of these companies.

    The companies LATAM Cargo and Via Our Country have a collection support.

    In the "My Shipments" menu, in addition to tracking the status of the package and tracking code, it is also possible to view the freights that are pending payment or that have already been released.

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    What is Best Screening?

    How does Best Postal Shipping work?

    Melhor Rastreio is a service of the Melhor Envio group and is aimed at tracking parcels, as its name suggests.

    The partner carriers of the Melhor Envio platform, including Correios, are automatically integrated into Melhor Rastreio, so it is possible to follow the path of the product sent completely free of charge.

    Not only the merchant who sent the product, but the customer who had his e-mail registered or received the link will be able to access the location of the package.

    Despite being part of Best Shipping, this tracking service can be used by anyone who has registered on the site.

    Best Record ends up working as a giant barcode manager, being able to always add new packages.

    Remembering that for the order to be tracked, it must have been sent by the Post Office or by the carriers Azul Cargo Express, Via our country, LATAM Cargo or JadLog.

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