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    How does Microsoft Teams work?

    How does Microsoft Teams work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 9, 2022 | Technology |

    The covid-19 pandemic has made people adapt to a new reality: working from home. Classes and work from home have become routine. Thus, online meeting platforms have gained more popularity, as is the case with Microsoft Teams. But after all, how does Microsoft Teams work?

    According to the developer, the tool is “a collaboration app that helps your team get organized and chat, all in one place”. In the software you can gather a team, use chat instead of emails, edit files securely at the same time, see likes, mentions and replies with just one touch, customize it by adding notes, websites and apps.

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    How does Microsoft Teams work?

    Microsoft Teams is a team management tool that has several functions, including video conferencing with up to 100 people (free version). The app can be used on mobile devices, with practically all the features that are in the desktop version. But there are so many uses, that some people end up getting lost in the first access. However, to resolve possible confusion, there are training resources developed by Microsoft, as will be explained later in this post.

    How to download Microsoft Teams?

    Microsoft Teams is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and the web. However, the online version can only be used from a Microsoft 365 account with a Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise license plan. Also check the minimum requirements to see if your device meets the requirements to run the program.

    To download the software, just enter the Microsoft Teams website, click “Download Now” and choose the desktop version, the download will start automatically. The app is also free and available for Android and iPhone (iOS) systems.

    How to access Microsoft Teams?

    After installing the application, you need to log in with a Microsoft account, which can be institutional, student or personal. After going through this step, you will already be on the program's home screen and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits.

    How do the main functions of Teams work?

    On the Microsoft Teams home page, you will see a side menu, a top bar with a search field, and other icons for platform commands. Check the function of each of them.

    • Activity: Here you can track your actions within Teams
    • Chat: In this part you can chat with your contacts individually or together
    • Teams: In this window you can view all your groups
    • Calender: You can schedule meetings and sync the event with Outlook
    • Files: This tab contains the user's stored files
    • … : Here you can find the applications that are linked to Office 365.
    • Help: field for solving user queries.

    How much does Microsoft Teams cost?

    Microsoft Teams is included in all Microsoft 365 plans, although there is also a free version of Teams that includes support for up to 100 people. If you are on the free plan, you will receive unlimited chat messages and surveys. You also get 10K searchable messages, 250 app integrations, 2GB of file storage and video chats.

    There is integration with other Office applications (web version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and video calls with Skype. Check out all the benefits of each plan here.

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    teams in education

    Microsoft Teams can be a great alternative for educational institutions at this time of a pandemic. With the platform it is possible to have a good interaction between students and teachers, such as, for example, the “Assignments” function, which allows educators to leave content files for the subjects. Another very cool feature is the “Notes” option, in which teachers can follow all the students' development in the exercises. For some more tips click here and see instructions from Microsoft.

    Microsoft Teams for Business

    With remote work on the rise, Microsoft Teams makes it easier for employees to communicate. According to the company, it is important to prepare before using the software and it is essential to make sure that all workers have a license that includes Microsoft Teams.

    Once you've completed the first step, you need to understand that guest access allows teams in the organization to collaborate with people outside the organization, granting them access to existing teams and channels in Microsoft Teams. Anyone with a business or consumer email account such as Outlook, Gmail or others can join as a guest on the platform with full access to team chats, meetings and files. The Microsoft Teams admin controls which features guests can (and cannot) use in the software.


    Microsoft Teams was launched in 2022, but due to quarantine, the number of users has grown a lot. According to data released by Microsoft, the platform had a growth of almost 40% in the number of users in just one week last year.

    On March 11, 2022, the company disclosed that Teams had 32 million active users. A week later, the number was updated to 44 million. In this way, the platform achieved a growth of 37,5% in just seven days, and the reason for this was the pandemic, according to a statement from Microsoft.


    Microsoft Teams will have a new option to make joining meetings easier. Soon, it will be possible to participate in meetings where users will be able to participate in video conferences by just adding an identification code. All meetings created will have an automatic ID, where the person can invite another user to join the meeting.

    Teams already has a function where people invite others through a link or by making contact directly, but only if the user is in the contact list. This new function is expected to come to the app in May 2022

    Learn to use Microsoft Teams

    If you have downloaded Microsoft Teams and felt bewildered by so many possibilities, don't worry, this platform really has a lot of features, which can generate some confusion, the user ends up getting lost. But to facilitate the use of the tool, Microsoft has prepared several tutorials in text and videos in Portuguese.

    In this training provided by Microsoft, you will be able to learn how to configure and customize your team, collaborate in teams and channels, work with messages and posts, configure and participate in live events, among other features of the platform. Check out all the tutorials here.

    Above all, even in the free version, Microsoft Teams offers several features that users can take advantage of, it just takes a little patience and practice to learn all the functions of this platform.

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