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    How bakers can use Facebook to sell more

    How bakers can use Facebook to sell moreHow bakers can use Facebook to sell more

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 9, 2022 | Facebook |

    Social networks are great showcases for those who make cakes, sweets and many other delights. and use the Facebook para sell but, is one of the best strategies for bakers, do you know why?

    At the moment, the social network has more than 1,9 billion people registered worldwide, with 1,2 billion people active every day. In our country, there are 108 million of our countrymen active on Facebook every month.

    All these numbers mean one thing: your business's target audience is on Facebook!

    Many brands have already discovered this and invest a great deal of time in creating strategies to generate engagement and win new customers with Facebook.

    Vagner Campos, student of the Facebook Essential, it was the biggest seller in the gastronomic circuit city, that's because he announced his cakes on Facebook during the event. More than 500 strawberry chocolate cakes were sold!

    If you also want to take advantage of the entire Facebook audience to sell more, follow the tips in this post.

    How to use Facebook to sell more

    1. Create Ads

    If you want to use Facebook to sell more, the first tip is to create ads!

    By advertising, you are more likely to appear to your fans and still gain new followers. That's because Facebook has an algorithm called Edgerank, this “robot” is responsible for selecting all the publications that appear in your news feed.

    The posts that appear to you the most are there because you generated engagement with the page. The more interaction, the more content from these pages will appear.

    This means that when you make a post on the page, it appears for free only to the people who most interact with your brand.

    So when you run ads, Facebook delivers the post to more people and you can increase your reach. That's why it's so important to advertise!

    A great tip for you who will start advertising is: create ads that are impossible to ignore and study your audience well so you don't make mistakes in segmentation.

    Brownie do Rapha, a candy store in Juiz de Fora, uses advertisements to attract the public. Usually their campaigns have videos with making off of the preparation of sweets and also texts with emojis.

    How to Advertise on Facebook – Beginners Guide

    2. Enjoy the commemorative dates

    We have already talked about the importance of commemorative dates here on the Blog, they are largely responsible for the increase in sales in physical stores or online stores. For bakers, some dates can't go blank!

    Women's Day, Easter and Christmas, for example, increase the purchase of sweets and the revenue of the brands.

    According to one search, in 2022 conversations about International Women's Day on Facebook platforms grew 88% compared to 2022.

    An important piece of information about this date is that people between the ages of 25 and 34 are the ones who talk the most about “gifts”. That is, it is a good audience for you to invest in targeting your ads 😉

    Already in Easter, it's important to know that conversations about the date start to grow 4 days before the official day, and parents start at least 7 days before. So, plan your campaigns to start at least 7 days before Easter.

    At Christmas, the tip is that you invest in ads and in images or videos that attract attention, because with the large volume of promotions, your brand needs to stand out.

    In the photo of Cheesecake a wish, the store opted for a very colorful image, highlighted the product and respected the amount of text in the image. Also, it left a call-to-action button for people to quickly buy the cheesecake.

    3. Make promotions

    Promotions draw people's attention, especially when it comes to sweets. So, you who are a pastry chef should use and abuse promotions to attract followers and new customers to your business.

    Want an example?

    A Aline Okumura, aluna do Facebook Essential, lives in Japan and has been a pastry chef for over 10 years. With the training tips, she learned to create strategies to increase engagement on her page and started to identify which flavors of cakes or pies her customers liked the most.

    With that, he created a promotion to publicize his passion fruit pie and still capture leads. First, she recorded a very flashy video of the passion fruit pie and in the description she said that she would raffle the pie among people who made a small registration.

    As a result, more than 800 people signed up and the number of orders increased by 960% in 20 days. Read Aline's entire story here!

    As the promotion ended, Aline ended up taking the publication off the air. However, the video is still on her page to make her customers drool.

    Facebook has some policies for promotions and sweepstakes, I suggest you stay on top of these rules to avoid future punishments 😉

    Continue no Blog:

    One of the most important activities for those who manage a fanpage is to evaluate the results of the page. That's because, evaluating results it is possible to know if your work is working or not.

    So, to use Facebook to sell more, tip number 4 is: learn which metrics to measure. Read the post:



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