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    How a fitness food company increased orders using Facebook by 50%

    How a fitness food company increased orders using Facebook by 50%How a fitness food company increased orders using Facebook by 50%

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 8, 2022 | Success Stories |

    Carlos Goes has a fitness food company. After signing up for Camila Porto's Training, orders for lunchboxes increased by 50%.


    • Orders for lunchboxes increased by 50%.


    Carlos Goes is a publicist and lives in our city. A few years ago, he decided to “venture” into the world of entrepreneurship and created his own company.

    Before creating his business, Carlos had a sedentary routine and did not take care of his food for a long time. With that, he ended up feeling the negative effects of not having a healthy life and decided to change those habits.

    He began to exercise and eat in a more natural way. To give other people the opportunity to have a better quality of life, she created Meal Fit.

    Carlos looked for ways to promote his business on Facebook and succeed. On the recommendation of a friend, he got to know Camila Porto's Training.

    “A friend who took the course recommended me and I haven't stopped following Camila ever since.” Carlos Goes


    To have more results in his business, Carlos signed up for Camila Porto's Training. Some of his goals with the training were: to increase the number of fitness lunchbox orders and increase the engagement of his page.

    In addition, one of its biggest challenges was making Meal Fit have a good financial return.


    After enrolling in Camila Porto's Training, Carlos started to study and apply the 3 pillars of success: Attract, Engage and Convert.

    “I started to apply the techniques I learned in the course and the success was instantaneous. In the first post, I saw considerable results, I even had to hold back some publications because I didn't have enough production to handle the customers reached”. Carlos Goes

    Step 1. At first, it created publications and boosted it to a very general audience. Targeted to men and women of various ages and in a close location radius. This made their results not so good.

    With the lessons learned from the training, he realized that the audience that most engaged with the publications was more specific.

    Step 2. Realizing this, he did research to understand what his ideal audience was and found it to be: women, 25 to 40 years old who lived within a 17km radius of his business.

    Step 3. By creating the right targeting for the ad and joining the engagement strategies he learned in Camila Porto's Training, Carlos was able to improve page engagement and his orders increased by 50%.

    The difference between the results of a sponsored post and one aimed at the right audience was huge:

    Publication created before training, without specific targeting.

    Publication created after training, with specific segmentation and engagement strategies.

    To reach 28.063 people, Carlos invested just R$29,99 in Facebook.

    “With Camila Porto's training I achieved more security and financial stability. A great transformation that the training brought to my life was that I was able to rent an industrial kitchen for my business and, above all, knowledge is the most valuable treasure that Camila can give me.” Carlos Goes

    After training, Carlos' result was:
    • Increased orders for lunchboxes by 50%.


    Just like Carlos, who used Facebook to increase sales of fitness lunchboxes, you can too.

    How are physical businesses generating more sales using social media?

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